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Federal election 2022: Anthony Albanese stumbles again with six-point NDIS plan


Anthony Albanese has found himself mired in another stumble — this time unable to list his six-point plan for the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

The NDIS has been a centrepiece of Labor’s election commitment with the party pledging to make the $30.8 billion system deliver better services to more than 500,000 people if it forms government after the May 21 poll.

However, during a press conference in Sydney on Thursday when journalists repeatedly tested the Opposition leader’s knowledge on his policies, he was unable to name the six points in his NDIS plan.

“The six points are what we will do in terms of what was outlined by Bill Shorten,” Mr Albanese said.

“What that is about is making sure that we take pressure off people who are, at the moment, having their programs cut. We will make sure that there is administrative efficiency.

“So much is being wasted by the claims that are going forward with legal battles for individuals. What we will do is put people at the centre of the NDIS.”

Mr Albanese then passed the floor to his climate change and energy shadow minister Chris Bowen to take a question while one of his staffers handed him a policy document with details of the NDIS policy.

When the Labor leader returned to the lectern, he proceeded to list off the six points to the disgust of the media at the press conference.

It comes after Mr Albanese had the worst day one in election campaign memory — when he was unable to name the country’s unemployment rate and Reserve Bank cash rate at the time.