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Full IBAC & Ombudsman reports into entrenched, endemic corruption of Andrews Labor Government

Labor to reopen parliament with ridiculous Climate Change Bill

Here's the ALP Spin on what they're about to do to you. Sent to their friends in the press gallery. 

God help Australia. 


Climate Change Bill

After a decade of denial and delay on climate change, and chaos on renewables and energy, Labor’s climate change bill will give the certainty so desperately needed for business, industry, energy investors and the wider community.

The Government’s Climate Change Bill, with a 2030 target of 43% will put Australia on track for net zero by 2050.

This kind of certainty is important to ensuring Australia reaps the economic benefits of the energy transformation underway.

Powering Australia will bring on 82% renewables by 2030, and while legislation is not essential to deliver most of the Powering Australia agenda, the Albanese Government regards enshrining our Nationally Determined Contribution in law as best practice.