Therapeutic Albanese's not gonna engage in Australian politics from O/S. Won't be doing much PM-ing then.
Congratulations Chris Smith for standing up to Hadley. “I’m not getting into the mud with pigs”


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Mick S

Trust the science they said.

Science does tests on animals ( guinea pigs, rats, mice and rabbits ) to see how they can make them crazy and climb the walls. Increased doses of chemicals or magnetic electrotherapy. Poor animals that start to hump each other or think they change sex. They even go mad and cannibalise each other. That will be next.

That picture screams 'science'. So . how are these and other freaks being poisoned?
I never met one when I was growing up. Now there are hoards of the walking dead zombies.
Is it in the water, is it sprayed in the air. Is something else?
Whatever, it sure isn't natural.


Michael, these photos should come with a warning. I cannot unsee that sadly. If I have nightmares tonight it is on you, okay? One another note, I hope you are doing well.

Iain Russell

Xi and Putin have tears of joy rolling down their cheeks - 'we've won!'


Not something you want to run into on a dark night.

Bad Boy Bubby

We’ve got the sailor and someone auditioning for the Indian, now all we need is a construction worker, a police officer a cowboy and a bikie and we’ll have the Village People all over again.

Political speedbump

I wish to thank the weak and woke industries and various attached minorities for totaly screwing the entire structure of society in you continued war against democracy and the idea of majority rules .
Your incessant rants and constant nibbling at societal norms ,completely enabled by a conga line off of suckhole politicions and inserted puppets within the Public service over decades have enabled your pissant crybaby approach to lifes challanges to appear to be dealt with more percieved importance than the vast majority. Who ,except within your own sad little world gives a f*ck about your weakwilled approach to anything remotely requiring a little intestonal fortitude .

I dont care how you choose to life your life , just live it and stop forcing your ideology down everyones throat like a friggin religon ,stop destroying the rest of society with your overbloated sense of "poor me" entitled bullshit .

Equality used to be fair and reasonable idea intended to better society progession , but it has been totaly hijacked by sad nutters ,the weak the corrupted and the connected for their own personal gains .People have been lifted to positions they dont deserve on merit , quotas have forced idiots and morons and gender benders to achieve high level jobs and public postions where they otherwise never had got past level one except for their whining and crying about their minority status. "Inclusion " is now just a profitable industry alongside Charities the Indiginous and climate change .

God give me strength .

Francis de Groot's Love Child

That can't be real....can it?

Up The Workers!

No wonder both Russia and Chi-Com China feel so emboldened.


Pete D.

Draino said it all. Summed up nicely.


I think I’m actually warming to the Dems … totally sticking it up the khybers of a public they know is too gutless to do anything about them

Julie of Geelong

America is stuffed!!


Enough to make you vomit. Call in the Flick Man.


This is absolutely SICK. I wonder can the USA ever recover from the Biden Presidency? And they supposedly voted out a real businessman who had USA progressing really well and replaced him with this sick joke group.


The loonies really are running the asylum!

robert griffiths

At least they can't breed.


Please remind me, who are they, and what position do they hold in armed forces?


Australia’s then Chief of Army David Morrison was strutting around in his high heels back in 2016. Were we a test case? If Australians accepted that as normal, anything goes!


Thew bald bloke... from that pic., it doesn't look like he shaves his legs.

Hairy legs and armpits, for a bloke dressing like a sheila, not a good look, Sam.

Am I the only one who thinks that, among our self-appointed 'elites', we're getting awfully close to a reprise of the Biblical tale of Sodom and Gomorrah?

Royal Rea

Hideous dress ups. Reminds me of Some Girls like it hot, but with out the talent or comedy.


I wish that Messed up Moron on the right would shave it’s legs.


Dressing like women without doing the hard yards. Speaking of which where do they put the tampon?

Michelle Two

One wakes up and wonders what planet we are really on, it looks like a movie set from the Austin Powers set .. what an illusion the other planet is...
Is Biden on his way out..his brain left a long time ago.. optics and perception of the illusion is everywhere such great strategists in this current war it is very psychological in nature with so much propaganda. Truth is going to set us all free from their ideological and light xx


The Liberal Party approves this message


We are almost there - fortold thousands of years ago, including the seemingly impossible to believe text(until now)

" one will be able to buy or sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name" (666).


As the Mayor of Hiroshima said, “Haww what da fuck was dat!”


Biden has been responsible for these appointments.
Spot the difference between how the Saudi Arabians greeted Biden and how they greeted Trump. This will get rid of that bad taste left in your mouth from seeing the above pic.


Too funny!! We have stopped the music already though!

Michelle Two

In the glass ceiling and light xx



It was at the U.S.French Embassy Bastille Day celebrations. Gateway Pundit has further gross photos.

Bob Hay

OK Xi Ping , Putin and all you godamn Ayatollahs bring it on, the U.S is ready for you.


divide and conquer.


Oh M2, I don't know what to say !

seeker of truth

The first word that entered my mind when I saw this image was "SICK". It truly is if society is being forced to accept this as normal. Everything in me says it is not normal.

What do these transgender women see when they look in a mirror. I see someone who definitely looks like a man dressed up as a woman. It is obvious they don't see it that way. It is like the very anorexic woman who looks at the mirror and sees herself as a natural well proportioned woman who maybe needs to lose a little more weight. We know that the poor anorexic woman has a definite mental illness but as for the transgender woman (who looks like a man), they are not considered mentally ill.

The biological sex of those two in the image hits you in the face, no matter what clothes they wear. The younger one in the blue dress is bald because of his biological sex of being male, as is Dr Rachel Levine's receding hairline an indicator of the birth sex.

The New York Post had an article last week about a young man who transitioned to a woman in his late teens/early twenties. He went down the oestrogen hormone path but did not go as far as gender reassignment surgery. He had therapists and doctors telling him that transitioning was the right thing to do and would take away his mental pain that had caused him to use hard drugs. He became a celebrity at college because of his brave stance in transitioning and was accepted by his fellow students. He looked like an attractive female but his life was still spiralling out of control because of he was still using hard drugs, even harder ones. Changing gender had not solved the reason he went on hard drugs. He went into rehab clinics and finally had a therapist who found the nut of the problem. He was a closeted gay as a teenage and was afraid to come out to his father. He had gay encounters. This teenage boy was homophobic about gays even though he was one himself but thought that when you were a transgender woman you were not gay. He thought the self hate would go away so he saw therapists and doctors and transitioned, These specialists never dug deep enough as to the crux of his problem. He trusted them. Anyway, come his early thirties and finding a more professional therapist who was not a transgender activist, this young person has transitioned back to being a man. He if off drugs and holds down a good well paying job and is mentally in a good place. The problem is his health has been compromised by the female hormone treatments; he has bladder and urinary problems as well as bone density issues. He has got to this because as a youth, he wouldn't accept his gayness. I wonder how many other young people (and maybe some older ones) started out on this transgender path for the same reason. The fallback explanation for those seeking to transition is "I felt like a woman, I had these female emotions". It doesn't pass my pub test.

seeker of truth

Biden looked like a feeble old man in that clip.


The gene-jabs are a very real possibility to explain the increase in freakery. They cause billions of micro-slots to rot the body's organs...especially the brain and heart.

A clogged / partially clogged brain leads directly to dementia. From "Dementia Australia"....."Vascular dementia is the broad term for dementia associated with problems of circulation of blood to the brain....Vascular dementia is the second most common cause of dementia after Alzheimer's disease world-wide".

Those who have been GENUINELY gene-jabbed are showing up as seen in the photo at the top.

BTW: A sure sign of madness is that these nutters claim not to be aware they are crazies!


Are those 2 playing the Rub and Tug game?

Trans Swimmer Lia Thomas Nominated by Woke UPenn for NCAA ‘Woman of the Year’ Award


Bizarre Twist And More Suspicion Over 10 Year Old Ohio Rape Victim Story As Mother Defends Rapist


Remember when you had to wait until the circus hit town so you could go and see the freaks at the sideshow?

Now I'm wondering if seeing the freakshow 24/7 and not having to pay is an upside!


Don't think that this is what Helen Reddy had in mind when she sang her famous feminist anthem "I AM WOMAN"!!!


But did the average Australian see those photos back in 2016, and what could we do about it? I would be happy to hear suggestions as I do feel this has gone way too far already.
Is there an MP way could support to get these things dealt with?


Brinton’s personal posts have also revealed the gravity of his appointment, sharing on Twitter on June 29th:

“I lead a staff of hundreds and a budget of millions (with a Nuclear Waste Fund I’m responsible for at over $45 billion) as the leader of the office overseeing the management of the nation’s spent nuclear fuel.”

The revelations follow The National Pulse exposé of appointee Samuel Brinton’s past as a drag queen, LGBTQ+ activist who has “lectured” on kink at college campuses and participated in interviews about fetish roleplay.


Well they did stop farmers from selling their goods in WA unless they were vaccinated, I haven’t heard whether that order has been rescinded or not.
I have felt like we have been quick marched into Sodom and Gomorrah for a number of years now.


Bill Clinton has been missing since October 2020. Unlike him to not covert the spotlight. Maybe Biden will join him.


Reply of The Year, so far.

Jack Morris

Scott, is that you?


It's truly a stomach-churning photo. How on earth does Biden justify a decision to promote such a demented and deranged individual to the senior position they have? Even an ideologue like Biden must have had second thoughts ... but then, does Bidet think at all these days? He seems to spend much time reading from teleprompters, and even then getting it wrong.

The Democrats have no problem with sickos like in the photo, so they will certainly have no problem with the elder-abuse of Joe Biden.

Michelle Two

We pay, pay and pay again look at all those wasted taxes on the agenda that brings us the forever political circus in every industry and company to boot, we pay over and over for this with the hidden taxes they slip into their pockets via grants to support they/them/it...

Interesting I was just listening to the X22 report from the other day and he had another perspective about the pronouns they are trying to push down our necks and it being associated with legalities, like chameleons when it suits they can't name it as a him or her so to make legal loopholes over who they are actually speaking about this would come in handy when the pages of history are turned back, and the he that was a she then turns back into a he then on paper with these confusing pronouns they will not be able to pinpoint the clowns responsible so their might be a method to their madness to do with confusing terms completely..
A part of mind control and psychological warfare non the and light xx


Haww who da fuck is Scott?


surely it is the the Democrats taking the p!ss out of important government positions by employing these weirdos ....there could be no other explanation because the action of these things of there capability provide proof they are not up to these positions


sadly in my now 80s my eyes have seen many things some good, some very good and some bad and others have once seen sadly cannot be unseen.
What I saw today is up there with the worst of it and even worse is we have it happening here in AU and we the people are paying for it.
Time the big broom went through the armed forces and its leaders, with any attached civil servants and polies that condone this swept aside and out into the garbage bin of history,
what a bloody joke would never have been allowed back when I wore a Uniform,, soo sorry darling my nails are not dry, oh dear I don't touch naughty guns and sorry don't wear issued boots prefer high heals darlings, OH how can I get facial leg wax and hair done out in the bush, oops no we prefer office jobs and handbags must not be military colours .
FOR christ's sake wake up Australia before it is too bloody late and clean up the military full stop what to be that way then P O Q to Kings cross and play out your fantasy


Only the plus side neither of them dressed in black face and pretended to be non-white.




One prays for their health and bee. Triple boostered


Well according to many...ahem..."scientists" and "medical"....cough.... "professionals"....they can!!!


I thought we might be getting to the bottom of that slippery slope but it appears that 'bottom' has been moved.......a LONG way


I reckon it is payback from the Obamas - for every perceived slight in their lifetimes.
Gay & Trans - trying to make it normal & shoving it up our noses.

We’ll take this guy -


Face atop the other!!!


As a career Navy man who happens to be a butch homosexual( gay used to be a nicer word in the old days) and who's service incudes Vietnam and many other places- i find it such an insult to our/my particular sexuality that now includes deviates like David Morrison and this USA public service "thing"... To all you contributors to this blog who think they know everything.....go and talk to a veteran esp a long serving may learn a few things about life.


The new recruiting ad reflecting “Mrs Doubtfire” as the poster girl/boy. No wonder new recruit application numbers are down.


I’ve got a Veteran husband - 23 years in the USN - he knows a lot about Electronic Warfare, Radars, Engineering etc - but I’ve taught him a lot about life in general - I’m a bit older.
I say blame the Activist types for all the garbage right now. Back in the early 90s I worked with a lot of Gay people & the Activists have always been out there, but for the most part the people I knew just wanted to live their lives in peace & not attract any attention.


The Biden Admin, Congress & the Senate did not have to have the Jab.


There are serious questions about the death of Ivana Trump. Dead from blunt force trauma to the torso

Maybe Trump had her killed so she wouldn't expose his sexual predator ways



Transgender Admiral Rachel Levine of Heath and Human Services together with "pup play" fetishist Sam Brinton of the Department of Energy served as America's representatives at the French Ambassador's residence on Bastille Day.

LINK TO article and more photos
*** WARNING 3rd photo ***


What exactly do you think we should do Xword?
I wouldn’t be gloating though, we’ve been in this situation 18 months - your woke ‘Leaders’ are just getting started.
Hopefully they aren’t as evil as our Puppeteers are -



ME-GAIN SNARKLE wanted VANITY FAIR in 2017 to paint her falsely as 'strong independent woman' who was 'saviour of the world'

- but haha instead Vanity Fair correctly conveyed her as PISS-WEAK, smellingly dependant GOLD DIGGER on HARRY's Royal titles and Royal Pursar inheritance.

Yet another FAKE who 'doesn't need a man' after the ole coattails riding thingo.
Stupid dog.

Tony H

What. Stupid comment! But sadly expected from demented loser lefties!
Can’t argue any issue no matter the topic just attack the person! Not only that your comment has no relevance to the topic of discussion!

Tony H

No further comment is required that hideous picture says it all.

Michelle Two

We have been on planet weird for a while now and others think I am the odd one and call me names, yet they believe the above hurting others in the natural state of being, it is in the lower consciousness you will find the alien life form or human alien as the light councils are highly intelligent and evolved souls of higher consciousness.
Just to remind you that you are the sane one grounded in reality and those in the shadows are coming into the light to expose what has always been there in humanity...
You are loved and never alone, it will be good when this energy passes through soul it has been a challenging time over the last few months we aren't home free yet, until we shift this energy and come into alignment and light xx

Modelling is not very glamorous as that is a part of the illusion it is more like how to degrade and make others look stupid, wonder if they have a special section for weirdest creation..models are no longer beautiful they look so uncomfortable as they get degraded just looking at many images from fashion weeks around the globe, this industry need a big shake up.

Michelle Two

Everything about the darkforce is fake we are just the Gloabalist Elites human guinea pigs..
Feeding the Navy fake meat, how long before the Armed forces turn against their slave masters of the and light xx

Political speedbump



Banjerism proves yet again that it is incapable of intelligent, considered, mature and thoughtful debate. It’s such a waste of space.

Robert Wells

Closer to home readers should have a look at the new Regimental Sergeant Major of the Australian "army" RSM --A. A female who somehow or other managed to beat around twenty or so male candidates to the job. Not a very likely outcome on a mathematical basis but not unexpected on a discrimatory basis. And she has a "partner" (gender unspecified) with whom she goes swimming in the ocean.

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