Must have accessory for the Out 'n' Proud LGBFJB Community
Albanese says Rudd/Gillard was a 'good government' - backstabs Gillard anyway

Memo to Patricia Karvelas - your audience is NOT large


0.2% on Gold Coast 
2.3% in Sydney
3.8% in lefty Melbourne
3.4% in Brisbane
1.8% in Adelaide
2.8% in Perth
2% in Wollongong
1.4% NSW Central Coast
3% in Newcastle. 
1.2% Southern NSW
3.4% Northern NSW
The only place you actually rate is Canberra - now there's a shock. 
Patricia ... Your audience is important but not huge. 
Perhaps the Prime Minister avoided your show because you are an unpleasant person - or maybe he couldn't be stuffed 
Either way, get over yourself.