Memo to Patricia Karvelas - your audience is NOT large
Statement from Craig McLachlan on dropping his defamation case against the ABC & SMH


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Good government? The man is delusional.


The lying snivelling bastard would do and say anything to become PM...even cosying up to Gillard in case there were a few votes in it.


Michael for your perusal -
Read Grace Tame's blistering final election plea to Australia as she says the nation needs HELP 'if you really want a corrupt, sociopathic marketing man leading the country'.

I personally feel that Grace Tame would have to be one of the nastiest and most spiteful young women I have seen. How did she get chosen as Australian of the Year? It beggars belief.


Craig McLaughlan drops defamation action.

Johnny Depp won't win his case either; although perhaps neither will Amber Heard regarding her counter-suit.
Depp strikes as being controlling and entitled and Heard is not much better, so little wonder they found one another.

Dennis Thompson

Thank you for that Albo, you have confirmed that you have no judgement and common sense, you lack the ability to be prime ministerial in so many ways and examples.

You and your former Gillard and Rudd Union controlled Labor government MPs.

John Sheldrick

If they were such a good Government then why did they lose Office in a Landslide..............

Liz of Vic


Oh Dear!

Up The Workers!


If he keeps making comically dumb statements like that, people might take him for a Labor voter!

The only people that the Krudd/Gillard/Krudd-Regurgitated Misgovernments were good for were the people smugglers, drug smugglers, potential terrorists, child molesters, rapists and disease carriers amongst the flood of bogus undocumented illegal immigrants that Labor's grossly incompetent, knuckle-dragging Socialist Union goons let in.

Any word yet on when he will copy his hero Socialist Vlad Putin in Russia and start bombing the Maternity Hostitals and Primary schools, or copying his Socialist hero Chairman Xi the Chi-Com Bat-Souper and start bricking people up in their homes without power, heating, food or water?

Socialism - it's a wonderful thing if it only affects others and not yourself.

With any luck, Vlad might die of his Leukemia around the same time that Xi dies of his brain aneurism and AnAl the Brothel-Hopper's political career runs into the brick wall of democratic process and voter disgust.

Vunna Rabble

A famous person, on the same side I might add, once said "whatever it takes." Looks like Babbleasy has learned this lesson well.

Liz of Vic


Just heard that Albo would not come on Neil Mitchell's program this morning, later Neil said, that apparently Andrews had told him not to!

Andrews has never accepted Neil's invitation to come on the program, Neil knows too much!


She heard on the grapevine there's a vacancy coming up on the Mean Girls squad so any opportunity to put her resume out there is a good opportunity.

Dennis Thompson

That was in 2013, and in 2010 lost the election and were forced into a minority alliance to form a government.

The Abbott led Coalition went very close to defeating Gillard Union Labor and would have if the Greens, Windsor, Oakeshott (the two then independents now directors of Climate200) and others had supported the Abbott Coalition.

However, Windsor and Oakeshott sold out to Rudd Labor during 2008 after Oakeshott became a Federal MP at a by election in Lyne NSW. The rewards included Union Labor electoral support during campaigns and them being given well paid positions on government committees, including the chair of committees, that boosted their parliamentary salary and increased their pension entitlements for retirement.

Dennis Thompson

It is a disgraceful situation in VIC that left leaning media report little or nothing about the three corruption inquiries underway that the Premier has been called to be a witness or person of interest.

This again highlights how large sections of the media cannot be trusted by us.

Once upon a time there were reporters who reported the latest news and competed to be first to expose news, but now journalists prefer to behave like editors and editorialise rather than report the news of each day.


Albo has already counted his chickens - he's planning to go to the QUAD meeting next week as Australia's PM, taking that Wong chap with him. Marles, it seems, will be sworn in as deputy PM before he goes.

I would have thought it more important to stay home (win, lose or draw) rather than go to QUAD. It shows poor judgement and timing on Albo's part - he's a weak leader who can't tolerate a bit of questioning from the media, and can't stand up against those "mean girls" in his party who (arguably) contributed to Senator Kimberley Kitchen's health problems and subsequent death. As PM he would be atrocious. Australia, we're better than that.

Dennis Thompson

It really is a sign of immaturity.

And a lack of focus on prime ministerial duties and responsibilities.

As was commented recently on Sky the Caretaker Prime Minister would be better suited to attend the Quad Meeting at this time in the electoral cycle and is equipped to make a contribution and report back if there is a change of government.


Remember that the media was calling it a Labor win.

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