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Asian security company Certis worked with 'their partner' the AEC to secure Australian election

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Global Certis is headquartered in Singapore, with an international presence that extends to Hong Kong, Macau, China and Qatar.

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The last month has been an incredibly busy time for Australians as we prepared for the recent Federal Election. This was particularly true for Certis Security Australia, as we worked with our partner, the Australian Electoral Commission, to secure voting outpost centres across the country.

Once the election was called, Certis Security Australia had seven days to prepare operations for 73 sites. This soon grew to 250 sites, with hundreds of Certis Security Australia guards deployed across Australia. Until the end of June, our role is to ensure the security of ballot papers and outpost sites until all votes have been counted. The security of these outpost sites is essential to the democratic process.

Certis Security Australia was chosen as the Australian Electoral Commission’s new security partner for the 2022 election, due to our success in providing security in previous state elections. Over the last two months, our guards have worked night shifts on weekdays and provided 24-hour coverage on weekends securing outpost centres, as well as safeguarding ballots at pre-polling centres.

With recent major sporting events and natural disaster relief efforts impacting the security workforce, Certis Security Australia worked closely with resource partners to secure adequate skilled staff numbers. “Our trusted network of resource partners are our unsung heroes, helping to ensure that we have the right skilled guards on site at all times,” said Daniel Music, NSW State Operations Manager of Protective Services and Project Leader. “The Australian Electoral Commission has high standards and we are proud to be able to provide qualified staff.”

Well done to all our guards for their consistent hard work and impressive results!