It's pathetic and cruel to watch Biden's so very public decline.
Senator for Pakistan Mehreen Faruqi wants more Australian taxpayers $$$$ for Pakistan

Why did NSW Police threaten to shut down Nigel Farage event?

Two days before Nigel Farage was to speak in Sydney, a public servant (not a police officer) called up warning they had assessed there would be trouble from protestors. 
As a result he was "required" to hire NSW Police to protect his private event.
They called it "user paid policing". 
If he didn't pay, they'd shut him down .. "prevented from proceeding by NSW law" said the bureaucrat. 
It's the new NSW Free Speech Tax, charged to conservatives who upset leftist pigs. 
Ironically, other than the thousand who wanted to hear Farage ... and a few dozen police ... not one protestor could be seen. 
Does NSW's self described conservative Premier Dominic Perrottet support this act of intimidation?
Farage rightly says, if this happened in the UK it would be front page news ... the public and the media would be outraged. 
In modern Australia, only one media outlet covered the situation.