Pretty good summary Harriet Hageman!
Their ABC's lavish, huge production in self-congratulation

25YO female Trump staffer looking to make a name for herself crashes and burns



From reader ShortWellah who writes:

Yet another coordinated attack on TRUMP has blown up in faces of powerful interests trying to spike him. 
The DemoRATS, enemies within GOP and former aides and sections of haha Lamestream Media have instead pumped up tyres of TRUMP by the gross overreach. 
Outright LIES here under oath by disgruntled aide Cassidy Hutchinson...
.....within hours of her lies, those she verballed are furiously calling bullsh*t on her lies. Secret service agent and all.
Such a shame for former Chief of Staff of Melania Trump, Stephanie Grisham here....
Here she is playing 'Holier than thou'. Coordinated with Cassidy Snitchinson and her lies. 
But none of these powerful anti-TRUMP interest thought secret service agents were going to call bullshit on Snitchinson. 
So it completely derailed their whole miserable coordinated partison attempts to try and destroy TRUMP.
Instead haha TRUMP's tyres are pumped even more by their Keystone cops stupidity. 
This is getting excellenter by the hour.