Why does Labor have to change asylum seeker boat policies that work?
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ABS - unemployment rate steady at 4%

Screen Shot 2022-04-14 at 9.49.18 am

The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate remained at 4.0 per cent in March 2022, according to data released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). 

Bjorn Jarvis, head of labour statistics at the ABS, said: “With employment increasing by 18,000 people and unemployment falling by 12,000, the unemployment rate decreased slightly in March, though remained at 4.0 per cent in rounded terms.

“4.0 per cent is the lowest the unemployment rate has been in the monthly survey. Lower rates were seen in the series before November 1974, when the survey was quarterly.”

The unemployment rate continued to fall faster for women than for men.

“The unemployment rate for women fell from 3.8 per cent to 3.7 per cent, the lowest it has been since May 1974. It remained at 4.2 per cent for men, its second lowest level since November 2008 and just above the rate from December 2021 of 4.1 per cent,” Mr Jarvis said.

Employment, hours worked and participation

Employment increased for the fifth month in a row, by around 18,000 people (0.1 per cent) in March. It was around 220,000 people (1.7 per cent) higher than the pre-Delta period high of June 2021.

Employment for youth, those aged between 15 and 24 years, increased by 36,000 in March 2022.

“While young people were particularly impacted early in the pandemic and during the Delta period, we have continued to see strong increases in youth employment over the past year. The youth employment-to-population ratio in March was the highest it had been since August 2008, at 64.8 per cent, and 4.6 percentage points higher than the start of the pandemic,” Mr Jarvis said.

Seasonally adjusted hours worked decreased by 0.6 per cent.

“With floods in New South Wales and Queensland, a higher than usual number of people reported working reduced hours due to bad weather in March. This was in addition to the high number of people away from work due to illness, reflecting further disruption from the Omicron variant,” Mr Jarvis said.

“The fall in hours in March follows falls in payroll jobs and wages over the same period. Like hours, that data can show larger short-term changes than for employment, because employees may be away from paid work for a short period without losing their job.”    

The participation rate remained at 66.4 per cent, in rounded terms, around the record high in February 2022.

Underemployment and underutilisation

The underemployment rate fell 0.2 percentage points to 6.3 per cent. This was 2.5 percentage points lower than its March 2020 level (8.8 per cent) and the lowest it had been since November 2008.

The underutilisation rate, which combines the unemployment and underemployment rates, dropped 0.3 percentage points to 10.3 per cent. This was 3.8 percentage points lower than its March 2020 level (14.1 per cent) and the lowest level since September 2008.

Today's release includes additional analysis of hours worked, an analysis of job attachment and historical charts.

Further information, including regional labour market information, will be available in the upcoming March 2022 issue of Labour Force, Australia, Detailed, due for release on Thursday 21 April 2022.

The ABS would like to thank Australians for their continued support in responding to our surveys during such a difficult time.



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Up The Workers!

Mark Knight's cartoon in the Herald Sun this morning on this topic is excellent.

A picture truly can speak 1,000 words.


I'm classed as unemployed by Centrelink even though they acknowledge that I will never be able to join the workforce again!

The Centrelink site where you list your ailments from a drop down menu stops at 12 and I now have 14 ailments, some not listed on the menu.

I have just put up a GoFundMe page as I am almost destitute and will be on the side of the road in an old caravan with a car with no rego, that is how bad it has got.


5-10 year waiting list for Public Housing, but if you get flown in clutching your Quran you get given Public Housing that should be reserved for Australians.

47 years of paying big tax and I get kicked to the side of the road in favor of immigrants!

Even women and 5 children are living in cars because Public Housing is prioritized for Immigrants!

The Australian Governments hate Australians!


Unemployment rate remains the same. Thank God, that makes it easier for Albo to remember.


Oh look over there.......Election!!!.....and lots of juicy stats!

Has the Ukraine shitfight finished already?

Destroyer D69

A literary salad of polispeak and weasel words.

Michelle Two

They probably counted everyone going back to work after the lockdowns in the various states as finding work.. why are so many businesses short of workers?
I don't trust anything they tell us when it comes to computer generated modelling on anything..love and light xx

Dennis Thompson

Before the sceptics comment, the method used to produce unemployment figures has not changed, unemployment is heading towards 3.0% and most Australians who want work are able to find jobs, but there is a huge shortage of both unskilled and skilled people seeking employment.

The Building & Construction sector is a perfect example, qualified trades people difficult to find despite very high hourly rates being paid and working week hours of ten a day weekdays, builders labourers are also in short supply. Mining, agriculture, all other areas of employment are struggling to find people to employ to fill job vacancies.

The economy is growing at 3.5% GDP which is the very long term average during past economic growth periods and as former Prime Minster John Howard commented to Paul Murray on Sky News a couple of days ago, the essential economic stimulus funding of employers and employees by the Federal Government during the pandemic crisis lockdowns has resulted in this fast recovery. He said the Treasurer and the Prime Minister discussed it with him before their decision to increase debt to pay for the stimulus package, it was the only way to deal with the crisis.


Dodgy figures, if you work 1 hour you are statistically counted as employed.

Botswana O'Hooligan

The ABS defines unemployment thus and of course is laughable for if a person is employed for one hour or more in the defined period that person is deemed to be fully employed:-The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) defines a person who is unemployed as one who, during a specified reference period, is not employed for one hour or more, is actively seeking work, and is currently available for work. Unemployment is a count of all these people.


How can this number be right, especially in the middle of a "pandemic" with so many businesses going under, therefore people losing their jobs, and with so many people quitting their jobs because of the mandates, is this another dodgy figure?


Transgender male as a female in female prison, what could go wrong?

Two inmates at all-women's New Jersey jail are PREGNANT after both had sex with transgender prisoners: ACLU won battle to house 27 trans inmates there

It is unclear if the women had sex with the same transgender woman. Edna Mahan houses 27 transgender prisoners, and over 800 cisgender women
The correctional facility began to house inmates by gender identity last year, after reaching a settlement in a lawsuit brought by a trans woman and the ACLU


One Born Every Minute

And that is the way the Govt want it.

One Born Every Minute

Resounding YES. Dodgy as ####.
Interest Rates up in NZ. The Aussie Lapdog will follow suit.

Michelle Two

Everything not of integrity is bound to backfire in this energy, one shouldn't make promises if they have no control over the outside forces of nature that said maybe check your fact before you put your foot in it.. not going well for either side as they do work together to create fairy tales. Small businesses create jobs not politicians.(tip make conditions easier for small business and they will employ people if they don't have to many fees, charges and control mechanisms to red tape them and take their money in starting it first up).. Customers will flock to businesses for what they need, the government has no control over that variable they never have.. love and light xx

Australia’s March unemployment rate steady at record low 4%, despite…
Aust airports swamped over Easter
Scott Morrison visited the Rheem factory in Rydalmere on Tuesday. (ABC News: Nicholas Haggarty) © Provided by ABC NEWS Scott Morrison visited the Rheem factory in Rydalmere on Tuesday. (ABC News: Nicholas Haggarty)

A factory visited by the Prime Minister while he spruiked a promise to create over a million jobs if re-elected plans to cut jobs at the facility and move them offshore to Vietnam.

On Tuesday, Scott Morrison held an event at Rheem Australia's Rydalmere facility, where he promised a re-elected Coalition government would create 1.3 million jobs by 2027 — a promise similar to those of previous campaigns.

But while the Prime Minister was selling job creation, the facility housing the event is planning on cutting some of its positions in a restructure that will move more of its operations to Vietnam.

In a statement, Rheem managing director Chris Taylor said the more than 500 Rydalmere employees were told about the changes last year. He said he expected between "zero and 50" jobs would go at the Rydalmere factory.


I would be interested to know if the number of people out of the workforce because of the Omicron variant includes vaccine injuries.


When I clicked on your link it said campaign not found.

Dennis Thompson

Public housing is a State Government responsibility.

I agree with you that immigrants/refugees being given housing while Australians like you wait for years is wrong.

The reason, that I am not using as an excuse, is International Agreement and United Nations Human Rights Commission and refugee resettlement. Australia has been accepting 13,700 a year chosen and sent via UNHCR, we are third behind USA and Canada, Norway fourth, for numbers of refugee resettled a year. Labor raised the number over 20,000 a year 2007-2013. The Abbott Government reduced the intake.

The UNHCR rules, and the rules of the Charter on Refugees created after WW2 when the UN was established requires nations to treat refugees exactly the same as citizens are treated, for example access to Centrelink welfare payments etc. And provision of housing.

Sadly Australians living below the poverty line are tens of thousands including many young children, and have been for a very long time. Of course a number of them are given housing every year and most receive Centrelink support.

I spent several hours discussing homeless people with a Jesuit Priest about 15 years ago, I am not a Catholic but met him at a wedding, a family member of the bride, and he worked with the homeless in Sydney. He explained that many homeless people prefer that life for various reasons, mental illness is one, and they seek the company of other homeless people, and they look after one another. He said that providing overnight refuge was a problem because they will not move from city and inner suburbs where their friends are and prefer to be.

I trust that you are a Centrelink client, and I sympathise with you.


So are the unvaccinated allowed to claim unemployment?


Dennis, you may be able to explain these figures to me. If we have a 4% unemployment rate, with say 14 million in the workforce, that leaves 560,000 unemployed.

Both parties are claiming that they are going to create jobs for many more...which means we are approaching totally unrealistic unemployed figures. It is impossible to have 100% employment, and you are telling us that there is a shortage of skilled and unskilled workers.

To me, the figures look very rubbery...what am I missing here ? I cannot remember what the unemployment figure was just pre pandemic, but it looks like a pandemic is good for lowering the unemployment figure !

I think you could double the claimed unemployment figure and be a bit closer to the truth.

Geoffrey of Perth

That figure is not nearly as good as the ALP figure. Theirs was over 5%. Better tell Albo as the opposition spokesman doesn't know that small is good


I'll make a note of this if I ever get threatened with incarceration....sounds like a way to pass the time.

Dennis Thompson

At this time there is a seriously bad shortage of job seekers so if a person works for one hour they do have options to work many more hours.

For example picking crops on farms is seasonal work, the mines are looking for people and I read recently they will employ older people in their seventies if fit to work and will train. Many small business need staff.

The formula for unemployment has not changed, but availability of jobs has.

I understand that the Federal Government is reconsidering age pension work restrictions to try and free up more people to work and fill vacant positions. It's tricky because an age pension is welfare, and I am happy to live in a country that can afford to look after people who need support. But many, as I understand the situation, want a full age pension and no reduction for earning a lot more than allowed at present.

Dennis Thompson

I do not have the figures in front of me Glenn, they are available at government websites.

There are many Australians like me who do not have a job and are self funded retirees or younger and self funded for whatever reason, maybe inheritance or capital gain, lotto win.

There are many who do not want to work but are Centrelink clients, when I lived in QLD I became aware of the Bundaberg seasonal workers situation, farmers depending on foreign tourist backpackers, Childers was a good example of where they boarded in several backpacker hostels and mini-buses took them to the farms every day.

Dennis Thompson

Ever heard of the Audit Office and other watchdogs that monitor government departments?

And if the unemployment statistics are incorrect please explain why there are so many work opportunities and few applicants?

Julie of Geelong

Hope Albasleazy is switched on today!!


Modelling = bullshit in , bullshit out !

Graham gg

They are the variant.


We need more mentors in this world Dennis. That's how some get from destitute to prosperity.

Likewise I sympathise.


Thought that myself. Now not daily clickbait news.
Now it's Albo gotcha.


Considering people got sacked for not participating in an invasive medical procedure how did those jobs get replaced, since they are short of teachers for example, and other jobs get created? It makes no sense.


Do those foreigner backpackers get paid super and the same rates as locals?


Probably because they are unjabbed?


Don't tell us, tell An Al!


One of the unwritten objectives of Centrelink is to be as useless and painful as possible so that people get back into the workforce out of spite.

I was jerked around by Centrelink and Friends over RoboDebt.

Idiots couldn't understand that I could have been out of work for 4 and half months solid and then work solidly for the last 7 months of the Fin year.

"The ABS says you had a taxable income of THIS during the 2017/2018 fin year!"
"Ummm… yeah. That sounds about right. ABS probably have better records than me. Now go away."

First thing that pisssed me off was that there was not actually a scenario where they hadn't farced up. Either I was legally allowed to claim for the period before I managed to return to work, and they screwed up by now asking for me to return the money, or they had failed to audit me successfully at the time and paid when they shouldn't have. Either way they had Farced up.

Second thing was even when you jumped through the hoops for them and dug out old pay slips to prove when I did or didn't work and old bank statements to show when I did or didn't have an income, and then start out ask "is his ALL you need? I have an overseas trip coming up and would like this resolved before I leave" and get told start up "Yes, you have been very understand and helpful, you are free to go, have a nice holiday" and then on your first day back in Australia discover they have passed your file over to a debt collection agent because in the 8 or so weeks since you last spoke with them NO ONE HAD LOOKED AT YOUR FILE. You know, the file where you had been told you had provided everything and had been extremely understanding and helpful with?

So yeah, I do believe there is a degree of deliberate uselessness built into their system to make people fear having to deal with them unless absolutely necessary.

Screw those guys.

Dennis Thompson

As I understand it Cheers they are paid an hourly rate like any casual or contractor.

No SGL (superannuation) or other benefits, the hourly rate is an award based payment.

I have not been employed for over twenty years, I retired at fifty five years of age. But when I was an MD there were several office staffers who were employed as casuals on an hourly rate of pay who declined our offers to make them permanent employees because they wanted the extra money in hand rather than the employee benefits paid as applied for: sick leave, holiday pay, long service leave, superannuation.

Destroyer D69

A bent nail is still a bent nail!!!!!

Betty Luks

In Becoming:

It is that time in the Christian calendar that the hurry and bustle of our ‘work-a-day’ life is set aside for ‘other things’.

Now what are these ‘other things’? If one is tuned to the main-stream media it would seem some of the most important issues in life are:
Work/Employment; Money/Holidays; Covid/Lockdowns, etc, etc. But are they really the most important things in Life?

At such times of the year, we usually come together to celebrate a special meal with our loved ones and friends. In most religions, the meaning of a meal has been the same; the affirmation of man’s accord with the World – in this case I mean Creation; and the meal expressed this accord and man’s participation in a special manner.

And yes, we may be frantically busy in the preparations for these feast days and holy-days, but when the hurry and bustle diminishes it should lead on to this inner source of Leisure.

And, Leisure in its origin from these ‘Celebrations’, was not only the direct contrary of effort; not just the negative, in the sense of being no effort, but the positive counterpart.

Leisure stands opposed to the exclusive ideal of work as a social function. A break in one’s Work, whether of an hour, a day or a week, is still part of the world of Work.

Work is a function: it is a means to an end, not an end in itself. It is a link in the chain of utilitarian functions mankind performs.

The present idea of a Pause from Work (weekends, holiday breaks, etc.) is made for the sake of resuming Work and in order to Work, and a man is not only refreshed from Work but for Work.

But, what of Leisure? Leisure is an altogether different matter; it is not on the same plane as Work.

Leisure, like contemplation, is of a higher order than such fundamental human activities as labour, work, and action. No one who looks at leisure simply to restore his working powers will ever discover this Leisure; he will never know the quickening almost as though from some deep sleep, and realises himself to be capable of seeing Life as a World, as a Whole, and that he should full-fill himself, and come to full possession of his faculties, face to face with his being as a whole.

Surely it is in this World of New Ideas we could find answers to problems of today? Don't you think it is The Source that we should be going to?

Looking at this whole, tired, debate of ‘work for work’s sake’ makes me think we should be coming up with better ideas. Where has individual initiative gone? Maybe we are looking at the wrong source?

Question: Can Australians produce enough to feed, clothe and house her population without the need of the whole adult population being employed?

I would think another way to look at it is:

Production: Do we produce enough now?
Distribution: Do we have the infrastructure in place to distribute this production?
Consumption: Maybe this is where the real bottleneck can be found. Do Australian families have enough purchasing power to purchase this production? If not, why not?

I understand Life is more than food and the body more than raiment. A blessed Easter to yourself and your readers Michael.

One Born Every Minute

No the UNvaccinated are expected to sell off everything they worked their arse off over their lifetime. And when they are standing in their birthday suit, it will still be denied.

Michelle Two

They have the same rules as they got changed recently, instead of paying per piece to be picked they are now hourly rates which would make it more expensive but not always as the pickers especially the overseas ones were more productive as they were controlling their own wages, apparently Victoria are paying better rates being a Marxist state it is, they are migrating down there and here the orchard owners need pickers.. not sure if they are happy with the changed conditions over wages but they need their fruit off the trees when they are ready..They are paid as casuals and there is usually a hire company that does all the paper work so that the orchadists only deal with the boss of the hire company so the third party as I understand it takes care of that.
The backpackers probably have different rules as it is attached to their working Visa.. they used to be only allowed to earn no more then $10 grand because before Covid that would be when the backpackers would leave after they earned what they were allowed under their Visa..love and light xx

Michelle Two

It actually doesn't feel like Easter apart from the eggs in the shop everyone still seems to be in a rush as the timeline speeds up we seem to be in a daze and the month just flies by as we are half way through April and you feel you have got nothing done as all days start to feel the same when souls lost their joy and were in rush to get things done, to pay the bills not many souls stop to see what is around them the rose has thorns they dare not touch them or slow down to smell them..
The smart device seems so controlling most the day seems to disappear because you can't get away from the screen from the never ending story of the information war..
Everyone wants to know what is going on and have no direction that is the energy shift and the soul waiting for the inner guidance as souls are not tuning in with their hearts but looking for the next drama, the next thing while letting their life slip away without creativity or creating the new as they don't know what the new will be that is why they search the news sights as the illusion gets broken, nothing is ever as it seems they is why souls are searching for their dreams..

Because instinctively they know there is more coming, something better, something brighter but they don't know how to achieve or get it because the past is holding them back, as the old is destroyed they forgot they are the creator..
Something big to hit humanity is coming but most souls are blind and will miss it because their mind is taking over their heart and the ego world is disappearing for those that aren't in the light ..
Those in the light are excited because they know the controlled world of ego is going and what was will no longer be as they are here leading the way to the new ideas, the new creation as they are the creators of the New World ..love and light xx


Agree...I cannot fathom how they come up wih the figures given the last two years that they basically prevented circa 10% of the willing workforce, from working.

As we are in an election cycle, I don't believe a word from any of our ruling elite.


Thanks for your reasoned and logical comments, Dennis. Unfortunately, you are preaching to both the informed and, won't be informed.
As Ned, supposedly, said "such is life".


Because they get paid too much not to work.

The reason people find it hard to live on is they live beyond there means. They want to live like a king on a paupers wage.

Also too much goes on drugs, grog, or a car.

As bellow he is right unjabbed.


Hopefully this works!



Until We have a Government committed to Re Industrialise this Nation (Foreign Investment Leaseholders are welcome) Oz will forever spin it's wheels.


Sure does!

However, in truth, wink wink...

"The official employment figures say the unemployment rate for March was 4.0%, exactly the same as a month earlier.

But if you’re prepared to download the spreadsheet and work it out, you’ll find that expressed to two decimal places the rate actually fell, from 4.04% to 3.95%." ...yahoo!News

Destroyer D69

First problem with that proposal is that we no longer have any wheels to spin.

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