AEC's 'Secure Telephone Voting' system - register online - Biden & The Dems could only dream........


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"It all started on this street" ah no, it all started on a cruise liner overseas. Allegedly.


So over his Housing Commission upbringing story that we have heard on the replay again and again and again. His mother should have saved the Fairsky cruise money for later.


As shown in a previous post, his birth date is 2/3/1963. For those who have studied numerology it would be seen that this poor bastard can't help being what he is.
A dreamer full of ideas and ideals, but no physical or practical ability to carry out the ideas. A person easily led by others with no real self direction. We have seen this demonstrated by his frustrations and reactions to public pressure.
This bloke is only a puppet.


If only the donor had worn a rubber!

Doubtful John

Jenny from the block...

New Chum

Its time he was weaned off the taxpayers teat.

Up The Workers!

Hard to believe, that out of the millions and millions of Carlo Albanese's wriggling sperm, "Luigi the Unbelievable" was once - but ONLY once - the quickest!

I kid you not!

One Born Every Minute

They all are. 90 year Paedophile Supression Order on a document listing 28 high profile Government people accused of the offence, is not highlighted.

Who signed it?

And the person that signed it who is that person affiliated with currently?

Birds of a feather.

vung tau ferry pogo

I spent my first 6 years of life in what was regarded as the slums of Sydney..SURRY HILLS . We lived week to week on my father's meager wage (cabinet maker) supplemented by the left overs from Crown Street Womens Hospital where my Auntie worked as a kitchen Hand and would bring home Vacola type jars with main meals and sweets (lots of custard).

I too ended up on a ship, a big grey one, HMAS Sydney aka vung tau ferry. At 75 I would say that I have indeed been blessed with a "fortunate life."

Dennis Thompson

He keeps failing to mention that his grandfather and grandmother were the tenants, Anthony and Mother lived there with them, age pensioners.

His hard luck story is shared by millions of Australians, after WW2 times were tough for most people and remained tough until the 1970s when gradually life here improved.


One of his Grandfather's owned a printing works in Mascot ( he never mentions that!) or the fact he went to a "private" school .. The "houso" flat just fits in as a bonus bit like his "Italian" heritage .. mum has a leg-over with a waiter on a cruise & AnAL decides he's Italian .. LOL!


Albo has had a much easier & advantaged life than many Australians. The Council House was located in inner-West Sydney with all public services including public education through to university, then a political ride through the Union-Labor gravy train into Parliament.

He says his mother was on a Disability Pension which would indicate that her pension would be higher as well as extra child allowances as a 'Single Parent'. He's lucky he was born in Australia & not Italy.

Both Albo & his wife were Labor MPs - Albo in Canberra & his wife Carmel Tebbutt in NSW State Labor Govt.

Carmel now retired & on a very generous taxpayer-funded pension for life, while Albo as a Federal MP is on a very generous salary plus various allowances, free travel, accommodation, & all expenses in Canberra. When Albo retires he will be on a very generous taxpayer-funded pension - that hardworking Australians can only dream about.

Old Geoff

Dennis we didn’t have to wait for the Fornicating Seventies.

Even in the 50s we had chooks, fruit trees and veggie patches in our back yards before commissars like the Victorian Vandal was voted in by the ignorant.

If some lady had a handbag stolen from a cat it was page 3 news in the papers.

You may have been less fortunate, but we never locked front or back doors.

On holidays, I rode a horse 2 miles to and from afternoon milking along a grassy road now littered with empty cans and bottles.

As a lad I bought 303 rifles from the gunsmith for 4 pounds, cleaned them up and sold them back for 4 pounds and 10 shillings.

Teenage teachers didn’t smirk as they lectured primary school children on sex.

The ABC broadcast news accurately and radio plays were not littered with the F word.

And so on.

Oh that we were back in the 50s.

Julie of Geelong

Brace yourself!!

We’re going to hear about his downtrodden childhood for the next three years😩😩😩😩


I READ Recently he is worth 10 mill ??

Julie of Geelong

Yes, that’s all true. BUT, Albo won’t let us forget about his downtrodden childhood. He’ll remind us every chance he gets over the next three years!!

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