Kristina's feeling rotten.
Queensland's mind-boggling hike in fines


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Check it out

I no longer trust hospitals and will do my best to stay away from them


Stuart Hamish

Congratulations Topher and richly deserved ...A nice ironic touch that this honor was awarded in Berlin for a documentary that showed a once free state morphing into a hideous shadow of East Germany under a Socialist megalomaniac, his repressive politicized police force and power drunk health bureaucrats Lets not forget Topher Field was hauled in on the vague charge of 'incitement ' - by the Labor paramilitary wing Victoria Police - shortly after his announcement of Battleground Melbourne's release.....Quite obviously to intimidate him in front of his family [ an old Stasi tactic ] and possibly to access a preview of the film ...

And after watching that superb documentary Shane Patton wants Victorians to trust him and his rogue Vic- Stasi again .The smell will never go away


Topher Field has done it again.First this docco and also his"How to Vote"video.
Spread this far and wide.


Holy Fcuk!

That was one of the most powerful documentaries I have ever seen. It brought tears to my eyes several times as I watched those brave Victorians push back against the tyranny of the state.

I thank Topher Field for the courage of his conviction in getting the documentary finished and awarded. Also, VICPOL and idiot Daniel Andrews for being the main stars.


Hopefully that documentary will help stop China winning the Victorian elections.
It has always amazed me how Andrews became premier and the support he got to do so. He always effected me as an insipid piece of shit.


Freedom is not free

Betty Luks

Congratulations to Topher, his team and financial supporters.

Job well done - and timely.

In this technical age, and after seeing what happened in America's last elections, I think it just as important WHO counts the votes, HOW they are counted, as much as WHO voted - for WHOM?.

Take care.


Fabulous documentary. Thanks to Topher Field and all those other brave Victorians.

Up The Workers!

No doubt about it, Dodgy Dan and his A.L.P. election-cheating Red Shirts, White Shirts and particularly his violent A.L.P. Black Shirts, have finally put Mogadishu-On-The-Yarra, on the world map of intolerance, thuggery and totalitarianism.

How about taking the "Australian Of The Year Award off the A.L.P.'s Tame Grace, and giving it to somebody deserving of it, like Topher Field?


The legacy of the lying, conniving authoritarian Victorian dictator Dan Andrews will be as having presented the classic example of proof of the old saying:- 'Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely'!

Many thanks to Topher Field and all those who participated in making this excellent documentary which has become a permanent historical record for the edification of all future generations of freedom-loving Australians.


And thank you to MPS for position this documentary. I would not have known about it otherwise. Thank you, Michael.

Davey Boy

This will be splashed across all our news bulletins for days. How a little Aussie battler won a prestigious overseas award for best documentary. I can see their AlpBC giving the announcement prime time exposure. Topher will be invited to appear on Q & A, 4 corners will do a special and the "Kevin Thirty Report" will have him on every night for a week.

Actually I guarantee it will never get a mention!!


Excellent . Thank you for this documentary. As one who has lived through it all - I have lost 2 years of my life
that I wont get back.
Still wearing a mask - still not taken public transport nor been to mu beloved live theatre. May make it
to the footy for the first time in over 2 years on Easter Monday.

But hey - I'm still here and this wonderful documentary with its time lines, will allow me to get rid of the
newspapers kept as a reminder.

PS Going to send to family in WA - they still dont appreciate what Melbourne has been through.!!

Extreme Centrist

I clicked on the link and an hour and forty minutes later, I stopped watching.


It would be nice to get a list or grouping of doctors that have been pushed out because of Covid. I would much prefer a doctor who thinks and refuses to take orders than the government yes men that are left. I am surprised how many are prepared to be government yes men.
An alternative hospital would be good. I have told my kids no matter what do not take me to hospital.

Up The Workers!

To give the devil his due, it should be pointed out that although Dodgy Dan and the bash-happy, O.A.P.-Mugging, Pepper-spraying A.L.P. Blackshirts closed down Christian and Jewish religious worship, and were filmed chasing Jewish worshippers down streets and over rooftops in scenes reminiscent of the Jewish pogroms in the ghettos of World War II Poland, they did manage to keep the wheels of commerce turning.

The brothels and the drug dealers did business as usual.


That would be a peoples choice, will never happen. It’s a bit like saying Trump is the only President for many a long year that has not started a war, whee is his peace prize?


Watch this newly released documentary on the real covid story it will blow your socks off.


Wait till you watch this one on the real covid plan that is what Topher doco came from .


Have put my comment at the top to ask WHY oh WHY are there not hundreds of posts here from honest, concerned Victorian residents really putting shit on Mein Fuhrer Andrews and his black shirted private army, gleefully led by his SS Commandant Patton!!!

What is wrong with YOU SHEEP? Here in the West we have/had Emperor McGowan and his over the top "anti people" dictatorial policies-BUT- at least the majority of members of our police force did not use extreme criminal force to cower the general public.

If Andrews is re-elected in November (that is if he has not already been "arkancided" or is in prison) you Victorian sheep have nobody to blame but yourselves!!!


I honestly cannot be bothered wasting my time watching this kinda stuff.....

It was obvious from Day One there was no dangerous pandemic. In my neck of the woods compliance with govt-hysterics was bugger-all. At the 2020 Qld election we had a 12% swing AGAINST the liars down south. NO local GP recommended / recommends the gene-jabs. The cops were NOT doing anything about compliance. The hastily-built Covid testing clinic at the hospital closed down due to LACK OF INTEREST. IGA and Woolies were not enforcing Check-Ins. The Chamber of Commerce Prez DENOUNCED the harrassment of the citizenry; declaring there would be no vax-discrimination at local pubs and restaurants etc..

Tyranny needs compliant sheep-like obedience to flourish. The MAJORITY of Victorians were too gutless to stand up for their freedom, so why am I supposed to care that it was taken from them, exactly?

BTW; Simple widespread civil disobedience....say 100,000 arrests....and the clogged, choked up govt system woulda collapsed instantly. Cowards get their just desserts!


Hear, hear!

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