Brave girls, more strength to them.
Why the NSW Liberals will likely be kicked out of office


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Michelle Two

There real intended use will be coming into the light now, they were not built for Covid Quarantine, they even said they considered other uses for the facilities and they are ahead of schedule..

When do those overseas women and children start arriving??
Hmmm! they are so stupid they tell you their plans in media and light xx

Did they make it up to 3000 beds I wonder?? that is a small town, bigger then the population that I live in ..

After the fires they just delivered some of those little enclosed hubs to put in our caravan park they took a while for them to build..
They are still talking about an evacuation center and what town to put it in..
The design of the facility, which would start with 500 beds and could be scaled up to have 3,000, would take four months and the construction another four months after that.

Mr Merlino said the location - next to an animal quarantine facility - had been chosen out of ten possible sites because it is close the airport and hospitals.

'Towards the end of the year, we can have this up and running. The virus, is going to continue to be with us for some time,' he said.

Queensland has also proposed a quarantine facility west of Brisbane - but the Commonwealth has refused to approve it, saying it has not been given a detailed costing plan.


Is this the centre that was going to be built on Fox land near Avalon airport.
That is until Andrews fell down the stairs at a holiday house,


Well at least it did get used, even if minimally. Our multi-million dollar "state of the art" facility in Perth is still in a virginal, pristine state- albeit costing the W.A. taxpayer millions which is being paid to Serco to look after a "hotel with no guests"- let alone any beer!


Julie of Geelong

What a bloody waste of money that was.

Oh it’s only Tax Payers money so who cares!!!


Doing their green bit for mankind.....keeping those white elephants from going extinct......first the Desal the covid stalags!


Another lying article from the Andrews government. The Victorian Quarantine Hub did not play a part in keeping Victorians safe. The reality is Victorians weren't at great risk, and we didn't need the VQH at all! When it was built, it was way too late.

BTW Dan Andrews, where are the additional hospital beds you promised??? And what about our ambulance service??? You've wrecked that!!

Pity is, Matthew Guy isn't up to being an opposition leader (I had high hopes for him, but he hasn't performed well), let alone Premier. Andrews will get back in, and Victorians will be the worse for it.

The Real Steve!

One Born Every Minute

The $$$$$$s has already gone into the pockets. No different th the Desalination Plants. Ongoing too re maintenance and upkeep.

One Born Every Minute

Yes Serco. I posted about that here years ago. Fell on deaf ears.

seeker of truth

All those Labor Premiers who pressed the panic button over hotel quarantine because they couldn't manage hotel quarantine properly are now stuck with white elephants. NSW managed hotel quarantine properly even though it had the largest number of international travellers and Australian citizens returning to Australia. It saw no necessity to build a separate quarantine facility though the offer was on the table from the Federal government.

The Commonwealth government built the quarantine facilities in Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne on Commonwealth owned land and the State governments were to manage them. As from January 2023 they will be mothballed by the Feds. Wellcamp, the private facility in Toowoomba, is another kettle of fish that the Qld taxpayers will be funding for a while yet because of a ill conceived decision by Premier Palaszczuk in one of her "look at me" moments.


It's true purpose is still to be revealed.

Just waiting for the next BIG THING, and for all those who displease Fuhrer Dan to be locked up there!

All of this is not over, they are just taking their foot off the pedal to lull you into a false sense of safety and stability.

I'd say fix the fences around Vic, as the sheep will soon be awakened again, and will test the fences the bully boy and his jackboots put up!


At least the unions and their mates got their ill gotten Aldi bag bonuses.
Just like they did in every state that built those future prison's for any one daring to question the totalitarian Marxists.

Up The Workers!

Maybe the Labor Party could get their C.F.M.M.E.U. beneficiaries to dismantle the $23,000,000,000.00 useless and utterly unnecessary Desalination Plant that John Dumby built in a Wonthaggi paddock, and re-assemble it in their "Auschwitz South" Concentration Camp at Mickleham.

They could also dismantle the useless, never-used $750 MILLION, 70-kilometre long "North-South Pipeline, which the knuckle-dragging imbeciles built arse-backwards, to take water from a place that didn't have any, and pump it to a place that didn't need any, and store it in the same Concentration Camp enclosure as a public museum/display of Labor gross incompetence and awesome unfitness-for-office.

The only thing missing at Labor's so-called "Quarantine Camp", was the traditional "Arbeit macht Frei" sign over the front gate.


It will be re-opened at a moments notice to incarcerate dissenters. The true face of this evil, vindictive excuse of a man was revealed for all to see.

Up The Workers!

Who is currently in charge of security at Dodgy Dan's Mickleham 'Auschwitz'?

Is it the same drunken 'little maaate' sub/sub/sub/sub/sub/sub-contracted itinerant QWERTYLGBFJB politically correct diversity-trained but security-ignorant, leper-bonkers he hired to look after hotel security, who contributed
to give Mogadishu-On-The-Yarra a full 90% of Australia's total Covid dead?

Go Ian Cook - Stomp on the grub who stomped on you, your business, your employees jobs and your reputation.


Victorian Quarantine and RE-EDUCATION Centre. It seems many people are confused about what this centre offers (perhaps including me?) Individual huts were built for incarcerating individuals. \
One would expect they parallel a normal prison.
A room with a bed, a shower, maybe a table and chair. Meals delivered from a communal kitchen with no communal dining room given the nature of its intended use.
Think of the cost of upgrading this piss against the wall for any use other than a prison for his mates that get the blame

Up The Workers!

Interesting that the money-hungry Head of the Firefighters' Union, Peter Marshall, and his former favourite doormat Dodgy Dan the Head-Stomper Man, are pointing fingers and calling one another all sorts of rude names.

Rather than picking sides between bad and worse, if I was confronted by a heroin-dealer arguing with a crack-cocaine purveyor over which is worse, I'd say "Bugger the two of you".

Much the same response is called for in this instance.

A Peking POX on both their rank and vile houses.

Up The Workers!

Yeah...Dodgy Dan eventually thought that the whole concept was a proverbial "pain in the arse".


They're starting to eat each other......good!


So no use for the homeless living on the streets or in cars?

No use for battered wives and kids seeking shelter and protection?




Perhaps those found guilty could be housed in this type of accommodation whilst they wait sentencing. Remember they built these everywhere not just in Oz.

Bring back the death sentence.

New Nuremberg Trials – Crimes Against Humanity
The New Nuremberg Trials 2021. A team of over 1,000 lawyers and over 10,000 medical experts lead by Dr. Reiner Fullmich have begun legal proceedings over the CDC, WHO, the Davos Group for crimes against humanity. Fullmich and his team present the faulty PCR test and the order for doctors to label any comorbidity death as a Covid death as fraud.

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