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Snake Matt Kean - Disgraced and Disloyal. Now running for Leadership #nswpol


It is staggering to think that the NSW Liberal Party is so bereft of talent that Matt Kean is front runner to be the new deputy leader - now Stuart Ayres has gone. 

Here’s Kean’s record:
- sexting scandal with another MP whilst in a long term relationship with “sweetheart”. Begging for more sex with fellow MP. Messages ended up on front page of Telegraph. 
- caught out by leaked text messages, encouraging a journalist to grill members of his own party on a potentially damaging issue.
- caught out giving journalists and the opposition fodder to undermine Scott Morrison in an election campaign. 
- just this week, undermining Premier Dominic Perrottet by retweeting feminists criticising his sacking of a minister that Kean used to have sex with. Pretended it was an accident. 
- close confidant with Michael Photios who is a lobbyist (himself a man of questionable character). Photios makes money out of selling access to government. Kean is his left faction point man. 
- publicly condemned Katherine Deaves a Liberal candidate to ensure she didn’t win her seat.
- sued by a business man who Kean defamed and left the taxpayer to cover. 
And that's just character. 
Haven’t even started on his fanatical green left politics.