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Iran capitalises on Biden's weakness & confusion - fires missiles at US Consulate in Iraq

Murarrie5 writes:
Iran Fires Missiles at American Consulate in Iraq.
I would think this is big news but does not seem to be reported.

Me too.

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A number of missiles, some reports say as many as 12, either hit or landed near the US Consulate in the northern Iraqi city of Irbil on Sunday. Subsequent reports by Iranian state media said the strike had targeted “secret Israeli bases.”

Irbil is the capital of the Kurdish autonomous region of Iraq, which has warm relations with Israel. It is also an important center of operations in America’s ongoing war against the Islamist State (ISIS) and other jihadist groups in the region.

A US official later confirmed that the missiles had been launched from neighboring Iran, presumably by that country’s military, and not by some proxy group on the ground in Iraq.