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Bad news for Scott Morrison - Grace Tame turns on Therapeutic Albanese

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Former Australian of the Year Grace Tame has slammed Anthony Albanese for choosing to appear on Alan Jones's digital TV show. 

The Labor leader tweeted on Monday afternoon that he had done a prerecorded interview with the controversial former Sky presenter. 

“Good to chat with Alan Jones today in his new Sydney studios,” he wrote, beside a photo of the pair shaking hands.

Jones left Sky News in November 2021 after a dispute over his contract, and has now launched his own digital television show, named after him, which went live four nights a week last Monday.

“It’s a privilege to be on your program so early. I congratulate you and I look forward to coming on in the future,” Mr Albanese said in the segment. 

However, Grace Tame wasn't impressed with the opposition leader's choice to appear on the show, and slammed him online. 

“Yeah nah, this is where you could’ve just frowned and walked off,” she wrote in reply to Mr Albanese’s tweet.

“Or better yet, not done it."

“There are plenty of other ways to broaden your messaging without enabling known agents of sexism and abuse."

“None of us are obliged to speak to bigots. The optics of this aren't good," she concluded. 

When Jones was contacted about Ms Tame’s comments, he issued the statement, “No problem at all, Grace Tame is entitled to her opinion”.

In the interview, Alan Jones grilled Albanese about Labor's climate policy, and questioned how he would achieve net zero by 2050. 

Mr Albanese said that his first goal was to fix transmission, and make sure that renewables could plug into the grid.