Too much at stake to take a chance on Albanese and Labor
This photo was published with the caption "Catching up with Julia Gillard for a coffee". Seriously

Bill Thompson with the ABC's cover-up for their own child-sex offender Jon Stephens

From the indefatigable Bill:

I went around to their ABC early this morning because Michael Rowland had tweeted that he was scheduled to interview ScoMo at 7:30, for News Brekkie & I hoped to ask ScoMo to raise the Jon Stephens cover-up with their ABC, in person!

It turned out that ScoMo was via video link from Perth BUT I did manage to raise the ABC Stephens news blackout with David Speers… We’ll see what, if anything, happens… 

I'm off to Ocean Grove for the weekend, with family, so no chance to cover the Sunday morning celebrations/commiserations...