Harry. What a pig.
Tony Thomas's superb exposé on the ABC's coverup of Hunter Biden's laptop


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Julie of Geelong

“Happy Birthday Lizzie” - hope there are many more❤️💐🌸🌺


Yes, Happy 96th Birthday Your Majesty. I have a feeling that this will be her last birthday. She has declined all of a sudden before our eyes but we must remember she is now very, very old and her service has been exemplary.

Nonna from FNQ

Let's hope it isn't her last birthday.

She certainly hasn't been too well. But, after having to quarantine and take it easy, I'm wondering if she reckoned it felt pretty good having some time off, resting in a pair of comfy slippers and maybe doing a crossword or something less demanding! :)

Coochin Kid

God save the Queen


Happy Birthday Your Majesty. I’m hoping she will live until she is 100 at least just to see who will send her a telegram!

Annie rich

The Commonwealth will never see another King or Queen as our current Queen. Always a smile. It’s a pity she has had to witness the carrying on of Andrew and Harry. Harry and Wife are just petty people ( woe is me) In time, the way that they will be judged will not be a good look in the history books, but their selfishness will always be their trade. 🦋

Michelle Two

Wonder how often the Queen dances this song was on the radio again when got in the car..
Along with a car that had "Pegasus home care" on it..will get my Pegasus deck out when I get home..
My eyes are very heavy today we must be shifting through another portal..release what doesn't serve and what does enters.
Don't forget to dance through these waves of energy and keep climbing...love and light xx

Dance also because you are loved beyond measure and never alone..love always xx


The Queen is literally only a couple of months away from passing both Johann II and Bhumibol Adulyadej in terms of reign length.

Only Louis XIV above her then, but he was French and doesn't really count.

Hail Elizabeth!


Happy Birthday Your Majesty.

Love the photo.


Happy birthday, your majesty. As a horse lover, I was in love with Prince Philip's black Fell ponies that he used for carriage driving (I was in tears during his funeral when his coffin drove past the waiting carriage) and the Queen was often seen riding a one. Those white ones are simply enchanting. Keeping them clean would be a full time job.


Amen- Happy Birthday Ma'am.

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