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Therapeutic Albanese in search of new and exotic diseases to conquer


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John Farnham agrees

'John Farnham - You're the Voice (Official Video)'


Onya Pauline, with you 100%.

Old Timer

One nation under one flag, the Australian flag and one constitution for all. Pauline Hanson more strength to you.

Tony Johnson

Labor will fund more verbal diarrhoea from the Aboriginal city elite and reduce funding for defence in troubled times.
Policy after policy (or “plan”) are straight out of the Dems play sheet.....
Destroy energy independence and cause increased costs for everyone.
Distract with sham announcements to keep the media busy away from real issues
Add rhetoric and policies that will further divide based on race.


Anyone with a modicum of common sense, living in a regional area with even a quite small aboriginal population can tell you about the aboriginal industry, and the ever growing aboriginal empire building that is happening.
Not just physical buildings housing separate health services. These are provided in addition to those specifically offered by public hospitals, both at our cost. The vehicle fleet parked outside these buildings grows weekly, so one must assume each has at least one person with access to the vehicle pool as an employee.
The growth is spectacular, and yet the outcomes do not improve for the children. 8pm on any Sunday evening, even in bitter cold, they roam around the streets of regional cities and towns. It makes me very sad. But it also makes me very angry that this situation exists, despite the money thrown at the problem. It seems to disappear into the ether, never to be seen in practical action or results.

Up The Workers!

Onya Pauline!

Make sure you insist that every single day that the Leftard Racist-Apartheid Aboriginal Second-Parliament meets, its daily activities are preceeded by a "traditional" Smoking Ceremony (invented all of 5 minutes ago) by a White-skinned 'Uncle' or 'Aunty' at extortionate daily fees.


Also 100% agree. All the way with Pauline.
Good on ye Pauline, stand up to the dictators.

Iain Russell

No to apartheid!!

Dennis Thompson

She is not alone, there are many opposing voices inside and outside of Parliament, the voices of reason and common sense.

Many arguments against any constitutional change that we the people are not being told about, no details provided, and we must say no because politicians cannot be trusted to fiddle with our Constitution.

By the way, ATSIC became a corrupt Commission lacking governance and failing most of the disadvantaged Australians ATSIC was supposed to look after, the Howard Coalition Government had no choice but to close it down. ATSIC was created by Labor without constitutional change.

Have you noticed the Indigenous Australian elite now talking about a treaty to follow their voice?

Younger people would not know how many demands the Aborigine Industry minority activists demanded in the past, and still want, full control and the high to charge other Australians rent for using the land we own, the land roads are on, use of waterways and oceans, and even a charge to fly above the land.

Last night on Sky News an MP from New Zealand warned Australians not to be complacent and sit back while leftist politicians sell us out to a minority of Indigenous Australians, most part Indigenous, on emotional grounds and end up with that minority in positions and permitted to dictate to Parliament and control our lives.

Liz of Vic


Looks as though Pauline may receive a lot more votes, since the liberals seem to have
disappeared, with Photios in charge.

Bikinis not Burkas

Good on you Pauline maybe one day we can have another selfie together.

Bikinis not Burkas

What else did the Labor Party do to screw Australia?

Introduced the Lima Declaration

Deregulated the Banks, housing goes up wife is required to work, in comes the Child care industry, sorry Johnny the Government has stopped me from nurturing you.

Can anyone please add to the list?


Just run ads featuring Senator Lydia and her blak power fist pump - that's all that's necessary.


Albo she has got you sussed out.

Like the bit about 92,000 increase in those identifying as Aboriginal.


She will end up driving people to vote yes. Someone better should be leading that campaign.


I'm 71 - history has shown me that these wonderful, marvelous, schemes Labor dreams up ALWAYS turn into gigantic stuff ups that can take many years to unravel (if ever) not to mention the massive costs they incur! There are far to many to mention here.
This will be just another one in the Labor book of their incompetent catastrophies!
I will certainly be voting NO!

seeker of truth

There should be a bundy clock at the door to the Senate Chamber and the Senators get paid according to the time spent in the Chamber. Look at all the empty seats there while Pauline is making her speech. These Senators seem to clock off whenever they want and leave their workplace. I doubt they are busily working in their office when not in the Chamber. They take their $211K+ salary and added entitlements under false pretences, There are so many non sitting days for Parliament, it isn't funny.


"Have you noticed the Indigenous Australian elite now talking about a treaty to follow their voice?"

The agenda has been made plain since the mid 1970's - a "voice" to Parliament, recognition in the Constitution, a Treaty, involving the payment of massive sums in "compensation" and "reparations" and a sovereign Aboriginal State, comprising all land currently under Native title, and paid for by "Whitefella" taxpayer. Look up "Draft Treaty 1988." It's an agenda designed not to unite Australia - it's designed to divide us completely.


Thank you Pauline.


Notice now the Australian flag has been moved from center to right side with Aboriginal flag in the center Torres straight on the left.


Everything Labor privatized has gone to crap, commonwealth bank closed hundreds of branches got rid of staff first to raise interest rates. Electricity now roughly most expensive in the world.


Like you.


So that womem and children kept safe from culture parts that breach human rights. And even so they get what they entitled to as Australian citizen instead of whitey woke enabling perpetrators or being enriched by their misery.
She must add

If any Voice goes in Constitution, has to say only cultural lores/laws being followed/being used against their own people must adhear to the rights of these Australian citizens to Australian laws and human rights principles. Where there conflict of the laws, Australian law and human rights prevail

Bikinis not Burkas

How dare you vote NO that makes you a racist.

How dare you vote YES that makes you a racist.

The only good thing about being homeless is that I don't have to choose.

Bikinis not Burkas

They are working hard on doing us over as many times as they can!


oh wow..the left are scared of her....Bwahahaha

That is so funny, the left hate alternate views because with the left it is feelings not facts


Remember - this has set a precedent.

Since that Entitled Wog Bitch... I mean Green Senator with Aboriginal Heritage made her little circus it is now perfectly clear that you may make any premeditated slur against someone anytime you like PROVIDED you instantly turn around and repeat your sentence in a non offensive manner.

This is what has happened. Thorpe played her little game and has faced no formal repercussions from either the Senate or her own party. Insulting someone is now completely acceptable up to and including the Australian Parliament provided you back flip immediately.

Muse on that.


This is what happens when you push your personal views too far on people.

Most people, if not directly supporting an issue, will treat it with polite indifference.

Conservatives are actually very open minded and allow opposing views... provided those views don't adversely affect them. Lefts think in yes and no. Either you support our views or we will ruin your life because you are WRONG.

Conservatives don't care that deeply about the group. Hey, there are people over there who don't like what I like. Shrug. They care about the immediate. They want what they believe is best for their loved ones.

So while an issue doesn't affect them they can be indifferent.

You want to watch Disney Star Wars..? well... okay, do what you like.

You want to force me to watch Disney Star Wars with you constantly? Hey, I don't like Disney that much. I would rather not.

You want to call me a woman hating racist because the new Star Wars show has a black female character and you still refuse to watch it? Well, you know something, you and your Star Wars are starting to piss me off.

That is how it works. People stop being indifferent to a topic the more you try and not only force you to agree with it, but start accusing you of no longer being a valid member of society and push past indifference to open hostility to the topic.

You want to call me a racist for opposing the Voice? You want to suggest the acts and achievements of my ancestors are barbaric and a source of shame? You want me to change great parts of my way of life just cause some latte sucking white skin has some victimhood issues?

Then actually no. Screw your Reconciliation. I would rather be called a racist then turn a blind eye to child sex abuse.

This Voice isn't going to unite and heal. It is going to divide because the Pro Voice are to ready to start slinging the insults.

Julie of Geelong

Sign me up Pauline - add me to the list!!

a happy little debunker

I am offended that this government seeks to waste $50+ million on an un-needed referendum to change the constitution, and then have to use the current version of section 51 to legislate what they could have legislated all along.

Just imagine how all that money could be use to ease the plight of Australians in need...

Charlie Foxtrot

Corruption of the constitution is corruption of the constitution!
The constitution wasn't written for any one race of people
The constitution wasn't written for the Australian Labor Party
The constitution wasn't written for the Green Party
It was written for every Australian individual then and forever
Any person or party that uses the constitution as a political tool should be shamed.

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