ABC salutes the ABC 90th celebration tanks in the ratings
From the mouths of babes......


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Thank you for posting this Michael. It should make everyone stop and think. What I have noticed over the past few years is that everyone is struggling in their own way no matter how many people they have around them and everyone has a story and not too many people will listen. The world is a lonely place for everyone. So thank you and everyone please take care. xo


This is very good ….thanks for posting it Michael.

seeker of truth

A mobile phone is not just for texting. Ring the people you care about. The sound of a familiar human voice does wonders.


Problem is, mental health is STILL a stigma!

I cannot talk for the women but I suspect very few males still don't talk about it!


sot, so true but most people simply will not call because they do not have the time to their way of thinking so a text will suffice. Personally I prefer speaking with someone but I am always too hesitant to call because I feel like I am wasting someone's time, so therefore I text !


Isolation in its by separation and rejection (bullying/belittling etc) forms can be so devastating. I remember a few census' ago I called upon a house to drop off the papers and a very old man came to the door. He stepped out to stand beside me as I explained what the papers were for and what needed to be done etc he reached out and gently stroked my left forearm as I referenced my clipboard. When I finished talking he thanked me and it was obvious he was a first generation immigrant and he took the papers and went inside.

I related the incident to my wife and she suggested he was just experiencing the touch of human skin. It turned out he was a 90+ Italian gentelman with no family in Australia. I had a look whenever I passed his place in case he was in the front yard with the intent to stop and talk to him also intended to buy him a Christmas hamper but in November the For Sale then Sold signs went up.

Michelle Two

Good morning xx The internet can be a great distraction for your soul to escape from the outside world, but it is only a tool and you are in control of the content that you feed your brain with, it is an ego filled world a virtual reality..

It is and never will replace soul to soul/human to human contact or energy exchange, though you can connect to the multidimensional universe through the tool of the internet and meet your soul tribe from anywhere in the world..

Two polarities to everything and you control the content that you are drawn to, as you can imagine my internet world is full of love, positivity, creativity, music content as that is where my soul vibrates the ego world not so much that is very much entertainment for soul as it can bring out your good side or your worse side the true soul though you will always keep hidden from the world unless of course you are a light worker then everything will be out for others to take the keys to the spiritual doorway that is the energy you pick up the light you can see when you read my messages from the angels and I touch your soul in places other souls can't reach.. but you will only be drawn to it if your soul is ready to accept the energy and receive the unseen but felt by your heart factor because it is healing energy at the soul level you will feel..

Lots of good content on the net if you don't let your ego be to distracted but then again you are drawn to what you vibrate and are experiencing as well.. what touches your heart will always draw you in.. your passion you will follow or your shadow side you will amuse with content that touches that part of you at different times depending on what soul energy you are shifting through, your music choices at any particular time will tell the mood you are in and need to express..

The key to vibrating higher is to not take yourself or others too seriously and to just flow with what comes to you and through you, but always expressing yourself and letting your inner wisdom out..

Jordan Petersen has this great tip as well as fighting our "Dragon and learning to control it before it controls us with anger and ego", fears and facing our own problems and self worth because that is what your soul is comparing your journey to others that aren't telling the true story on the internet as we all have those self doubts, times when we need to tune out from the world this is when we go internal and shift into the light or further down the rabbit hole it is always guided by the planets and bringing your soul into balance with the dark and the light and finding yourself, in this energy shift many souls are doing this it doesn't matter what age..

The darkforce will try and draw the teens into the dark net, the virtual program where human to human contact is limited, a soul needs both the electromagnetics in the net also changes your soul frequency, so a lot of grounding of your energy is needed so let children go outdoors and get dirty and play..

Slay your dragons and take risks as their are new talents you have not yet discovered and it is never to late to learn a new skill.
Discover your purpose and slay the dragons that stand in your way. Watch the new 4-part series on men, masculinity, and the pursuit of greatness. Available now on DailyWire+:

Today's message is "You are good enough" if your self worth is having a bit of a battering stop by not comparing yourself to others and start by listening to that inner voice of ego and focus on what needs healing as it will be lessons from the past that you came here to solve and resolve and to set your soul free from that fear of being rejected for being yourself..
No matter what you have done, where you have been or anything in the past will stop the love from flowing to your heart when you take that wall down it will be the true soul that you discover and the part that makes you whole was there all the time.. I am in you, you are in me and self awareness is where you will find your power through reflection of all the experiences you have created in life to bring in the healing on this life journey, everything was always meant to be that way and you created it all from the soul place that is multidimensional and now is the time to set soul free from the past by focusing on what you now wish to create in the next chapter of life and your own unique life story.. never stop believing, never stop trusting in the soul process and how magnificent you are to come on this soul mission as you are never alone and are being guided by unseen forces to walk through the shadows to discover the light at the end of the tunnel and it will be you and the undiscovered talents that follow, as your purpose was build for you and light xx

Happy tune today.. keep on dancing through the energy it may be a bit heavy at the moment.. Your purpose on earth is to love and staying in that energy of inner peace and healing.. anchor it and illuminate the path way forward, no going always xx

Michelle Two

You are also in control of your own content and what you put out there for the world..
The era of selfie is an illusion the go boasts, the genuine souls laugh at themselves and will share both good and bad times equally..
The filtered look is always on show with the female trying to mimic the supermodel.. when you meet souls in person they will probably surprise you that the virtual image isn't all you will get as you form your own perception first..that illusion can get and light xx


"Neices"? Remember the rule - "i" before "e", except after "c".

Rusty of Queensland

Many years ago we used to have a school yard anti-bullying chant"sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me". Reckon it needs an reintroduction to fortify the snowflake brigade.


You would be surprised at the number of lone elderly who pass away in their home and not discovered for months.....loneliness can be a sentence........and for some a death sentence!

Worth a listen....Eric Bogle - A reason for it all


Thank you for the link, well worth the listen and back story. Really bad to think that Clare had children living in Sydney. The numbers are frightening and in this day of automatic payments to utilities life can appear to be normal at an address if a light or radio happened to be on at the time of passing. Thanks again. Stay safe.


Before I seize the day and weigh into this discussion I have set my font colour to beige so as not to appear threatening. It is weird how some rules can be neither totally wrong nor totally right all the time. So much for the science of communication. LOL. Cheers


Robin Williams (actor,comedian) said

"There is one thing worse than being alone and that is being with people who make you feel alone"

I went shopping and tried an experiment, just saying 'hello, how are you' to strangers as I passed, those normally dour faces broke into a smile as they returned the greeting, like they were just happy to know someone else knew they were there. It made me feel good as well.

Those who try to isolate us must be resisted and held to account

Love your loved ones with all you got, we aren't here forever


One evening, an elderly Cherokee brave told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people.

“My dear one, the battle between two ‘wolves’ is inside us all. One is evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority and ego.

The other is good. It is: joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith.”

The grandson thought about it for a moment and then asked his grandfather: “Which wolf wins?”

The old Cherokee replied, “The one you feed.”


Indeed, just acknowledging people is the start of respect ie I see you I know you exist, and the reactions are so rewarding. As far as the work situation goes I've always done it and the results have always been positive as evidenced at my last job in particular. Having an early start meant I arrived at the store while the cleaners were still there working away. Case of heads down got to get it done for store opening. Walking past I always said good morning. Within a day or so when I walked past their heads were up as we mutually greeted each other and had eye contact - so much more fulfilling.

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