Biden's 'Tough Putin Q&A Talking Points' - and he still screwed it up.
Senator Concetta FIERRAVANTI-WELLS on the 'putrid corruption of the NSW Liberal Party.


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Not on the Left

And so they should.
I have little doubt that charges went ahead due to very senior police and prosecutors being unduly influenced by activists and race stirrers.
If Rolfe had shot and killed a non-aboriginal it would never have got to court IMO.


I could hear clown music as I read that.

'Circus Clown Music - Sound Effect (HD)'

Not the best look for the Commish..


Certainly the charges should never have been brought, though that in itself doesn't make it corruption.


It's about time the Police bureaucrats/careerists were asked some hard questions about the great haste to lay charges against a serving officer. If serving, i.e. street-level officers, cannot trust their superiors to back them and treat them fairly when dealing with high-risk cases, then there soon will not be any officers willing to deal with the dangerous cases. If that happens then the NT government will just have to send in the social workers, though my long experience in the welfare system is that social workers never go to work with high-risk families and difficult, even dangerous, individuals without being accompanied by the Police.


Doubtful John

The powers of a Royal Commission investigating the gutless virtue signalling seniors who threw Rolfe under a bus in the name of political correctness. Perhaps once some of the cur dogs have been publicly eviscerated, seniors everywhere might think twice before scapegoating another young officer. We can only hope.

Doubtful John

ICAC do a preliminary investigation to identify whether evidence is available justifying the conduct of a full blown inquiry. There's evidently more there than just an assertion in a complaint.

Doubtful John

My information is that the NT Commissioner met with his senior command and investigators within hours of the charging and has been caught out denying the meeting happened. Anticipate an early resignation.

Francis de De Groot's Love Child

Good points both.
I hope that the ICAC investigation's aims are as stated, and not another trail of Zach in disguise.
Will Zach be welcome back to NTPOL? Personally I reckon he should sue their *sses off.

Up The Workers!

Well at least Constable Zac Rolfe wasn't politically and racistly convicted of Murder like the unfortunate Officer Derek Chauvin of Minneapolis Police was, of the criminal George Floyd who had already committed his own suicide-by-Fentanyl.

Would Chauvin be the only man on earth ever convicted of having 'murdered' a dead man?


That is good news. It was shocking the haste in throwing t,his fine young man to the wolves.

Not on the Left

Gunner, Walker and Fleming should come out of this with their reputations shattered and looking for new jobs.

Rusty of Qld

Could this just be window dressing to placate a justly pissed off rank and file?


You should not speak ill of the dead.
BUT, the culprit's relation's comments about him being a lovely young person were way out off the mark.

A young niece of mine was recently in hospital in N Queensland. The young teenage girl next to her had been almost killed by her brother (with a broken bottle) in a drunken, drug-fueled outrage.
The relations (including parents) were telling the girl NOT to make any statement to the police which might incriminate her brother. They come from an aboriginal settlement where police will no longer go. So the luvvies who tell you everything is rosy in the aboriginal communities are full of shit.
Many aboriginal settlements are like this, but no one is allowed to say so.
The coppers in those areas are fully aware of what is going on, but they would be sorely dealt with if they said so. Wake up Australia.


They seem to pick and choose rulings they fancy. Very informative video about how our govt tries to side track being accountable.

COVID Under Question: Mr Julian Gillespie


Teachers and nurses also scared speak out. They are ones punished not evil perverts. What they do to own children of settlement is horrific abuses and maimings.

Stu of FNQ

My information I have gained is that if Zack had been found guilty, nearly every Police, and emergency services officer, was calling in sick, ultimately leading to working in another State. Moral doesn't seem to be all that good considering the obvious correct judgement was made.

Dennis Thompson

One of the discussion points Senate candidate Indigenous Australian Jacinta Price often brings up during interviews.

Wake up Australia, wake up politically correct politicians and activists who are the worst enemies of the people they claim to protest for.

Reminds me of the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders Commission (ATSIC) shut down by the Howard Government because of corruption and failing to deliver satisfactory outcomes to the people, they referred to Aborigines Talking Sh*t In Canberra and the Air Conditioned Aborigines, and other names.


Nothing new, T.
It's been there forever and, as time goes on, the "wokeness" prevails.
One Australia would be a brilliant start. Some might not like it but treat us all equally. By the way, I'm an old, white male; but if that doesn't suit you it's your problem, not mine!


Yes Johnno, I heard the exact same thing mate!


Best meme ever

I finally had a reason to make a “We Will Rock You” meme
#willsmith #chrisrock #willsmithchrisrock


Some of those teachers and nurses have to sign confidentiality agreements.


Yep. Only last week they were leaking info about texts he'd sent to his Army mates re Rules and Training. If ICAC is serious they will get the meta data for the 3 days immediately following the shooting from the mobile phones of the NT Chief Minister, his Chief of Staff, the Police Commissioner and his Chief of Staff, and the former ICAC Commissioner and his Chief of Staff! We shall see!


I wish Lydia Thorpe the Green Senator from Victoria - actually went and lived in a remote settlement or Tennant Creek for three months and then maybe she would have a better idea of what needs to be done to help her "First Nations People".

Iain Russell


Les Brown

Lets hope it brings the continued failings of the politians in the NT to account.

Up The Workers!

How disheartening it must be for sworn Police Officers to know that no matter how good a job you do, you will never rise to the top of the force unless you are a grovelling brown-nosed political toady prepared to perennially professionally lose at golf, to the Police Minister and turn on your own Police whenever the Minister's P.R. flunky is having a hissy-fit about possibly bad press reviews.

Of course, ordering your forces on behalf of the Labor Party to violently head-stomp the mentally ill; bash, kick, truncheon and pepper-spray the elderly; violently arrest the heavily pregnant for the 'crime' of email; baton-charge citizens at the Shrine of Remembrance for the 'crime' of democracy; criminalising playground toddlers; cowardly smash a bystanders face, teeth and glasses into concrete at the Flinders Street Railway Station for no reason and severely fining a homeless bag-lady living on a park bench in the rain, for not being inside the home she bloody obviously doesn't have, don't exactly help matters either.


Just how 'independent' is an Independent Commission...given that most of the members are in the legal fraternity?

...asking for a friend.

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