ABC indigenous affairs editor explains transfer of power, control & money behind Albanese's Indigenous Voice
Day 21 in hospital - specialist talking about another few weeks


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Trust me, I'm a politician.
Fancy the dill getting his head painted? Is he a child at the local fete?
What did Ronald Reagan say were the nine most feared words in the world?
"I'm from the gummint and I'm here to help."


If they won't give details before the NO. Pretty easy decision really!

Wayne Shaft

The New Gough Whitlam…..🫵 Seen This Movie 🎥 Before .

One Born Every Minute

So what is going to be buried and hidden from us whilst this BS runs its course?

Dennis Thompson

Blank cheque, please sign, and leave filling in the details to Union Labor.

Not on the Left

It would be like turkeys voting for Christmas.
Albo: "trust me!"
Emphatically not!


Proof that Labor and Therapeutic Albo is a serial congenital LIAR

People should be up in arms over this



Rainbow lights at Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance cancelled due to abuse

elbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance has scrapped plans to light up the site in rainbow colours after staff were threatened and abused.

The landmark was set to be illuminated in rainbow light on Sunday ahead of an exhibition celebrating LGBTQ personnel in the armed forces.

The exhibition and a Last Post service will still go ahead, however, Shrine of Remembrance chief executive Dean Lee said the lighting had been cancelled.

“Over several days, our staff have received — and been subject to — sustained abuse and, in some cases, threats,” he said.

“We have seen something of what members of the LGBTIQ+ community experience every day. It is hateful.”

3AW host Neil Mitchell spoke out against the plan earlier in the week, calling it divisive” and was a misuse of the sacred Shrine building.

“No disrespect to the gay community but the rainbow flag can be divisive,” Mitchell said.

“It’s not the role of the Shrine to be leading that debate, the Shrine should be above politics and political debate.”

Yvonne Sillett from the Discharged LGBTQIA+ Veterans Association, who was discharged in 1988 after what she says was a witch hunt because of her sexuality, said she was disappointed by the decision to cancel the rainbow lighting.

“I was angry for many, many years so the rainbow lighting tomorrow night was going to be, finally the world can see, or Melbourne can see, we did have in out military members from the LGBTQI community,” she told 9news.

The ban on gay and lesbian personnel was only lifted in 1992 by the Keating Government.


This person has opinion Voice report written for conservatives. What, no left people want to be informed? Patronizing pos if that the case,by%20choosing%20certain%20words%20when%20rejecting%20two%20suggestions.

keith martyn

The puerile, "underprivileged" Prime Minister works cheap. Face painting in return for millions in aid.


I'll vote yes if they make this fella the voice

Trust me Albo

[I know.

Starring role here.


keith martyn

I shall never understand why people with confused sexual genes feel inferior and believe they deserve special attention. Their sex is not my worry, it is their infantile attitude.


Like Keating said about the GST: if you don't know what it is exactly, don't vote for it. If you knew what it is exactly, you certainly wouldn't vote for it.

Dennis Thompson

The Adventures Of Albo McKenzie.

Bob Hay

Will they give him a yellow nappie to go with that so he can join in and do a tribal dance?

Douglas Cox

That's how Michael Smith News started...


I just took a snapshot of the heading and I am sending out forthwith.
The fact that the bottom part is in The Aged should help heaps in ensuring a massive NO vote.

Old Timer

I love the 5000 year old paint brush. I didn't know they had art supply shops back then.
Probably poster paint 'borrowed' from the local school is in use.
Yellow is certainly the correct colour to paint alwaysleasy.

Sage Observer of Bathurst

Most immigrants chose this beautiful country because it expoused 'equality for all' along with all the other essential freedoms inherent in a 'Democracy', and this aspect of Australian history is reflected by the watchword for Federation in 1901 ..... 'That the country was now united as One People, One Flag, One Destiny', although now we should probably add ' and with One Federal Parliament'.
As the word Apartheid (Afrikaan for 'apartness') refers to 'a system or policy of discrimination based on race', most Australians apart from being confused, must surely be very concerned that our new Govt, is asking (almost shaming) them through a 'Referendum' to 'rubber stamp' an 'apartheid style' change to our Constitution (in that it is based on racial discrimination), which not only confers additional rights to certain (self-identifying) citizens, but also (apparently to save confusion?) for this exercise to be conducted with only minimal information regarding its final representation, powers or even its financial rigor.
This hurried 'Virtue Signalling' proposal and gamble by the Govt is frought with danger and unintended consequences, just reflect on the far reaching cultural, political & legal fallout from what seemed originally like a fairly straightforward SSM Bill

Up The Workers!

I wish the Italian Prime Minister would make up his mind.

Now he apparently thinks that he is aboriginal.

No doubt they'll be serving up Spaghetti with Witchetty Grubs in the Parliamentary Canteen for all the trough-snouters, this week.


The Klaus Schwabb business model "You will own nothing because you have to share with the blak fellas"

'First Aboriginal Prime-Minister of Australia'

"If you do not have guilt, some will be allocated to you"


Silent "L". It's an Italian thing.

Francis de De Groot's Love Child

Didn't Keating try to pull a similar stunt with the republic, ie vote for it and we'll sort the details later - trust me ;) ?


Yellow on the inside and now yellow on the outside as well.

Bad Boy Bubby

No details are necessary. It’s about a treaty and reparations. Remember, TREATY and REPARATIONS


It worked for Obamacare. We [need] to pass the bill in order to find out what [is] in it.”

Too many people are stupid enough to vote for something without even knowing what it entails. Thats why so many people voted Labor in the first place (or Liberal for that matter).


At least this has been resolved but it's a sad indictment on society all the same.
“Someone has been caused anxiety based on your social media post. And that is why you’re being arrested.” British policing, 2022.

(video attached)


Lying Luigi Albosleazy.
The answer today is NO.


I won’t be voting for apartheid.


This is the hidden BS hes been tasked to fulfill. UN, WEF behind the farmer destruction.

This is absolutely correct, because the WEF has been tasked by the Cabal to develop the ‘Western Democracy Destruction Plan’ which all Western leaders must comply with.

BTW nearly every ‘vote‘ you, or your parents, have cast since 1971 has been for ‘Klaus‘s Rule’, whether you knew it or not!


Hes here to help us further into communism. We did not vote for this. Read Dr Amy McGraths books on voter fraud. We haven't had an honest election in years.

The people who have actually lived under SOCIALISM know that it kills, so why don’t we?



One of us has a strange view of things, Doug; and I don't think it's me.

another ian

Reckon there have been ALP delegates just returned from a training course run by the US Democrats?

another ian

See the Brett Lethbridge cartoon in todays Brisbane Courier Mail - you don't need to get through the Murdoch wall to get the gist.
And I'd say that this has just raised the bar


Deluxe paint?


Pulling the legs of gullible whitefellas is considered fine sport by the indigenous - they've excelled themselves here!


Yes, so they'll get all the muppets to vote for it based on virtual signaling then after it's adopted, they'll fill in the details about what it actually means - which will be contrary to what they 'suggest' during the campaign.

It would wouldn't matter what wording was used for the amendment, there is no way that activist lawyers and judges don't turn it into money and power for the indigenous industry.

If we are going to have special voices for sub-groups of Australians than why shouldn't Chinese Australian's have a voice to parliament also, or Muslim Australians, how about gay and lesbian?


Yes, near here young fellows stir up farmers in field working "Thanks for looking after my country ,mate."


This started in Liberal reign so a Lieboral initiative.

It supposed to give power to the ordinary Aboriginal people, something other Australians would like for themselves as well. It will be corrupted by overlords and patronising Woke (those modern day plantation owners). No power to little people, of any colour, will stay.


Does anybody else see what symbolic contradiction this is after wearing Moleskins, RM Boots & an Acccu - Bra while campaigning?

I had thought the the progeny of the Cattle King spruiking a " 4 course meal made from Bugs":-

would take some beating , but I am not a betting man.......

Has anybody asked which " wealthy " taxpayers will pay for this nonsense with what we are heading in to?

Brandon has a worthy opponent!


They used the correct cpolour.

Julie of Geelong

Exactly. I don’t sign up to anything I don’t have 100% info about!!

It’ll be a BIG NO from me!!!

Julie of Geelong

Thats what Chris Bowen said 3 years ago. “Don’t vote for us if you don’t like our policy.




We know - we can read for ourselves!!

Julie of Geelong

Oh god, love it.

Kevin Bloody Wilson - magnificent!!


Julie of Geelong

Love it.

Kevin Bloody Wilson - magnificent.

He’ll do me as the Voice!!


Taking lessons from NAnZI “We have to Pass it to find out what is in it” Pelosi on Obamacare.
Which we still have, no thanks to that Scumbag RINO McCain.


Please Don’t feed the Trolls, Paul. 😊

Julie of Geelong

Did the nobody, free loading, current girlfriend go with him?


Alexandra Marshall from The Spectator:

What’s spicy this evening
I can’t be the only one getting nervous hearing Labor Treasurer Jim Chalmers admit that inflation is going to get a lot worse. The ‘recession we had to have’ under Keating happened when I was a child. It destroyed my family and those of my friends whose parents were all middle-class small business owners. Their homes, cars, and lives were ruined. Friends slowly vanished from the private school system as money evaporated. Parents took on two jobs and had nothing to show for it at the end of the week. Howard was loved primarily because his reign felt like ascending a staircase out of a torture chamber. In 2022, the economic warning signs are rapidly depicting an approaching nightmare of a similar scale.

Of course, politicians are safe. Their incomes and privileges won’t feel the ruthless smack in the face that ‘green’ policies promise. Chalmers might say that he’s ‘confronted’ by Australians choosing between food and paying the rent – but he is not going to be one of them, and he won’t do anything about it. As The Spectator Australia lead article says this week, ‘Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has laid out his plans. Like President Joe Biden, the PM seems to be intent on making inflation great again.’ There used to be a time when $70 could fill a trolley, now it comprises barely half a dozen items. The economy, not virtue, holds a government together and everything is already falling down around Albanese.


Got it now.

Albo campaigned as Bazza Mackenzie.

He has now transitioned to Crocodile Dundee Mode

Wonder if he can pull off Ginger Meggs?

Charlie Foxtrot

If you want some insight into how this will all work out just look at the activist little female turd in the greens now.


What truly scares me is that they wouldn’t be putting this up if they hadn’t done the focus group surveys to show them that they’re in there with a chance of getting a win from a gullible electorate.

Are a majority of Australians actually stupid enough to vote for a pig in a poke on such an important matter as this? Paul Murray last night believes that they are.


Michael, now we know people in Australia are either stupid, complacent or the poll is a lie. Whichever is the truth we are in trouble.

Newspoll: Labor extend lead, record satisfaction for incoming PM Anthony Albanese


Yes Charlotte, I still remember the " Don't let Keating stop you eating " badges the hospitality industry put out as that socialist nutcases policies rooted our lives back then with his fringe benefits tax...that politicians did not encounter in the parliamentary dining room.

Socialism is a cancer on society and this latest prick is a prime example. After they put that coat of yellow on the dumb bastards forehead, they should have added " Wanker " in black paint.

In the background of that picture is the aboriginal activist Pat Dodgson..with the stupid black hat on that he even wears into the parliamentary chamber.

The elites of the aboriginal industry will be having wet dreams about the rivers of money that will flow to them if this lunacy gets up on a vote. Hopefully, there are still enough of us to vote this down.


Meanwhile, QLD Health system falling apart

'One of Queensland’s top GPs says “desperation money” is being thrown at fill-in doctors instead of the State Government resourcing its own medics after it was revealed some were earning packages worth $2700 a day.'

Quick search of the job market, first one comes back @ $550K - $750K

Robert B

People have a hard heart because you get conned otherwise.

Robert B

A typical conservative doesn't give a new PM a bad mark straight off the bat. This poll was probably before the start of the real Albo.

Even mildly left and the new Coalition PM will be an evil rapist.


"Vote first, then find out what you voted for." Sounds like your typical election.


Latest Newspoll shows Therapeutico has got the BIDEN HONEYMOON.
And we know how that ended.


"Further into communism"

Dear oh dear


Peter Dutton needs to be told that this issue is the one worth staking his political future on. If he 'does a Morrison' and follows the advice he will doubtlessly get from his wet/black hand advisors, he might as well cross the floor with all his MPs and join the unigovernment.

If he does what I fear he won't have the cojones to do and mounts a loud and clear campaign against what can only be described as a first step into Apartheid for Australia, he will recover his conservative voter base.


I suspect it is a lead-based paint manufactured in China or Taiwan.

As is widely known, lead accumulates in various systems within the human body - including the liver and brain.

Albo might like to get on top of this topic before the next time he pulls off this foolhardy stunt.

Applying toxic paint to highly absorbent skin is a timely example of the lack of wisdom in putting too much trust in something you don't know much about.


WE spend 34 billion dollars on abbo's.And now they want us to give them more power????????Hell NO.

Up The Workers!

Der Fuhrer, Klaus Schwab, from the Wankers Economic Forum said: "They will own nothing, but they will be happy."

Well Klaus, the people of Sri Lanka now own nothing...would you care to tell us how happy THEY are??? Same for the Ukrainians.

The aspiring home-owners of Communist China also now own nothing, and they seem every bit as ecstatic as the Sri Lankans do.

Beware of Economists bearing platitudes and Socialists bearing bullshit!




‘It will fail’: Lambie’s message to Albo

Jacqui Lambie has pleaded with Anthony Albanese to “give us some detail” about his proposed referendum on the Voice to Parliament – or risk it failing.

Her biggest concern, she says, is that it is “purely symbolism” and won’t actually help close the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

'You can have all the words you want but I want to know what it looks like"

She is right

So why arent the OZ Sheeple standing up and yelling about this?

Are we all acting like stunned mullets, primed by the Chinese pestilence pandemic and the Pfizer killer Clotshots?


HATE IT like poison


Or please donate today we will tell you what we spent your donation on after it has been spent.


Yep, ordinary people are just worker ants and ordinary Aboriginals will be kept down.
They have to be otherwise overlords cannot be overlords if they have no one's backs to ride on. New Age plantation owners.


There is every chance the Chinese will have a voice in the future.

Dennis Thompson

I had a laugh when I heard a radio comment that wearing the outfit and hat Albo looks more like a country bloke that the previous PM wearing a baseball cap.

So acting and looking the part is important?


Watch the video of the Prime Wanker dancing with the black fellas
Then read the replies to this post

Soon he will say on his mothers side he has aboriginal blood


I quote:


Italian Citizenship is based upon the principle of “jus sanguinis” (blood right) meaning that a child born of an Italian father or mother is an Italian citizen regardless of place of birth.

Can someone email Dutton on this?


What puzzles me is: what is it that matters to aboriginal people that does not matter or affect other Australians? Can we please have an example of what the matter or concern is that is singularly only affecting aboriginals? Then we may have something that is able to be considered by the other 99%. Other wise this is handing over total control of the entire country to a select few on spurious grounds, nothing more, nothing less.


A yellow streak. how appropriate

David Crichton

There should be NO early voting. Vote on the day otherwise postal votes that can be checked for validity. Voter I.D. and digital rolls that will indicate on all rolls when someone has voted.


Lining up to vote for dumb or dumber.. No thanks.

I postal vote every time.


Well UTW - that would be very Progressive wouldn’t it though? Just what the WEF wants us to do.

Our teacher pan fried us up a few Witchetty Grubs in School, way back when - they tasted a bit like bone marrow to me.

Dennis Thompson

I read years ago about the Dodson brothers, their father was known as "Snowy" Dodson and he was a migrant shearer white fella, mother Malaysian and Australian Aborigine ancestry.

Dennis Thompson

The recession we had to have according to Keating Labor, worst in sixty years, began 1990 and continued to 1996 when recovery was underway leaving very deep wounds to overcome.

The Howard Coalition inherited budget in deficit and close to $100 billion of debt which in 1996 dollar value was a substantial amount. PM Howard and Treasurer Costello managed the budget into surplus in all but one year of their eleven years in government and replied the Labor debt with interest by June 2006. In 2007 they handed Rudd Labor a $22 billion budget surplus and zero debt, in fact funds in hand, all spent by Rudd Labor and they had started on debt creation before the financial year ended in June 2008.

Albanese Labor today complains about inheriting "a trillion dollar debt" but that is not accurate, the Current Account debt was around $800 billion and the trillion is Forward Estimates of future estimates. And Labor fails to admit that they were responsible for half of the Current Account debt they handed over to the Abbott Coalition in 2013.

I am very concerned that Albanese Labor are poorly equipped to deal with the financial and economic issues they must now deal with.

But the fact remains that unemployment is at the lowest level since the 1970s and the economy is growing, 3.5% GDP but predicted to fall to closer to 3.1% and of course inflation is rising.

Few remember that the 2019/20 Budget was heading towards the first surplus since 2007/08, that the budget repair Treasurer Hockey was criticised by Labor about when it was called a repair budget had worked.


It should be down his back!

Up The Workers!

If the Italian Prime Minister, Alwaysleazy from Overseasy, is successful in achieving his Apartheid system of Leftard Misgovernment for all those with an A.L.P. politically preferred skin colour, once they start meeting in their own racist Parliament, will they be compulsorily Smoked-out and then Welcomed to the Country each day by some money-gouging White Aunty or Uncle?

Just asking in the name of fairness and equity.

Doubtful John

Unless you’ve had an opportunity to read and digest the fine print first, don’t vote for it.

Destroyer D69

Albo ALREADY knows exactly what it will say, but knows full well that if that information is made known to the public then the reaction in the negative will be of nuclear proportions!

Up The Workers!

I see that Newspoll is allegedly touting a "...record electoral approval..." for the Italian Prime Minister and utterly ineligible Dual-Citizen (it seems that being in the A.L.P., Section 44 of the Commonwealth Constitution Act doesn't apply to him - it only applies to everybody else!).

Presumably this must be referring to the proportion of the 30% of voters (both the dead ones and the verticals) who allegedly voted for silly-looking character in his Op-Shop Depression-era Arthur Calwell-hat and his horn-rimmed testicles.

Given that 70% of the electorate voted AGAINST him, Newspoll are either referring to the record LOW number who approve of him being there, or maybe this is a paid-for poll?

Alternatively, maybe Newspoll like the A.L.P.-affiliated Union members at the A.E.C., have started polling the dead?

Up The Workers!

They intended doing that, but couldn't locate a spine.

Bob Hay

Have any politicians in this country ever tried to alter this imbecilic voting system?


Would Albanese buy a home with no knowledge whatsoever of what he was buying? Of course not.

Would he enter into a cohabitation agreement without knowing something about the other half? Of course not.

Basic prudence means you don't surrender money or rights without some understanding of what's going on. Albo might be surprised to learn that such elementary homework has become a global trend in the last 50,000 years.

What a low opinion Albanese must have of the Australian public: "all you need is trust".

That might be OK for an infants school lucky dip, but we are talking about a major constitutional change where - as always - the devil is in the detail. And that's before Green agendas and activist judges are superimposed.


But am I wrong Michael? I think not. You're too clueless to realise you are the problem. You whine a lot on your blog, but you are too gutless to call a spade a spade, and the spades will walk over you.


I doubt that stuff on his moosh was picked up at the Reject Shop. Shouldn’t a brush of chewed up bark or reeds or some such be used to slap it on in keeping with any ‘traditional’ link for this theatre?

Up The Workers!

Meghan Markle...

Apropos of nothing, does it strike you as exceedingly odd that Meghan describes herself as: "a former actor", but also as a current "Princess"?

If she was an "actor", wouldn't she now be a "Prince"?

Did she have a sex-change without the paparazzi finding out, or is she like every other Leftard Q.W.E.R.T.Y.L.G.B.F.J.B.'s and just flips from one to the other whenever she feels like it, with all her former 'jiggly bits' unaltered?

Why is it that Leftards have such a problem with gender and race?


You really do have a problem with Charlotte don’t you? Keep up the good work Charlotte.

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