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Channel 9’s Airlie Walsh quotes vague weather stats and calls for “climate action”.


One of the wonderful things about social media is it’s ability to help us understand a lot about people from the very little they say. 
Take this from channel 9’s Airlie Walsh:


Courageous Airlie plucks two unsourced statistics about Sydney rainfall, while acknowledging it’s likely reason #LaNina. 
Then links LaNina to #climateAction. 
One is science. The other is activism. 
Airlie can read more about LaNina here: http://www.bom.gov.au/climate/updates/articles/a020.shtml
She can also read more about the #ClimateAction mob here: https://climatenetwork.org/
Or she can just be a journalist - and keep her fashionable and shallow opinions to herself and report the news without the activism.