After Japan, Spain, France, Ukraine & Fiji, Therapeutic Albanese is off on leave until September
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Does it get any softer? Trioli & Albanese love-in this morning.

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TRIOLI: I understand, Prime Minister, you'll be taking a break next week.

PRIME MINISTER: I will, Virginia. I will be on leave next week, travelling in Australia, having a bit of a break – the first break I've had this year. And Richard Marles will be doing a great job, I'm sure, in my absence as acting Prime Minister.

TRIOLI: I note you're keen to emphasise there, Prime Minister, that you are holidaying in Australia. Have the shenanigans by former Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his misleading statements about where he was holidaying – has taking a break made this a more complex prospect for a Prime Minister to announce these days?

PRIME MINISTER: Well there are two issues. One is taking a break with security issues as more complex, I have found.

TRIOLI: They have to come with you?

PRIME MINISTER: Indeed. But secondly, I think that the lack of transparency that was there around Mr. Morrison's trip to Hawaii, when people didn't even know whether Michael McCormick was the acting Prime Minister, and at the time wouldn't say where he was – I just think that was a very unwise decision that added to the controversy, which was, in my view, pretty unnecessary had it been handled differently.

TRIOLI: Are you going to finally get time to listen to the records that Jacinda Ardern gave you or have you already done that?

PRIME MINISTER: I have done that. I've set up a vinyl player at the Lodge and that is a good thing. I have one there and it's added to the ambience at the Lodge. And the good news is that you're at a little bit of a distance from neighbours. So when appropriate, you can turn it up loud.

TRIOLI: I guess Paul Keating had Mahler so you're entitled to sit to blast some New Zealand independent music as well. Prime Minister, good to talk to you this morning. And I hope you'll come back more regularly. I just wanted to quickly make the point that one of the most successful Prime Ministers in the history of this country, John Howard, made it a regular thing to come on a program like this and answer calls from listeners and take talkback. That was one of his key strengths. I'm just hoping you might commit to something similar, Prime Minister.

PRIME MINISTER: Certainly, Virginia, and I do try to come into the studio. I look forward to seeing you in your nice Melbourne studio very soon.

TRIOLI: Excellent. We'll take some calls. Thanks so much for your time, Prime Minister, I appreciate it.

PRIME MINISTER: Thanks, Virginia.