More classic Albanese bullshit in his own words "I don't run away from press conferences"
Julian Burnside never disappoints!

Matt Kean leaks to sing song reporter PVO to hurt Morrison.

The Photios left-faction controls the NSW Liberal head office. 
The leftoids in the party are still upset that Morrison got the candidates he wanted in place of theirs for the election. 
So they’ve been running and leaking polling against their own candidates ….just to prove their point. 
No suggestion of helping out or trying to defeat Labor. 
Instead they waste campaign dollars doing their own polls and leaking them to hurt Morrison.
This is the third leak of this to Van Imbercile. Kean is the leader of the NSW Liberal Left. 
Inexperienced journalist Peter Van Idiot runs what they want - not considering he’s being played …but he’s OK with it but after all ..he too dislikes Morrison. 
Just another day at the office for the Lefty Libs and their media cheer boy.