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Matt Kean: all about women, just not in his office.


Disloyalty practitioner Matt Kean is a political lady's man .. the man for all seasons to get the  women's vote. 
"Matt Kean’s budget is all about women", once praised the lefty Guardian website. 
He's the Liberal Party's self-appointed evangelist on more women in Parliament, more women in business, more women on boards, more women responding to his sex texts ... 
But he's all talk (and text). 
This photograph was taken this week during his appearance at New South Wales Parliament's estimates hearing. 
Not a woman in sight in the back office.
When it comes to the crunch, full of shit. 


Expert on everything Patricia Karvelas continues to crash in ratings.

The ABC has a dilemma 

How do you solve a problem like Patricia?

She’s their everywhere lady that everyone (in corners of the ABC) seems to love … but just not the public.

Leaked ABC internal analysis shows Radio National’s breakfast audience continues to tank.

Breakfast with Patricia with its ‘coast to coast‘ audience attracts a tiny 313,000 viewers.

In national radio terms, that’s sweet FA. One of the lowest audiences in each capital city.

She rates well down on what Fran Kelly achieved and yet Patricia never stops popping up on ABC TV and radio.

Here’s a thought - Is it just possible that her know-everything, smug, leftist style is symbolic of the kind of ABC that the public has grown to dislike?

The numbers don’t lie.