Statement on Covid vaccine from former AMA deputy Dr David Adler
ABC indigenous affairs editor explains transfer of power, control & money behind Albanese's Indigenous Voice


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The "hate" is a reaction to having something forced on you, not against some randoms sexual preferences. I'm like Kramer, I don't want to wear the damn ribbon.


Exactly....judged by what you DO not what or who you are!

Hackneyed as it may sound there is no 'I' in TEAM


I liked life better, when we didn’t know every little thing about everybody. There was a time, believe it or not, when sexual,political,religious, colour, health, was not discussed at the drop of a hat.


Thank you Heston your dam right Brother it matters not what one's sexual preferences are when there's incoming rounds.

The only thing that matters is the person beside you has your six.

I served alongside Australians no matter their colour religion race or sexual preferences we all fought under the same flag as Proud Australians.
Lest We Forget


Brilliantly said mate!


Why do the Pride, Gay & Lesbian and Trans groups expect such special attention, when there are far more needy and worthy causes, in dire need, requiring consideration?
Their navel-gazing is imperious and arrogant, with an already established attitude of 'right to rule' and justification, with Mardi Gras celebrations, sporting bodies not only being encouraged to reluctantly bend the knee, but now required to join in the promotion of Gay Pride. In turn, we now have a Pride exhibition foisted on Melbourne's Shrine of Remembrance (with initially gay coloured lights reflected in its portals). Thankfully this blatant lack of respect for this great shrine has already been cancelled.
The anti-Christian hypocrisy of certain left-wing commentators, once again, is beautifully highlighted by statements criticising the action of the Manly 7, whilst praising the courage of the young female Muslim AFL player, whose religious beliefs prevented her from playing the Gay Pride round - how's that for double standards?


Too right.

Francis de Groot's Love Child

"We have seen something of what members of the LGBTIQ+ community experience every day. It is hateful."
Immigration reverts to the victim narrative. I was one of those that made my feelings known. Although I made my opinion abundantly clear I was in no way disrespectful or abusive, and I certainly do not support those who were.
The silent majority are finding their voices.


Wow! How good is this bloke.

seeker of truth

Thank you, Heston. You know the importance of the Shrine of Remembrance to those who have served and to their families and others. It is a pity that the Trustees of the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance didn't and were influenced by a LGBTIQ+ push for exposure on the Shrine's colonnades (SoT more exposure).

These are the Trustees involved. It is top heavy with women -

This is the Shrine's executive team -

Who was the bright spark who thought it was a good idea? That person should not keep their job for the controversy they have caused and they have taken the gloss off the worthy exhibition "Defending with Pride". As I mentioned the other day, the Shrine is not the Sydney Opera House whose sails are used for advertising and light shows.

Neil Sharkey is exhibitions curator at the Shrine of Remembrance.


So true Nancy, no one needs to know all that stuff about anyone else. The controllers of this world know how to use every little difference between us as Humans, to distract, demonize and divide, as their weapons for control against us all.

One Born Every Minute

Sums it up in a nutshell.

Ron O'Lakes

That Seinfeld episode was profound.
I don't want to wear the ribbon either....


The bright sparks - I’m going to go with the Sillyvillians on the Staff there. - Neil Sharkey & there are a couple on the Board of Trustees - Tracey Curro & Taliah Williams who would be WOKE.
At any rate - the Exhibition is going forward, but the Rainbow lights are not going to be lit.
I would be very curious about Neil Sharkey - he is big into Art - he did an interview with Dean Bowen.

Francis de Groot's Love Child

Dunno how 'immigration' got in there!
Anyway, I'm sure you know what I meant.

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