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Russia displays apparently destroyed & captured Australian Bushmaster as war trophy


The world is a two-way street.
What you can do to others, others can do to you.
While many have been laughing at the sight of destroyed Russian equipment, destroyed Western equipment can get the same treatment. 
This is the reason why the West needs to constantly resupply the Ukrainians. It's a fact of life that things get damaged in battle, and need to be replaced if one is to be able to keep fighting.
In this case, this is one of the Thales Australia Bushmaster MRAP's that was donated by the Australian government to the Ukraine.
From the damage sustained, it would appear that the vehicle has been set on fire at one point of time. It looks relatively intact, so let us hope that it lived up to its name of Mine Resistant and Ambush Protected (MRAP) and that it's occupants managed to escape unscathed before the damaged hulk was captured by the Russians and put on display as a trophy. ~Clorox.