Anthony Overseasy's statement on his visit to Ukraine


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Michael, why would she be on stage at the concert? She certainly wasn't made to feel welcome that is for sure.

Bad Boy Bubby

You’ve got to hand it to her, she kept on smiling. They just can’t understand why everyone doesn’t love them. I can.


Just for our amusement
The so-called leader of the free world describing America in just one word....

Up The Workers!

Well, all things considered, that's probably better than being stoned to death, as offensively mouthy women are in some less-civilised 6th century parts of the globe.


"Get the f*ck out of here!" - how inclusive of them.

Meanwhile, in Chicongo

America you've got problems. Maybe a bit more effort sorting out your own backyard and less enforcing democracy on the rest of the World?


Chicago again, the zombie apocalypse is real

'BREAKING: Crowd of people in the Loop attack Chicago police after some civilian cars do donuts in an intersection. Crowd shoots fireworks and physical hit CPD vehicles.'

You'd be safer living in the Ukraine.


She did, but the Ol husband looked a bit freaked out - he wanted to get out of there.


Which husband? She goes through them.


Who is Ilan Omar?


She is not popular. She only wins elections by dubious means.


Cooda bin worse!!

She can thank her incestuous marriage she's not in Somalia up to her neck in dirt with piles of rocks nearby!


Which husband? Miranda Devine provides some details -

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