Barnaby Joyce gone - David Littleproud to lead Nationals.
Is it just me, or does defence warrant a bit more detail....

No bullshit from Barnaby.

One day Barnaby and I were swimming on the Sunshine Coast.

We saw a big bloke getting swept out to sea.  He was struggling and going under.  He was dying.

Barnaby didn't hesitate.  He swam a bit faster than me out to the bloke and I'll never forget what he said as he saved him, "Don't f*ckin' pull me under or I'll punch your lights out, just let me grab you".

That bloke owes his life to Barnaby Joyce.

We owe him too.


The Hon Barnaby Joyce MP

Federal Member for New England

Monday, 30 May 2022


I suppose you think I am sad. Not really.

I gave every ounce of my energy to make sure that I looked after the people of regional Australia, the people in the small family businesses, the people in the weatherboard and iron, the people on the farms, making sure that we drove the investments to take their standard of living ahead.

I want to congratulate David, Perin and Bridget. They have a mighty task ahead of them and I will give them all the support I can.

Now, I have a chance to get back to my second greatest love, after my family, and that is my beloved people of New England, where I will have more time to get around my electorate and to be a person of service to them.

Thank you for all your support, I look forward to continuing on my work on behalf of my nation and on behalf of my electorate.