Labor's frontbench respecting every inch of women.
NY Times finally admits Hunter Biden's Laptop is real.

In case you missed it - here is the "horror car crash" that changed Therapeutic Albo's life.


This is the crime scene. "Horror" side swipe. 
This is the "near death" aftermath. 


This is a scene later that day after he was "rushed to hospital"


This is the unofficial international symbol for bullshit. 


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Dennis Thompson

More political spin!!!


Drama queen
Much ado about nothing


Other people actually get injuries.


Came across this

The Ukrainian Investigative Bureau has arrested a Ukrainian diplomat while he was trying to smuggle $140,000, 68,000 euros, 12 kilograms of gold bars and 13.8 kilograms of gold jewelry.

They are all on the take and fleeing with stoen riches while the ordinary man is fighting and dying for Ukraine


Thank God he's not poor anymore or it could have been really bad.


About 16 years back I was cleaned up by a semi trailer that has run a red light.

I hit the side of the trailer, was pushed back into one of the light poles on the corner of the intersection and went from travelling across the intersection to 'turning left' and a good 30m up the road. My bonnet was sheered off and folded back, my wheels bent over about 40degs from normal, the boot was pushed in a good half a metre from the light post and everything about the rockers was now exposed. Informed they found the car battery about another 50 metres up the road.

Partly from car design and partly from randomness I got away with a burn on the back of my hand (from the airbag), serious muscle pain and lack of movement in the neck (that oddly I managed to sleep off a day later (!!!)) and some glass in my eye (which I had to argue was even there and took the longest to be attended to in the hospital).

Car dragged away and probably the only reason I got my stuff back was I was close to work at the time and my manager came down to the crash location and cleared the car for me.

Life threatening? Yes. Easily could have been killed or maimed. I list it as one of my three 'near death' experiences and my second ambulance trip. The first involved projectile vomit of blood following complications to a tonsil removal when I was 15 and the other was making the error of asking 'Who's Wayne Gretzky?' while surrounding by Canadians at a major sporting event.

Life changing? Well... I got a new car. I take a bit longer to check my left/rights when entering an intersection. I added it to my list of stories. I moved on.

Get over yourself An Al!


Ohhhhh, I remember reading about that one, I thought there must have been a serious one that had not been reported.
Not this little bingle. Pfft, worse one than that in a go cart on a hill.

Doubtful John

Oh the humanity! Neither the door glass nor windscreen glass were broken. A non event. Cockpit integrity wasn't compromised. Possibly his pea sized brain rattled about inside his vacant cranium, or his pea sized heart missed a beat in cowardly fear, with first responders calmly and gently trying to coax him to come out from under the dashboard. He strikes me as another Dr Zakary Smith.

Doubtful John

Anal obviously suffers PTSD. As such he is unfit to lead this nation. He needs time and care to heal.


Why is his girl carrying his brown paper bag for him? Careful albo she may run off with your ill-gotten money.

Up The Workers!

Which "car crash"...the minor bingle or the catastrophic presstitute beat-up which followed it?

Did anybody see Tony Abbott or ScoMo running away from the scene of the crime?

It must have been one of the two.

If AnAl thinks THAT was a car-crash, just wait till you see the result of the next Federal election!


That a life changing that just dent.....the crash i had the car's drivers side centre pillar between the two door was crushed back in line with the steering column. now that's a crash

Albo's a drama Queen

Doubtful John

My life changed last April when the plank snapped out from under me while I was cleaning gutters. The ambo's pumped the morphine so the rescue guys could get a split litter under me to get me out of the gap between the garage and fence. I didn't go home that night, I had shattered my spine. I was hurt more than Albo, feel sorrier for me. Elect me as your next PM, I've suffered more than him so I'm more qualified. Vote with your sympathy!

Doubtful John


Doubtful John

Also, note the change of clothes. Obviously shat his pants.

Up The Workers!

Typical Labor-style crash.

From the photo above, it would appear that Comrade AnAl from the Socialist dribbling-Loony Left, as could be expected, failed to give way to the Right, and consequently was hit on the drivers' side.

Maybe the P-plater was from a different Party faction or from a non-aligned Union?


WION reporter in Kyiv earning his money. Ballsy dude, I love his attitude - the show must go on.

'Russia Ukraine crisis: WION's Anas Mallick's gets interrupted by a rocket strike on Kyiv'


Remember what the Germans looted and stole in WWII....there will always be someone keen to " get ahead " if the opportunity presents...particularly those who perceive they have some form of protection and may get away with it.


All right so he is a bit of a drama queen ,histrionic the correct term but more likely just a big bullshit artist.


Correct...I've seen worse bingles in a Woolworths car park between Urban Assault Vehicles ( SUV's and 4WD ) driven by frantic Mums in a hurry to get to the school pickup.


If you look closely at that bag, I think I can see the end of a $50 note poking out....

Not on the Left

Drama queen.
Albo will play up anything concerning himself to get votes.

Jack Morris

Getting involved in Slavic wars since 1050 when King Slobodan told King Fistua II to get f*cked is not productive for the West.


Looks like a BMW "working man's" car. Maybe he spilled hot coffee down his front- definitely a trauma inducing incident!


Jacinda Ardern introduces a new school history curriculum calling on teachers to reflect on their 'white guilt' - as critics say she's DELIBERATELY dividing New Zealanders on race

Chris Ottaway

I was hoping to see that "international symbol", but it would not open!


Global warming has benefits, as well as costs

Inteesting read

jim cross

Reminds me of the floggin Andrews got.


Peter Daszak, Ukraine Bio Labs, Military-CIA and Biden Links - Ukrainian Nazi Collaborator?

Wow. Here is Peter Daszak on video from several years ago talking explicitly about the lab creation in China (“my colleagues in China”) of a sars-like virus from bats by manipulating the spike protein.


Peter Daszak, Ukraine Bio Labs, Military-CIA and Biden Links

The head of Eco Health Alliance is Peter Daszak. His father was allegedly a Ukranian Nazi collaborator who was brought to UK after WWII after being a POW. Interesting if true.


Like a supernova, Albo is about to fizzle.


I dunno Nonna, but that open mouth is not a good look & it looks like AnAL needs a lesson in shoelace tying.


I had a prang on Nimitz Hwy, when someone TBarred me, while driving out of a Parking lot & entering traffic, while I was doing the speed limit of 55 Mph. Wrote off my new car & gave me a side to side whiplash that the Chiropractor when I went next evening, said was the worst he had ever seen. I refused an Ambulance, my husband came & picked me up from the accident scene & took me home, I had started a new job just the day prior, so I didn’t have time to be sick.
I had to catch The Bus to work until I got a new car, then I decided that it was just easier to ride The Bus.


History repeats itself - Madeline Albrights’s Family was sued by an Austrian Family for stealing their worldly possessions. Friend of Clintons, of course. I always remember her for sitting on a chair in audience with King Saud, in SA, with her legs crossed & a great expanse of right thigh exposed.
Her suit was Royal Blue & they showed the entire audience on the TV when I lived in Bahrain.
I always thought the Clintons were shoving Ol Madeline up the Middle Easterner’s noses, female + Jewish.
When a female Military Captain drove to Saudi Arabia with my husband & a couple of other males for a meeting, she was uninvited to the meeting & had to stay in the car.


Oops, I forgot to include the link to the Albright article.


I love the grimace/smile on Ol Jacinda’s face in that photo with the big Māori guy - you just know he should have used Mouthwash.

Following the Globalists Rules from the Great Reset Book, it appears. Weird thing is that they do not care a fig for those people - they are just a means to an end & redistribution of wealth.


At least he doesn't looked like a squished KFC dinner role like ScumMo does

Stuart Hamish

I'm sorry to learn of that John

Les Brown

Hey, Eachway, what is your take on those individuals that have died from ALP policies??


I would say he was more at risk from that left shoelace. Can he not tie his shoes properly.


If my memory serves me correct, didn't Albo Greasey Sleazbanese say in an interview a couple of weeks back that he was involved in a horrific head on collision?
Doesn't look to head on, nor horrific to me you lying little worm!

Tony H

Lucky he had his brown pants on!
Looks like Comrade AnAl’s support team is milking this for all it’s worth! Pity about the ‘Mean Girls’ and their throwing a spanner in the works.


Vehicle collision expert Smithy is on the case!!!!!


Yep..he did, and I rembered thinking a the time...lying again Albo.

seeker of truth

This is what Albo said on the day of his release from hospital -

"He said the technology of his late model Toyota Camry helped keep him alive after the collision with the teen's Range Rover.
"If this accident was ten years ago, I wouldn't be speaking to you," Mr Albanese said.
"The technology that makes a difference to the front end of my car, and the new seatbelt technology has made an enormous difference."
Mr Albanese said he had several internal and external injuries but did not go into detail.
"I am on painkillers now, so I don't want this press conference to keep going," he said."

This is a transcript of his press conference at the RPA published on his website. He says he suffered "significant shock". Even in that press conference, Albo was able to weave his "single Mum, an invalid pensioner" mother into the story. What a wanker. He was also able to turn that press conference on the steps of the RPA into a election campaigning opportunity. So much for being traumatised from a "near death" experience. He's a low life opportunist who has disappeared yesterday when he was needed to speak up on the Kimberley Kitching's bullying complaints against Wong and others. A coward.

The front and side airbag in the Camry came into play and protected his body but probably hurt his ribs. He suffered from shock and it would obviously have put a strain on his heart. Being unfit and overweight wouldn't help. Thus I suppose he said it was a life changing experience and he had to do something about being a fat slob.


The clown can't even tie his shoelaces properly. What a putz.

Dennis Thompson

The vehicle I was driving during the 1970s was hit hard by a vehicle that failed to stop at a stop sign, I did not see it coming because of a paling fence around the property on the corner to my right and the impact was between the engine bay and the drivers seat.

The drivers side door was buckled by my shoulder impacting it and the right leg was also badly bruised, otherwise I was ok and able to walk.

Looking back I am saddened that my girlfriend did not express her recognition of her love for me at that time.


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