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AOTY Dylan Alcott buys into controversy over PM's 'blessed' not to have disabled kids comment.

Free Anzac Day tribute concert, Sydney Town Hall, 3.30PM Anzac Day. Lest We Forget.

We are proud to partner with The Australian Remembrance Foundation for the Lest We Forget Anzac Day Tribute at the Sydney Town Hall, at 3:30pm on 25 April. Tickets are FREE but booking is essential 🎼
The concert features over 100 artists including:
- the Lancer Band (Australian Army)
- Amelia Farrugia
- Choir and Orchestra conducted by Eugene Raggio and led by Warwick Adeney (Concertmaster, Queensland Symphony).
A very special highlight of the event will be The Veteran's Tribute to 101 year old Dennis Davis, a 'Rat of Tobruk' and one of Australia’s last remaining veterans from World War II.


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Anzac long weekend times and dates for Canberra. Everything kicks off Friday at 6pm in Glebe park. Will be an interesting long weekend at the nations capital.,quality=100,fit=scale-down/system/media_attachments/files/104/632/443/original/e8553e1c1cd0e152.png


Nations capital festivities for long weekend. Starts at Glebe park,quality=100,fit=scale-down/system/media_attachments/files/104/632/443/original/e8553e1c1cd0e152.png

robert griffiths

Good on "the boys". Lest We Forget

Up The Workers!

Just as well it is in Sydney.

The last time there was a large public gathering at the Shrine of Rememberance in Mogadishu-On-The Yarra, the bullying fully armed and armoured Labor Party Blackshirt thugs baton-charged and pepper-sprayed the citizens and taxpayers in the vicinity.

I wonder what Sir John Monash and the ANZACS would have thought of that?

Dennis Thompson

Don't forget to buy a RSL badge.

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