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Jeff of FNQ

Poet Rupert McCall's tribute to "Roy" after he posted his first Test century.


Jeff of FNQ

Andrew Symonds was an old-fashioned larrikin and pot-stirrer to the very end.

At 8.45pm on Saturday night – just two hours before he was tragically killed in a car accident – the phone of Fox Sports boss, Steve Crawley pinged with a text message from Symonds, which summed up the man.

It was a screenshot of a news story about NFL star Tom Brady’s staggering $375 million new broadcasting deal with Fox Sports in the United States.

Symonds was off contract with Fox Cricket, and the interest of the commentator with the famous dry wit was piqued.

“Crawls, we need to talk. Roy,” texted Symonds’ alongside the image of Brady and his eye-popping pay packet.

Crawley responded with a laughing emoji.

Rusty of Queensland

Wonder if Roy had the "clot shots"? Will an autopsy be done?

Rest in Peace Roy.

Beam Me Up

Why, when lamenting the recent and untimely loss of Aussie cricket greats, does everyone overlook the one and only Rodney Marsh? He died almost the same week as Warne, yet his passing and his stellar career was immediately overshadowed by the loss of Warne.

If you're of an age, "Bowled Lillee, caught Marsh" was one of the best-known commentary phrases on the air or in print.


Good point. The media decides what's on people's minds.

Rodney Mrash Death - 10700 results google search
Andrew Symonds Death - 11700000 results google search

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