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1st verified loss of Australian donated Bushmaster in Ukraine - destroyed by Russian forces

Classless Keneally blames Covid & Clive Palmer for losing safe Labor seat

Peter Fitzsimons interviewed Keneally this week:

He gave her several chances to explain the result.

She could have said Dai Le was too good and ran a strong grassroots local campaign.

She could have agreed, even a bit, that there are lessons to be learned from parachuting an outsider into a safe seat and taking constituents for granted.


No class, no insight and another electoral failure to add to her collection.

Here's an extract from the fireside Fitzsimons chat:

Fitz: Yes, but this time, it was so unexpected. You were parachuted into the seat of Fowler, only for the rip-cord to turn into a broken bit of string, and you were smashed. What went wrong?

KK: The most important factor was COVID and its impacts... Fowler had the harshest and longest lockdowns in the state, supported by both Liberal and Labor, and there was an understandable sense of anger at both major parties, with people reacting with “a pox on both your houses”. At the same time you had a strong independent candidate running, and a wealthy person in Clive Palmer bankrolling the UAP – and while the UAP didn’t win any seats the impact that Palmer had was to drive down major party primary votes and deprive the major parties of Senate seats and preferences in lower house seats.


Fitz: Can we agree, given the result, the idea was wrongheaded? And that the central problem was you really weren’t from Fowler. And in a strongly multicultural community, you went up against a very strong local opponent in Dai Le, who looked like what she was, a real member of that local community, while you looked like what you were, a wealthy white woman from distant parts parachuted in?

KK:As I said, I think the impact of the COVID lockdowns had far more to do with it, and was far more at play on the day. Those harsh lockdowns engendered an understandable sense of parochialism that the community had been left behind by both major political parties. And I genuinely believe that whether the Labor Party ran me or anyone else in Fowler, they would have encountered the same set of challenges.



Samoa signs bilateral cooperation agreement with China - backs China on Taiwan

The State Councilor and Foreign Minister for the People’s Republic of China H.E Mr. Wang Yi led a mission to Samoa as part of a program of bilateral visits to the Pacific region.  The State Councilor arrived at the Faleolo International Airport on Friday 27th May 2022, at 2145hrs via a Charter flight following a visit to Kiribati and before that the Solomon Islands.

The State Councilor was accompanied by Senior officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Commerce and the China International Development Cooperation Agency (CIDCA).

The Head of Delegation paid a courtesy call on the Head of State, Afioga  Tuimalealiifano Vaaletoa Sualauvi II at his residence  Vailele, on Saturday  morning 28th May followed by a bilateral Meeting with the Prime Minister Hon Fiame Naomi Mataafa at the STA Fale. The open environment and natural surroundings provided a fitting setting in view of the existing COVID situation and the precautionary measures encouraged for prevention.

The bilateral meeting aimed to strengthen the diplomatic relations between China and Samoa, which is marking its 47thyear this year alongside Samoa’s 60th independence anniversary. The meeting covered issues of mutual interest and concern including key regional priorities such as climate change, the pandemic and peace and security.  China is a key development partner for Samoa providing infrastructural developments in the health, education and public administration sectors, human resource development, sports development and technical cooperation in the agriculture sector. Key to the bilateral relations between China and Samoa is the adherence to the one China principle.   

The culmination of the bilateral discussions included the signing of the following:

  • the Economic & Technical Cooperation Agreement for projects to be determined and mutually agreed between the respective Countries.  
  • the Handover Certificate for the completed Arts & Culture Centre and the Samoa –China Friendship Park and
  • the Exchange of Letters for the Fingerprint laboratory for Police  complementary to the construction of the Police Academy

Samoa and the People’s Republic of China will continue to pursue greater collaboration that will deliver on joint interests and commitments, and address key priorities that are in line with Samoa’s Pathway for the Development of Samoa.   

His Excellency Wang Yi and his delegation departed Faleolo on Saturday afternoon for Fiji. 



Asian security company Certis worked with 'their partner' the AEC to secure Australian election

Screen Shot 2022-05-28 at 6.25.51 am

Global Certis is headquartered in Singapore, with an international presence that extends to Hong Kong, Macau, China and Qatar.

Screen Shot 2022-05-28 at 6.21.09 am

The last month has been an incredibly busy time for Australians as we prepared for the recent Federal Election. This was particularly true for Certis Security Australia, as we worked with our partner, the Australian Electoral Commission, to secure voting outpost centres across the country.

Once the election was called, Certis Security Australia had seven days to prepare operations for 73 sites. This soon grew to 250 sites, with hundreds of Certis Security Australia guards deployed across Australia. Until the end of June, our role is to ensure the security of ballot papers and outpost sites until all votes have been counted. The security of these outpost sites is essential to the democratic process.

Certis Security Australia was chosen as the Australian Electoral Commission’s new security partner for the 2022 election, due to our success in providing security in previous state elections. Over the last two months, our guards have worked night shifts on weekdays and provided 24-hour coverage on weekends securing outpost centres, as well as safeguarding ballots at pre-polling centres.

With recent major sporting events and natural disaster relief efforts impacting the security workforce, Certis Security Australia worked closely with resource partners to secure adequate skilled staff numbers. “Our trusted network of resource partners are our unsung heroes, helping to ensure that we have the right skilled guards on site at all times,” said Daniel Music, NSW State Operations Manager of Protective Services and Project Leader. “The Australian Electoral Commission has high standards and we are proud to be able to provide qualified staff.”

Well done to all our guards for their consistent hard work and impressive results!