Queensland's Coffee with a Cop program - meet outside Donut King!!!!!!!!!!
Tucker Carlson's new name for disease formerly known as ~ist Monkey Pox - SCHLONG COVID


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After lengthy research, I came to the same conclusion, but with a slightly different result....greedy bastards and idiot politicians.

Up The Workers!

Whilst arguably correct in an ancestral sense, that's certainly no polite way to refer to our Italian Prime Minister.

There IS another way, but decency prevents me from airing it here.

Most people thought that the 2020 U.S. Presidenttial Election was the absolute lowest level that blatantly dishonest, cheated elections could ever sink to...but who needs Chinese Cheating Machines when you have Unionised the whole of the Australian Electoral Office and can become the illegitimate Italian Prime Minister in Australia despite the provisions of Section 44 of the Commonwealth Constitution Act 1901 AND 70% of the electorate voting AGAINST you?

I would have thought that in a democratic, numerate society, a vote of 70% of the electorate would have outweighed the vote of the other 30%, but maybe Federal President of the A.L.P. (not currently in prison) Wayne Swan is running the A.E.C. these days?


In short bastards.

seeker of truth

O/T LGBTIQ+ lighting display on Melbourne's Shrine of Remembrance will not go ahead tonight after staff threatened and abused,


Now the staff might know how Israel Folua felt with the abuse he suffered from the gay activists.

The Trustees won't admit they made a mistake with this Gay light display. The LGBTIQ+ community will still have its exhibition on gays in the armed forces inside the Shrine.


This piece of light display advertising for the gay community on the colonnades of the Shrine was wrong because of the sacredness of the site. It is not the Sydney Opera House. People have contacted staff to voice their complaints not because they hate the LGBTIQ+ community but because they wanted the sacredness of this site to be respected. The Shrine of Remembrance is not to be used as a political billboard for whatever cause even if it is a good cause.


They all come under the umbrella of the We-End-Freedom, I think it's called.

keith martyn

Richard Craniums !


Occam's Razor at work



Ukraine, mate.


It's a good thing you don't have to provide actual proof to support your rantings here. Things wouldn't work out well if you had to do so.

Dennis Thompson

One example is Diesel fuel, I listened to informed source commentary this past week claiming that as Petrol prices come down Diesel is being exploited by the retailers.


Abuse and threaten the staff...

Those people who did that must be sure proud of themselves.



I doubt it occurred at all. To the left you only have to have a different opinion and they would call it abuse.


My theory is that the wef billionaires of the world want to take the rising middle class back a few pegs. Back to virtually slave status.
Every so called crisis have been engineered. What global warming ffs? There is not one shred of credible evidence to support this ridiculous theory. Every doomsday prediction has been totally wrong.
They openly admit that they have infiltrated every western parliament and they clearly have the msm in their pockets too. How else could you explain the religious fervour for climate bs?


Maybe this is difficult for you to understand, but although the ALP received only 30%ish of the vote, it was still more than any of the other parties.


rather like those that abused and threatened Israel Folau to the extent they look away his ability to work

all you lot are hypocrites


I didn't abuse or threaten him though.

Bob Hay

Wonder when we'll get Straight Pride demands,months, parades etc


O/T 0 . I saw a 2nd Hitler today - at the Canberra PressClub.ABC24.

Adam Brandt.

Did anyone else hear him?

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