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NSW 'Minister for Nothing-Important' Rob Stokes quits, thankfully.

One of the Premier State’s most ambitiously dangerous left wingers Rob Stokes is thankfully quitting. 
Stokes has some weird views of the world which he hides behind his otherwise beige persona. 
He’s a believer in an environmental utopia that replaces cars with pushbikes and sees arterial roads painted green as an imposing gesture to stop people driving. 
Stokes and Boy Minister Matt Kean have made it their second ministerial role, to push the Liberal Party so far to the left that it becomes unrecognisable to regular people. 
Stokes was ambitious to become Premier and when it wasn’t going to happen, he threw the toys out of the cot and took on a bullshit portfolio “Minister for Active Transport” after near grinding NSW to a halt as planning Minister. 
He was often quoted in Sydney Morning Herald articles as “senior Liberal source”, unless Matt Kean had beaten him to the job.
Around the Parliament he became known as the Minister for Leaks and Undermining. 
Fair to say, few will miss him. 
Rob Stokes statement