Does it get any softer? Trioli & Albanese love-in this morning.
Albanese government gives permanent visas to Sri Lanka's Nadesalingams

Insight into the idiots that make up NSW Liberal Left. #nswpol

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A post shared by Felicity Wilson MP (@felicitywilsonmp)

This is Felicity Wilson - better known as Duplicity Wilson. 
She’s one of the intellectual giants in Matt Kean’s Left faction. 
Duplicity was caught out bullshitting on her CV when she went for pre-selection. She claimed jobs and positions she’d never held and talked up her experience so ridiculously that a simple Google search exposed her. 

Then she jumped on to the “women in politics are treated badly” bandwagon to shut down the criticism. 
What we are left with is a mediocre liberal lefty juvenile who dances on social media like an f-ing idiot. 
This is what the Left delivers in a branch stack. 
By the way, look at the idiots who chipped in to praise her …Trent Zimmerman top of the pile. He thinks it’s cool. The voters got that one right.