Senator Concetta FIERRAVANTI-WELLS on the 'putrid corruption of the NSW Liberal Party.
The Greens solution to floods - make demands of govt then everyone get stoned.


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Up The Workers!

No doubt he couldn't find his own backside unless Nancy Gin-Bottle and the Clintons told him where to look.

Honesty isn't exactly a Lefty's strong point.


Looks like the powers that be don’t want it found. I hope they made copy upon copy, to prevent the disappearance thereof.


The coverup of Biden Family corruption continues by corrupted politicians as was and is the case in Australia with the Gillard and Shorten matters


Yep, again and again and again....
It's every bloody where you look! Why, why, why?
It ain't what you know;
It's who you know!


Listening to John b Wells caravan to midnight each night has taught me so much. The man who took possession of the lap top from a drunken bum named hunter biden has had his life destroyed. This is utterly disgraceful. Breitbart has the interview of what took place and the repairman doesn’t hold back on the contents of the infamous and apparently elusive lap top no one wants to know about. What a world we live in

Charlie Foxtrot

He who shields the turds so does become a turd.


The democrat corruption in the US government has reached a point of being so brazen that I wonder if we should look upon America as our No 1 ally. Can we really trust them?


The FBI couldn't even investigate a single one of the 1000 plus affidavits that were made by people who witnessed election fraud fist hand.

What a stinking, fetid, putrid, corrupt, swamp the US has become and the pathetic appalling mainstream media is solely to blame for not doing their job.

People like this FBI bloke need some time in jail to see what they do in fact know or remember.

The reason they thrive on the public teat is because there are no consequences for their lies and cover ups.

Not on the Left

The FBI are too busy looking for imaginary nooses - those symbols of "hate crime" - such as at racing car tracks.


Unfortunately if the copy cannot be verified then the onus of proof that it is a true and 'undoctored' copy is the burden of the copier!

White Knight



Well said.


Maybe he needs a Drug Dog to find the Laptop. Drug Dogs work for a lot of things……..

Especially dispersing crowds……😲😄😄


Watching the Democrat sponsored FBI comedy hour I have come to the opinion that without their stoolies, give-ups, informants and anyone they can beat the shit out of for info, law enforcers there (and here) couldn't find their own arse with a funnel!!

It's is quite obvious that at Congressional and Select Committee hearings one is not compelled to tell the truth!


CB- when my husband was Active Duty, he always blamed any Federal Government screw up, on some little Ol lady in tennis shoes, who worked there. I always thought that he was joking - but apparently not.


But its worse than that - its not the laptop owner thats the problem - who appears to have made him that way? - the Senile in Chief.

Thats the tragedy.

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