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The king of disloyalty Boy Minister Matt Kean has all the buzz words

Russia displays apparently destroyed & captured Australian Bushmaster as war trophy


The world is a two-way street.
What you can do to others, others can do to you.
While many have been laughing at the sight of destroyed Russian equipment, destroyed Western equipment can get the same treatment. 
This is the reason why the West needs to constantly resupply the Ukrainians. It's a fact of life that things get damaged in battle, and need to be replaced if one is to be able to keep fighting.
In this case, this is one of the Thales Australia Bushmaster MRAP's that was donated by the Australian government to the Ukraine.
From the damage sustained, it would appear that the vehicle has been set on fire at one point of time. It looks relatively intact, so let us hope that it lived up to its name of Mine Resistant and Ambush Protected (MRAP) and that it's occupants managed to escape unscathed before the damaged hulk was captured by the Russians and put on display as a trophy. ~Clorox.


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Up The Workers


That didn't take long.

Was it parked outside a Maternity Hospital or Primary School at rthe time?

Could have been "collateral damage" in a long-distance Russian ballistic abortion, Tovarisch!

Socialism at work.

keith martyn

Gosh! For a moment I thought it was a photo of our Defence Department.


Glad you're on the right page with this UN/USA created war.


We may need to rebuild the damaged ones under Labor, or the Libs for that matter. 2050 for submarines ha.


What an old warrior! Even survives the Russians.

Johnny Rotten

That is a Joke. The tyres are still intact and not burnt. So how come? BS as always in War.


Not deterring USA from donating. Its not the only thing that will need rebuilding across the globe when the money runs out.

Biden administration sending an extra $775M in weapons to Ukraine while America is in a recession
The United States will send another $775 million in missiles, drones, vehicles and mine clearing equipment to Ukraine to help in its war with Russia as the conflict enters a near standstill, the Pentagon announced Friday.

The new assistance package will include 16 howitzers and ammunition, AGM-88 High-Speed Anti-Radiation Missiles (HARM), ammunition for High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, 15 Scan Eagle reconnaissance drones, and armored vehicles, among other armaments, a senior Defense official told reporters

MikeT (WA)

Lets HOPE Ukraine PAYS for the replacement - we are no longer a RICH country that can give things away


Or WW2

A happy little debunker

Just remember, our airwaves are flooded with propaganda, but not Russian propaganda.
Me ... I am waiting for the endless parade of International Peace Envoys trying to plead an end to hostilities, sadly they seem to be in very short supply - probably due to the current impact of bidenflation (AKA 10% for the big guy)!

Bad Boy Bubby

You are delusional.


Two Ukrainian peace envoys were assassinated by Ukrainian SBU back at the beginning of this.
I saw on the news a Liberal MP David Van has been to get his pics with Zelensky and has promised to work for more money to go to Ukraine. Twiggy has just been to get his pics as well so he will step up for our money to go there as well. After watching the video of Afghanistan on Michael's page I say the money goes as emergency food rations to children in Afghanistan.

Iain Russell



Dennis Thompson assured Micheal Smith News that Bushmasters were practically indestructible.


Is this another Zelensky plot to obtain more weapons and sell them to Afghanistan?


Behind the times there UTW. It is well known that the Mariupol maternity hospital had been emptied of most all mothers (except the one giving birth who was video) and emptied of food etc by the Azov and other Ukrainian defenders who took it over to serve as barracks and firing positions.


Good observation. Not beyond suspicion.


That's a shame. Ukraine was the sacrificial pawn used by Deep State / Military Industrial Complex to bait the bear and Ukrainians are paying the price. As per Australian requirements for operating in hot conditions the Bushmasters are air conditioned, very much appreciated by the Ukrainians seeking to defend their land and families.


Easier to throw another set of wheels on it so you can move it around then burn the paint off but keep the tyres intact.



The storage boxes have all be removed. If you look at pictures of the Bushmaster they have a very vertical boxy look. This is the stowage boxes on the lower part of the hull.

The real hull is the sloping sides that we can see here.

We have a remote weapon station on the roof.

Also of note is the armoured windows are all missing.

Dunno. It sort of looks like it has been parked outside and used for spares. The fact the tires show no fire damage is interesting.


Supporting Ukraine places Australia on the wrong side of history. Z!


Not sure why Zelenskyy, who is WEF owned and operated doesn’t by equipment from Afghanistan, It would be cheaper and delivery costs would be almost nil, being next door and all of that. But no, they want American middle class destroyed and the country bankrupt, which it is now.


that was my first thought, unless the fitted tyres afterwards , but where would they get them??


they were blown up long before this one

that is what a destroyed bushmaster really looks like

Sage Observer of Bathurst

Have no concerns regard the occupants as they survived the attack as did those in another Bushmaster that was diasabled.
According to the independent media reports, this one had to be abandoned, but the Ukrainians retrieved the other vehicle and they posted photos of it being repaired.


Wonder when Zel is going to release a line of olive t-shirts to aid the coffers. Go down a treat with the I Stand With Ukraine brigade I’d imagine


WHAT A BEAST HEY! William Adams et al have nothing on this.

Doubtful John

That'll buff out.

Doubtful John

One of the new electric ones?


Think it is supposed to make us hate the Russians. It’s not working.

One Born Every Minute

Very astute. Have yet to see anything real in this BS theatre.

One Born Every Minute

Yes so we are led to believe. lmao

White Knight

Apparently destroyed, I can tell you now it's not a warranty job.

Bad Boy Bubby

How many former Eastern Bloc countries do they need to invade before you will hate them?


Thank you Mal. A little bit of reality.

Bad Boy Bubby

Auditioning for the part of Mater in the next Cars movie. It’s all about the patina.

John Michelmore

The US of A (the politicians etc) want this operation to escalate, it's one of the few ways the US can save itself from all that printed worthless money destroying the US economy. NATO countries have been supplying arms and training to Ukraine at least since 2014, and they NATO and the US continue to push the scam that it's all Russia's fault.

John Michelmore



Twitter staff are warned upcoming bonuses will be HALF what they expected, as firm suffers huge loss and battles Musk over his aborted $44 billion acquisition deal

Twitter CFO Ned Segal sent an email on Friday telling staff that bonuses would be half what they expected
The company has suffered major financial setbacks in the second quarter of 2022, losing $270 million
The social media platformed blamed a skittish advertising industry that had not spent money due to the economic turmoil caused by the war in Ukraine
Tech billionaire Elon Musk's decision to pull out of a $44 billion bid for the company has sent the stock price plummeting nearly 30%



Results of experimental COVID-19 mRNA Gene Therapy injection through July 22, 2022:

29,790 people have Died,

50,739 people have suffered Myocarditis/Pericarditis,

15,973 people have suffered Heart Attacks,

55,719 people have been Permanently Disabled,

33,124 people have suffered a Life Threatening reaction.

#VAERS COVID Vaccine data now available through 7.22.22 at

— OpenVAERS (@OpenVAERS) July 30, 2022

Bob Hay

I think the Russians are after the tyres.


...lotta money pouring into that country.........don't see a lot of rebuilding?.......and anecdotal reports suggest the average Ukrainian is not much better off for it!

Zelenskyy's Laundry.

Open all hours
All currencies accepted


We do not and should not resupply the current Ukranian regime. Let them reap what they have sown and let us look after Australia first. We need that equipment more than the neo-nazis in Kiev.


Heads Up Michael Smith!!

Coming to a DVA in your state soon?

This is horrifying MS. it goes beyond the bounds of lack of compassion into the realms of evil!!

Struggling Canadian veteran offered medically assisted death by VAC employee

another ian

"AUSTRALIA Covid narrative falling apart"


Good morning Michael, I do hope that you are well. I thought you might find the article below interesting, it is titled “Students accuse each other of white supremacy at Berkley ‘people of colour house’. You could not make this stuff up, well I know I couldn’t because I don’t have a vivid imagination like some. The world is now literally crazy. Are some of these people ever happy? I think not.
It is also reported that now in India there is a new disease called the “Tomato Flu’. Hold onto your hats folks because the ride is about to get bumpier than ever. Whilst I read this rot, I now take very little notice because I have come to the conclusion that the world leaders and their masters are trying to scare us all to death. Not this little black duck, no siree !


Since Russia first invaded Ukraine in 2014.

Tell us how that is not Russia's fault.


So you'd have a link the that quote then?


As the vehicle is clearly destroyed it has probably been stripped of everything useful and cannibalised for spare parts. Clearly not the original wheels (the wheels are quickly swapped out - far quicker than changing a tyre) which have probably been slapped on the move the vehicle.


"Let them reap what they have sown"? Like they asked to be invaded by Russia?

Up The Workers!

Err... Just in case you haven't noticed Comrade, neither the U.N. nor the United States of Dementia are combatants in the Ukrainian genocide.

Up The Workers!

As the late, great Prince Phillip might have said: "That looks like something a Labor(sic) Misgovernment might have made!"

Borscht in a can.

Botswana O'Hooligan

Looks to be up on blocks and from having lived and worked over that way one wonders why the tyres haven't gone as is usual. The aircraft in the background on the RH side of the photo is a Su-25 sub sonic ground attack aircraft first manufactured in 1975 and used by both Russia and The Ukraine as a close air support aircraft. This particular one has the "Z" painted on the tail so one assumes it's Russian.


No sign of kinetic or blast damage ... probably burned by its users after becoming disabled on the battlefield.

Bad Boy Bubby

Beaurepaires, Jax or Bob Jane.


Well actually they pretty much did. Russia has been requesting that NATO back off and stop the encroach, all requests by Russia were ignored by the Ukraine and NATO. Russia warned them time and again, they ignored the warnings, so yes they did ask for this war.
You can’t keep poking the bear and expect him to not respond.


Most of the people in the South and Eastern parts of Ukraine consider themselves to be Russian, not Ukrainian. The Donbas region, like Crimea, rejected the Maidan Coup orchestrated by Obama and the deep state authoritarians only to be attacked by the US puppet regime in Kiev. The war is in its eighth year.

Watch the documentary "Ukraine on Fire" to better understand the situation today. You may get a better understanding of the situation there.


So by your reasoning it would be perfectly OK for Russia to now invade Finland for joining NATO. How dare countries join NATO without Russia’s permission!


possibly possibly.

I realised I didn't notice the vehicle seems to be up on blocks the first time.

I should probably also lay my cards on the table and confess I am bias against Bushmaster for... reasons. It's a truck, not a proper actual combat vehicle. I know a lot of people who I respect who speak well of this vehicle but I have never been a fan. Reasons.

Interesting the remote weapon station is still there. Would have expected that would be have been removed if they were stripping it.

Dunno. I think we can agree that:

It is a Bushmaster
It does seem to be in Russian hands
It is, at minimum, 'Heavy Repair'


Heavy Grade Repair is a weird place.

But yeah, warranty isn't going to cover it.


Seems our"realist"likes to support these leftard sponsored causes with-out using it's brain.There seem to be a few more than normal of late.


You are correct. It is not a combat vehicle. It was never designed to drive into a firefight or a minefield, but rather protect the occupants from IED and random mine blasts. As a vehicle to transport soldiers from place to place it is far safer than the unimog truck it replaced, and I am still under the impression that of the 30 or so that have been destroyed while carrying Australian soldiers over the past 15 years, not a single fatality has resulted. That's a win right there.


Supporting a nation with free democratic elections like Ukraine as opposed to the "president-for-life" run socialist Russia is supporting leftard causes?

You are not real bright, are you?


Quite possible. A thermite grenade or flare will cause that sort of damage, either from the operators or opposition.

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