Lunatic thinking - this could get serious
Merci beaucoup? Does this batch of Kevin-747 people know how much they're pissing us off.

What did Ukraine do to deserve this?

Screen Shot 2022-07-02 at 12.54.54 pm

Former prime minister Kevin Rudd has been appointed to an international panel that will investigate how the rest of the world can provide a security guarantee to Ukraine so Russia won’t invade it again.

Rudd, who was named part of the advisory group on Friday night, said Ukraine was rightly focused on winning the current war with Russia but it was also important that it came up with ways to deter Moscow in future.“Russia’s unprovoked attacks against the people of Ukraine aren’t just barbaric – they violate repeated public commitments by Moscow to respect Ukraine’s territorial integrity and political independence,” he said.

Rudd was appointed by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s chief of staff, Andriy Yermak, and former NATO secretary-general Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who were tasked in March with setting up the panel.

As well as Rudd, the 12-person panel will include former British secretary of state William Hague, former senior Pentagon official Michele Flournoy and former Swedish prime minister Carl Bildt. It will be co-chaired by Yermak and Rasmussen.The working group has three months to come up with recommendations on how to better protect Ukraine from foreign aggressors such as Russia in the future.

Ukraine wants other countries to provide some kind of security guarantee comparable to Article 5 of NATO’s founding treaty, which states that an armed attack on any of the alliance’s members shall be considered an attack on all of them.

Kyiv wants to join the NATO military alliance, but such a move is untenable while it has ongoing border disputes with Russia and Moscow-backed separatists.

Following his appointment, Rudd said the non-binding commitments Russia had given Ukraine in the past “weren’t strong enough to prevent Ukraine being invaded in either 2014 or 2022, nor were ambiguous commitments by other countries to support Ukraine’s defence”.“Ukrainians are rightly focused on winning this war,” he said. “But when it ends, Ukrainian leaders will want to clearly understand what sorts of domestic and international mechanisms might deter further aggression against their country by Russia or any other state.”

Rudd said the working group’s recommendations would “support Ukraine’s legitimate desire to rebuild as a strong, free and sovereign country pursuing its own destiny”.

Rudd advised the Australian government he would be accepting the invitation to join the working group ahead of the announcement. The role, which will last for about three months, will be part-time and unpaid.

Rudd, a former Labor prime minister and foreign minister, is currently president of the Asia Society Policy Institute.

Ukraine has faced renewed assaults from Russia in recent days, including attacks on the centre of the capital Kyiv and a missile strike on a shopping mall that killed at least 20 people.


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Did he mention anything about Ukraine’ unprovoked attacks against its own citizens!


I know the answer. Move Rudd to live in the Ukraine. Then nobody would want to invade, ever. Problem solved.

Mick S

As the stomach turns every time I see that mug.

With all the wannabe elites, bad actors, billionaires and wealthy war mongers visiting Zalenski lately, in the middle of whatever Russia is doing there. And we certainly can't believe the fake news reporting. But the corruption of Ukranian oligarchs and govt and every damn prick that thinks he or she is a somebody is either being summoned by Zalensky or is knowingly obliged to go there. WHY?
It really has been ringing alarm bells for me for months, Why Why Why is this so when it just makes no sense.
With the recent visiting of Richard Branson, I'm thinking this amount of money being donated/gifted or possibly even being blackmailed from so many countries, our money, borrowed promised money way into the future that burdens us with debt and has no way of knowing where or who gets it. Kickbacks? Maybe, probably, extremely likely. It's not much different to the Clinton Foundation method of thieving/blackmailing countries and anyone who has money into handing it over for access. Billions upon billions being raised for a corrupt country and for what? This will break the world currency.
Albanese selling us down the river by his being summoned there and along the way he willingly flushes us all down into the climate scam sewer. A HUGE WTF ?

People used to just hide their stolen monies in secret Swiss bank accounts. Not any more. The Biden mafia crime family has certainly helped set up the biggest laundry in Europe.

Political speedbump

Kevin Rudd , the Ambassador for irrelevency still indulging in self importence when no one gives a shit what he says .


Maybe the Government sees this as their chance to finally be rid of the fool. "You do your best negotiating on the front line Kev, off you go mate"


Rudd is a political "Ambulance Chaser"


Outside the wire again Kevvie?


Yes agreed, Rudd sent to protect the money laundering scams in the Ukraine.

Bob Hay


Michelle Two

What did Ukraine do?
The same as Australia invited the Globalist Snakes in and the rest will be history pages as they are brought to the light and collapse under their own deceitful and light xx

jim cross

Come on Kevvie, you know the Ukranians are just a bunch of fat-ruckers.


Sound like a gravy train.

Travel and luxury hotels plus high salary, for doing something that will achieve nothing.

After politics comes the payola.


Nothing the Russkies threw could stop Kiyv Kev, The Man of Kevlar


Did he also mention how long the Ukraine stole gas from the pipelines that stand on land that the Russians leased from the Ukraine?


The "liberal world order"?

Stuart Hamish

Kevin " those Chinese ratf****rs are trying to ratf**k us " Rudd is president of the Asia Society Policy Institute ....What a lovely little sinecure for Rudd. Can you feel the spirit of Dietrich Boenhoffer and his theory of stupidity ?


He always wanted to be PM then UN Secretary-General. As PM he spent almost the whole of his term as Kevin-747 while Julia Gillard became Acting PM. The taxpayer funds used by Rudd to donate as foreign aid etc to countries he visited is in the millions$ - no doubt, to get those countries to vote him into the job as UN SG.

This latest appointment may have something to do with his job as Foreign Minister in the Gillard Labor Govt. There's also Rudd's interests with China which may follow in the footsteps of Russia-Ukraine invasion.

Will Australian-taxpayers pay for Kevin Rudd & his advisers/staff appointments approved by Labor PM Albanese? Will the ADF be used by NATO to defend Ukraine & the EU? Watch this space.

Albanese & his Foreign Minister Penny Wong, may have given approval for the appointment after Rudd's approach.

Copenhagen Climate conference 2009-Kevin Rudd,Chairman/Penny Wong,Climate Change Minister.


Its all scripted? Don't let the facts get in the way? He says in the video you do learn but not in this case?

Footage of Kevin Rudd swearing released

All computers malfunction, some more than others. This ones claims his minds been erased.

seeker of truth

It must have hurt Rudd's ego to be just a member and not a Co-Chair. The advisory panel escaped a bullet there.


Like the climate change business, how many peace organisations are required before they achieve anything?
KRudd is a director of this one.

The International Peace Institute was co-founded in 1970 by Ruth Forbes. Her son Michael Paine, from her 1st marriage, was a friend of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Ruth’s 2nd husband and co founder of IPI, Arthur Young, designed the 1st Bell Helicopter. Coincidentally, Republican Senator John Heinz was killed in 1991 when a Bell helicopter collided with the small plane he was in. His widow later married Senator John Kerry.

Remember the International Peace Institute’s link to Jeffrey Epstein?

I wonder how many other names are in those little black books besides the ones mentioned in this article.

Richard Branson was listed and he recently visited Zelensky. Alec Baldwin was another and Halyna Hutchins, the person he accidentally shot on set, was from Ukraine!

Michelle Two

The Globalist Snakes venom is world wide and they are falling all over themselves now the truth is being revealed on every corner of the globe..
Never give up and keep shining your light and stay positive that change is coming and these depraved souls will be brought down, one step at a time as the cancer is at the top of the Pyramid schemes that have created an illusion they are the souls that need to be brought into the light..

Kevnie is a low hanging fruit the dark ones must be very desperate at the moment to drag this one out to help Ukraine and China will be the next move, Kevni will be caught in the middle and chaotic always has and light xx

Never give up, the war wasn't won without pain to many.. it doesn't have to be you if you can understand what is happening in reality faced on truth not fiction.. soldier on.. love always xx

Michelle Two

Forgot the link with the snakes venom and light xx

seeker of truth

The other day I mentioned that Malcolm Turnbull has not recorded his dealings with the French President and his cabinet ministers, and the French media in the Government's Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme Public Register. I thought that was wrong in view of some of the details that were discussed.

Well it seems that Turnbull might be out of order in not doing so when you read how the Attorney General has dealt with Kevin Rudd and what the AG demands that Kevin record on the Register. After much protest and consulting legal counsel, Kevin has begrudgingly complied under protest. His letter of protest is on the Register. With this new position on the anti-aggression advisory panel, he'll have to add another entity for which he is an agent of foreign influence.

Check out Rudd's entries on the Transparency Register. Rudd spreads surely does spread himself about -

And by the way, Kevin has informed the AG in view of the fact that he Kevin is considered an agent of foreign influence by the AG then the AG should impose the same registration requirement on Murdoch Media (Rupert Murdoch) and its journalists as they deal with foreign governments etc.


Excellent suggestion, but do make sure he is fully inoculated and all boosters up to date, We would hate to think he might pick up something nasty would we not.🙄


Meanwhile Putin keeps taking care of business.

'Vladimir Putin signs a new decree as Russia takes over the Sakhalin gas project'

Go get him Kev, I'll get the popcorn ready


Wasn't he on an international panel for toilets?

Robert B

Surely you would loan him out to the Russians to avoid Ukraine being invaded again.

another ian

"What did Ukraine do to deserve this?"

See what happens if you poke a bear

Michelle Two

If in Singapore avoid the grog they are takin' the piss out of you and recycling and light xx


Watch out Vlad, programmatic specificity headed your way.

Tony H

Why should Ukraine be deprived a real top line wanker? The more this goose gets international coverage the more he is an embarrassment to Australia. I wish he would meet with an untidy end! and put us all out of our miseries!

Michelle Two

Serbia is not going to be a NATO foot soldier... they are independent and loyal to their own nation.
Fascinating watch them turn against the aggressors and Marxists of the New World Order organisations that damaged their nation in the past, think the walls are caving in on them. Souls are waking up to the darkforce at a very fast pace.

To work on the commitment and willpower we work on clearing the solar plexus, it felt like my rib cage was being squeezed in earlier so don't forget to breathe and come into the present, interesting about the breath I woke up the other night and could hardly breathe, had a very dry throat like I had drink go down the wind!.. Interesting dream last night as well a bit upsetting on waking remember feeling sadness.. because of the chapter being and light xx
Sebia saying NO to the EU..

Another day in Paradise..


Kevin Rudd.....the silent fart in the room...

...everyone tacitly agrees it's disgusting but no one will point a finger!!

Michelle Two

Interesting spread for the Divine Masculine seems "Your Commitment is being tested" and there is "A fiery climax approaches!" they were the last two messages but we have the Tower (bureaucracy) divine timing with the "Stars" that need to align so don't give up hope just keep pushing forward and get more information as we have the "Snake" lurking about so everything may not be going to plan and this will tie in with soul being tempted .. watch out and be on alert for souls that are not being true to themselves also a sign to not ignore your own fears but taking a risk a gamble with the "Dice" showing up along with the wishing well, so a sign you do need to do your homework before making any decisions and looking at the fine print and being focused on the outcome you want in the situation which is where the "Wishing Well" and "Polar Bear" come in the "Book" with further learning and knowledge but trusting your own inner knowing going on the past but not the fear aspect of it but your own wisdom and not making the same mistakes again, while not resisting change but having faith the "Commitment" also has a lot with soul keeping the faith as things do and will come to a completion in divine time, so beng faithful and in service takes commitment and going the distance..
Something may have popped up to do with the paperwork and the red/green tape the bullshit and fine print that most ignore, but the answer could be in there and what you were searching for to give you the helping hand, but with the fiery climax coming in, one chapter closes and another will begin..
The Polar Bear card is the strength, courage and power card it followed the wishing well, so time to master that energy to bring in those needs and using your mastery of manifestation, on appearance and perception the worst case scenario is often the blessing in disguise that puts you on the right path, so using that inner strength you will get through all the challenges you are being faced with, because at this point of souls inner journey it is all about understanding and learning about the energy and healing what no longer serves so when that healing is done that is when the new has room to enter.. So put it in the hands of the divine and trust the soul process, have faith in yourself and the soul plan..
Soul has this the polar bear is also about finances, health and protection.. so you have this just flow with the energy and take it one day at a and light xx

Great song to remind you of your strengths..You will be guided all the way.. look for the signs.. love always xx

One day at a time sweet Jesus
That's all I'm asking from you
Give me the strength
To do everything that I have to do.
Yesterday is gone sweet Jesus
And tomorrow may never be mine
Help me today, show me the way
One day at a time.

Michelle Two

Speaking of bureaucrats and paperwork I just read a news article that said anyone flying into Australia no longer has to show Vaccination status, so there must be some big shift happening on the legal front with the pharma industry and what transpired over the last two years, going down the toilet, the darkforce reset is failing all the time the walls are caving in on them..

Waiting patiently for the whole system to collapse and see the pawns and where they were moved come into play and being exposed for the money laundering operations they are .. wealth transfer from a wealthy nation to a Marxist state so they can continue to control and con all nations politicians the world over.. love and light xx

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