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The Australian business offering 'TeleAbortion' / 'Dial-An-Abortion'

Note the PR woman is Juliar Gillard's former spin-doctor. 
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Screen Shot 2022-09-29 at 9.55.53 am

National senate inquiry to investigate abortion access inequities  


28 September 2022: Abortion access inequities need to be addressed at a national level. 

While abortion has been partly decriminalised throughout the country, access remains a postcode lottery.  

MSI Australia Managing Director Jamal Hakim said he welcomed a national senate inquiry into abortion access.  

“Roe v Wade in the United States has highlighted the ongoing abortion access issues  in Australia,” he said.  

“Abortion access in Australia remains a postcode lottery, particularly for women and pregnant people in regional and remote communities.  

“The 2020 National Women’s Health Strategy commits to universal abortion access  with bipartisan support. Sadly, little investment has seen  to date.  

“A federal senate inquiry into what can be done at a national level to alleviate the physical and financial barriers to access contraceptives, abortion care and other sexual and reproductive healthcare, with options to improve the quality and availability services is a welcome move.  

“It’s been fantastic for the Ministers for Women to platform reproductive rights, now it’s time for the Ministers for Health to progress broader issues of health equity" 

“We know the federal Labor Government is already looking at this issue and would like to see the national harmonisation of abortion laws and regulations alongside an MBS item number review for medical and surgical abortion.  

“We continually evolve our models of care to make it easier for women and pregnant people to access our services.  

“Following abortion law reform in SA earlier this year, our teleabortion service went national for the first time.  

“This means that wherever people live throughout Australia, they can contact MSI Australia for a telehealth appointment and if they are eligible, they can be couriered medical abortion medication.  

“We will always call for safe, compassionate and universal abortion care.” 

Women and pregnant people can book a teleabortion here

The Australian Abortion Access Scorecard can be viewed here.  

Donate to the Choice Fund to support people experiencing financial hardship or other barriers to healthcare here. 




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