Barnaby pays tribute, Dutton says thanks. Therapeutic Albo still says nothing.
Chris Bowen - the Minister For Stunts

After snubbing Vietnam Veterans, Albanese doesn't know if he'll mark Remembrance Day

I appreciate that another trip outside of Canberra dealing with a special interest group sits higher up your list of priorities than saying thanks to the 60,000 Australian men and women risked their lives for their country’s interests, 521 of them didn’t come home - but if it’s OK with you, it’s the least you could have done:

Now this extraordinary admission, courtesy of Andrew Hastie 

Today on FM radio Prime Minister Anthony Albanese twice made the extraordinary admission that he does not know what he will be doing on the 11th of November.
At 11 am on the 11th of November—as we do every year—Australians will be honouring and commemorating our veterans and those who have given their lives in defence of our country.
It would be unbecoming and disrespectful for the Prime Minister to skip the Remembrance Day Service at the Australian War Memorial to party with a celebrity at a dance concert in Brisbane.
In political life, our public statements reveal our priorities. The Prime Minister has made it clear he cares more about partying with celebrities than honouring our veterans.
I call on Prime Minister Albanese to apologise to our veterans for his careless and insensitive comments – which he made on Vietnam Veterans’ Day – and I urge him to attend the Remembrance Day Service at the Australian War Memorial to honour our fallen.