Brilliant Leak on Fitzsimons

Well done 2GB management - standing up to bully Hadley.

Credit where it’s due.

Well done 2GB management for telling Hadley to pull his head in.

The once described “psychotic bully” stormed off air at a broadcast at Brisbane’s Ekka because of technical problems.

He told the audience he’d had enough and was heading back to Sydney.

Hadley was booked to be there a week at great expense to 4BC.

Clearly, someone in management intervened and kicked him up the arse.

Hadley showed up the next day for work, in Brisbane, still carrying on like a moderate arsehole about the technicians.

Whatever transpired, well done 2GB management.

If only this sort of intervention would have happened 20 years ago, countless lives of young kids, producers, technicians working at 2GB would have been much better - avoiding his bile.

Stand up to bullies. Don’t tolerate them.