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Feminism's Final Frontier. Spaceships are too phallic, so................

Magnificent work, magnificent campaign - they deserve to make a squillion for their creativity!

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The “Vulva Spaceship”

The "Vulva Spaceship"

Draft of the “Vulva Spaceship”
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The first spacecraft in a V-shape is not only a symbol for more diversity in space, but also state-of-the-art and thus more sustainable. The “Vulva Spaceship” designed by “WBF Aeronautics” represents inclusivity, varying from traditional shapes. Thus, the project adds another dimension to the representation of humanity in space and is communicating to the world that anyone has a place in the universe, regardless of physical characteristics.

Dr. Lucia Hartmann, Head of “WBF Aeronautics” and inventor of the “Vulva Spaceship” reports from her research: “The spaceship’s shape is surprisingly aerodynamic, creating way less drag when the vehicle punches through the Earth’s atmosphere. Due to this optimized V-shape, it guarantees maximum fuel efficiency with an exterior made of reinforced carbon which enables it to withstand the most extreme temperatures.” “WBF Aeronautics” wants to inspire space travel to be open to modern forms and to realize equal opportunities across the universe.

The Project “WBF Aeronautics”

“WBF Aeronautics” is a collaboration between Dr. Lucia Hartmann and her team and “Wer braucht Feminismus?” (WBF). Dr. Lucia Hartmann started her research work about spaceships and discovered that a spaceship varying from traditional shapes, would be more aerodynamic and create less drag, thus being more sustainable.

She reached out to us for the purpose of a collaboration and for us to do the media work as there is much more to it than just the scientific aspect. On the one hand, the topic is sensitive, but on the other hand, it also holds great opportunities. The symbol of a Spaceship in a V-shape represents more diversity in space. The project adds another dimension to the representation of humanity in space. 

We believe that equality even has a place in space. It’s time for new symbols in the universe. 

Dr. Lucia Hartmann
We dare to change the status quo in space travel: New shapes in space will revolutionize our thinking, our actions and everything we have thought to be true.
My team and I are currently working flat out to present the design of the first prototype of the spacecraft to the public. We aim to present the model from March 8th.

Dr. Lucia Hartmann, Head of “WBF Aeronautics” and Inventor of the “Vulva Spaceship”

Jasmin Mittag (Activist and Artist)
Space is for everyone! With our mission, we prove to the world that gender equality even has a place in space. We are not only inspiring space travel, but we’re also rewriting the gender narrative.

Jasmin Mittag, Activist and Artist | Founder of “Wer braucht Feminismus?” and Campaign Manager of “WBF Aeronautics”


Screen Shot 2022-03-12 at 10.38.51 am

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