Sir Salman Rushdie's 'The Satanic Verses' currently on Amazon best-seller list
Miserable Ghost Malcolm uses The Guardian to fight for Albanese on The Voice


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Royal Rea

She is as sharp as a bowling ball.


I appreciate the question ..... but not the answer


I didn't think anyone could be as bad as Jen Psaki, but this lady with the gollywog hairdo has created a whole new sub-level of baaaad. She's a shocker, creating a whole new dimension of ineptitude.


Here's a tip luvvy. If you want to bring down the deficit don't spend more than you earn.
A rocket scientist she aint!

Up The Workers!

That's one way for a brain-dead Leftard Misgovernment to collect outstanding taxes - hire 87,000 new I.R.S./Tax Collectors; equip them all with automatic weapons, and have them shoot all tardy taxpayers on sight.

Why didn't Dodgy Dan or his workshy pal A.W.O.L. AnAl Alwaysleasy from Overseasy, the Illegitimate Italian Prime Minister and notorious Brothel-Hopper, think of that?


Symbolic cheap politics. Embarrassing dying gasp desperation by the Demo-Rats.

Up The Workers!

Well...the senile, geriatric farting-fossil and crack-head's dad hasn't publicly overloaded his Incontinence Nappy, severely gassed any more members of the British Royal Family or surrendered to any new band of 6th century terrorist/rapist thugs in at least a week now, so THAT must count as a victory - SURELY!


Only in the USA can something which seems Right is actually Wrong

robert griffiths

Stake out the goat, no brains, little integrity, perfect for the job.


Jean-Pierre gives very impression she would be out of her depth when paddling ankle deep in water

Bad Boy Bubby

If it was all about the “vibe” she would be a gold medalist.


What will they do when all the tardy taxpayers are shot and still wont pay their taxes.


"A little bit more fairer" says it all.

Jack J

It's 'midnight' in Washington DC


Tony H

Don’t you just love the feigned expression of concern! These people are a joke! The whole Biden Presidency is a joke! Now getting called out by their own woke supporters!

Doubtful John

She's a programmed AI Bot. Either that or she is a pathetic human being who thinks people are completely stupid.

keith martyn

Golly wogs were smarter - they never spoke.


That’s a giggle. (I am starting to count my giggles, they are few and far between, lately. Ta.


But she's black, you know.

And lesbian.....


Just another useless diversity pick.


Dastardly Dan - “hold my beer”.


Take their homes & assets - “you will own Nothing & you will be happy” - oh wait………..I guess that will apply to the tardy peep’s kids.
A 2 pronged approach - lowering the population & expectations all in one foul swoop.

Since they can’t even get people to join the US Military, where are they going to get people to fill these positions - unless they are among the hundreds of thousands of military aged men coming over the Southern Border. 🧐


They know damned well that this whole thing is a farce, but is only when it actually impacts them though, that they start to speak up - the traitors.
Ol Jill is looking like crap- the stress is starting to tell, big time.

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