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Brilliant note from Andrew Hastie

Dear Michael,

In 2018, I stood on a truck outside my office in Mandurah to address a crowd of local Alcoa workers.

It was late 2018, and these workers were locked in an industrial dispute.

And they were worried their jobs would be on the line.


I told these workers that I understood their legitimate concerns. But I also mentioned the rising cost of energy.

The bigger picture was that our rush to renewables and green energy had put pressure on families, businesses and industry.

Consecutive governments had made power expensive and working Australians were paying the price.

This week, the Albanese Government, with the support of the Greens, rammed home its Climate Change Bill and legislated a fixed target for emissions reductions.

Just two months after the election, Anthony Albanese has done a deal with the Greens that will see working families struggle, Aussie jobs offshored and reliable baseload coal and gas fired energy replaced with unreliable, foreign-built renewables.

This Government claims they have ended the climate wars.

In reality, their war on working families and industry has just begun.

Labor and the Greens cannot suspend the law of economics.

Their legislated target—without any clear safeguards to protect our sovereign industry, or a mechanism to keep power prices affordable—will make Australia less competitive and productive.

Ordinary Australians and their families will bear the cost. Our national resilience will be weakened.

At a time when the strategic costs of weakness are staring us in the face.

The war in Ukraine and the soaring power prices in Europe remind us that we cannot be dependent upon authoritarian powers for energy.

Labor and the Greens have chosen to ignore this lesson.

I think back to the workers I backed in 2018.

They were fighting for their livelihoods then.

The Opposition, led by Peter Dutton, will stand by Australian families, businesses and industry.

We will hold Labor and the Greens accountable, and fight to preserve our energy independence.

That’s why nuclear power must be part of the discussion. Stay tuned.


Andrew Hastie