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Sydney blockade protester bitches that the police lockup food is not to her liking

Just an fyi to the Surrey hills police station that dry cereal and fruit is not food and that a cheese sandwich is not vegan.
Get some real food pls, thanks.
Also like, a book would be nice.
Her rant in full
So last night I was refused bail and remanded in custody for taking action with Blockade Australia. Those who know me know that this is not my first arrest. But this one rattled me. Allow me to explain why and apologies for the long post.
Blockade Australia are a climate action group dedicated to disrupting the economic operation of the system of Australia, with the knowledge that it is built on destruction, exploitation and climate breakdown. Yesterday was the first day of a week of actions in Sydney CBD with the rallying cry to resist climate inaction. I joined 150 other people to march through the CBD, briefly pausing at intersections, to push the message of the climate crisis into the mainstream conversation and cause material disruption to the economic capital. I believe in the power of non-violent action. I believe that to move the needle of public attitude and push for justice we need direct action. So when I say we caused minor disruption to traffic it's not an indictment of more disruptive protests. It's just a fact. We held up cars for no more than 5 minutes at each intersection. Despite this, police pursued us from the beginning, grabbing some people and throwing others against walls.
I was arrested with four others after under 30 minutes of moving through the streets and shortly before we dispersed. This was fine for me. I knew I was risking arrest and was prepared for that eventuality. I chatted to a fellow protestor as we rode to the police station and fully expected to be there for a while. In NSW police can hold you for up to 6 hours of investigation time,' which doesn't include waiting in the car, eating, using the toilet, talking to your lawyer and a number of other things. I have been arrested before for taking similar action. I have spent the night in a cell. I've been charged, gone through court, been cuffed by police, pushed by police, thrown by police. I've dealt with the ignominy of peeing in an exposed corner with a camera trained on you and would say I was pretty prepared for this arrest. I was not however prepared to be refused bail.
Bail is basically a guarantee that you'll return to court at an allocated time. Unlike the US (which, sadly, is often our point of reference), it usually does not involve money but is instead a set of restrictions to prevent you re-offending before your court date. Bail can be refused if they think you're likely to not show up to court or if your offences are serious enough for you to be seen as a danger to the community. So why were peaceful climate protestors who made no attempt to hide who they were or what they were doing and who took full responsibility for their actions denied it? This baffles me.
Because I was denied bail I spent 29 hours in police custody. About half of that time was spent in what was essentially a see-through box which looked out on the custody desk and gave me enough room to lie flat with my head pressed against one wall and my feet against another. The other half was spent in a cell with constant cold air blowing and thin blankets. I'm not saying this to complain or scare people. I'm fine. I have no lasting damage. But I am angry. This is how people who stand up for our planet and all life are being treated in this country.
I'm one of the lucky ones. I got out today with strict bail conditions and a court date in 3 weeks. Others who have been arrested in similar circumstances have been detained for days or even weeks. Still others are facing years in prison. If you've seen these people on TV and if even part of you thought that maybe they deserved it remember, those people are me. Do I deserve it? Will I deserve it?
Given the state of the world, whether to act is no longer the choice we have to make. Our planet is dying, talk is essentially of a coming apocalypse. But what this misses is the recognition that for many, the apocalypse has already arrived. I'm talking about the people on the frontlines of the climate crisis. I'm talking about communities ravaged by war and entire societies destroyed by hate and greed. I'm talking about those who live in fear because of who they are and those who are held in detention for seeking safety. And, as I always will be, I'm talking about the billions of land animals and trillions of aquatic animals who are confined,tortured, exploited and murdered for human greed every. Single. Year. Those numbers are incomprehensible to us. We quite simply cannot begin to analytically process that level of suffering. But, if you're like me, we feel it through despair, heartbreak and, far too often, numbness. To act in some way is not a choice in the face of this injustice, it's an obligation.
Dealing with the police feels like playing a game with someone who changes the rules every time they start to lose. But that's the thing. They are losing. Every time we resist, every act of defiance against this unjust system is them losing. The fight for justice sometimes goes in leaps and bounds and we look back and call that history. Most of the time though it feels like slowly and painfully pushing a boulder up a hill and watching it slip back down every time you stop and breathe. Sometimes things feel hopeless but we never know when we're on the edge of a moment where things can change. We just gotta keep pushing.
Despite being shook up this isn't a post about hopelessness. Right now I'm going to take a rest, eat ice cream in bed and probably cry a lot. Then I'll be back out there. Because pushing for change is really all we can do and uniting for a better world is the biggest act of resistance we can take. Break the system, don't let it break you. See you on the streets 😘
P.S. Of the whole experience the one and only thing that made me cry silently into my blanket was 7 hours in when I had the crushing thought that no one would be waiting for me on the outside. I could do with some company this week if anyone is around. Hit me up.
P.P.S just an fyi to the Surrey hills police station that dry cereal and fruit is not food and that a cheese sandwich is not vegan. Get some real food pls, thanks. Also like, a book would be nice.

25YO female Trump staffer looking to make a name for herself crashes and burns



From reader ShortWellah who writes:

Yet another coordinated attack on TRUMP has blown up in faces of powerful interests trying to spike him. 
The DemoRATS, enemies within GOP and former aides and sections of haha Lamestream Media have instead pumped up tyres of TRUMP by the gross overreach. 
Outright LIES here under oath by disgruntled aide Cassidy Hutchinson...
.....within hours of her lies, those she verballed are furiously calling bullsh*t on her lies. Secret service agent and all.
Such a shame for former Chief of Staff of Melania Trump, Stephanie Grisham here....
Here she is playing 'Holier than thou'. Coordinated with Cassidy Snitchinson and her lies. 
But none of these powerful anti-TRUMP interest thought secret service agents were going to call bullshit on Snitchinson. 
So it completely derailed their whole miserable coordinated partison attempts to try and destroy TRUMP.
Instead haha TRUMP's tyres are pumped even more by their Keystone cops stupidity. 
This is getting excellenter by the hour.

UK bank tells its customers staff pronouns are more important than customer accounts

Two days ago the UK's Halifax Bank published a photo of Gemma's name tag and pronouns.

I thought that was a bit weird.  

I wouldn't have needed help.

I don't know any he/him/his blokes called Gemma.

Gemma's a girl's name.

Screen Shot 2022-06-30 at 6.43.41 am
Screen Shot 2022-06-30 at 6.43.41 am

Lots of Halifax Bank customers also thought it was weird.

They took to social media to stick it up Halifax Bank for its virtue-signalling wankery.

So Halifax went the full Chris Bowen.

Screen Shot 2022-06-30 at 6.43.41 am

See you later Halifax!