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We are 100% supporters of former VICPOL Chief Commissioner Kel Glare's War on Corruption in Victoria


Corruption costs each of us $4000 est. per year, $48,000 over three years for an average family –

  • A long way towards a house deposit.
  • The children’s education costs.
  • Holidays.
  • Home IT upgrades.
  • A safer car.
  • Home improvement.
  • Care for elderly relatives.
  • Get rid of hand to mouth budgeting.
  • A future for your kids.
  • Fulfilling some dreams.

Corruption undermines our democratic process.

Corruption facilitates Autocratic leadership.

Corruption hijacks our political processes.

Corruption hurts the most the vulnerable people.

Corruption allows mediocrity to rise and true excellence to be stymied.

Corruption feeds the growth of inefficient bureaucracies.

Corruption means our taxes line the pockets of profiteers.

Corruption ensures that Government service is poorly delivered.

Corruption ruins the careers of the incorruptible.

Corruption spawns industrial thuggery.

Corruption feeds commercial greed.

Corruption allows ideologues to gain power over us.

The world Economic Forum estimates Corruption is 5% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). As a share of the national GDP, Victoria is $1.985 trillion; at 5%, we lose $23,938 Billion to Corruption or $4,000 for everybody in this State, including children.

Many deride Corruption and are quick to highlight it wherever it is exposed. Still, the biggest failure of our society is to identify and implement meaningful actions to address the problem.

The Community Advocacy Alliance (CAA) is one of a minimal number of voices that offer solutions and commentary.

The CAA has proposed a new way of addressing Corruption and, in our view, is a distinct improvement on the status quo, which is a failure by any measure.

The CAA has produced a paper titled Victoria’s Anti-Corruption War setting out an effective mechanism to tackle the corruption problem.

The challenge now will be to see which of our community leaders has the fortitude to adopt this concept.

Non-action (silence) or opposition (without a meaningful alternative) will be by those best served by Corruption, and they will be outed from their lairs for all to see.

Victoria's Corruption War by Michael Smith