Smug Louise Milligan leads the way with the ABC’s celebration after its candidate got up in Victoria.
Malcom Turnbull: anyone more conservative than me is an extremist.


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Take care Michael, your health is your biggest asset, so take care of it. Best regards Maree

Michelle Two

Good luck calling in the healing angels you did mention Raphael below so surrounding soul with the healing energy of the violet flame and white light for protection as the light council get to work and guide your carers and health professionals to do their work, Enjoy all those Zzzz's as it is when soul works the hardest the lengths you go to amaze me.. relax and let others take care of you this time that is a lesson to go by..

Your actual messages for the day are "Unlikely" so don't worry what doesn't serve souls highest good won't eventuate just roll with the punches and don't resist..
"Don't Stop!" keep on going and never give up as better things are coming when you believe and do the work to achieve it, the work involves keeping the faith..
"The Situation Will Improve" leave you with that one to ponder when you are back to yourself and not under the influence of the pharma companies products, trust in yourself an shift through this, I can see that the light council are going to be very close by and working the system while you are not overthinking and out to and light xx
We will go with this tune to let you know you are never alone and loved beyond measure as you go through this process of healing.. love always xx


Hope it's not too serious Michael? Get well soon.


Rest easy Mike.


Be careful what they give you in hospital because in Brisbane mandatory to take Oxycodone and when have you doped up give a dementia test and then hold secret court hearing and then in aged care home on heavy medication because become violent trying to leave.

cynical LN

Hoping all is going well and wishing you a speedy recovery Michael. Look forward to your return but only when all is well.


Get well soon, but it's a bit late to worry about the 'truth serum' getting out!


Hey Michael, that's not good news - look after yourself & get well soon!

Liz of Vic


Ve5ry concerned that you are in the hospital again.

Your health is the most important for all of us on this site!

Just take care of yourself! Sending good wishes !!!!

Chris Ottaway

Get well soon, Michael. Sorry to hear you're still not up to par.
Chris O.


Best wishes Michael.


Get better soon Michael.
You have many good wishes willing you home.


Take it easy, young Michael


All the best for a full recovery, Michael.

Michael Thompson

Keep strong mate

Michael Thompson

Keep strong mate


Please look after number 1, namely you.. as we all wish you a speedy recovery!
God Bless.


Hi Michael.
Best wishes for a quick recovery
If you have to have pain relief, DONT take any opiates.
There is intravenous Panadol for pain relief.

Mak Siccar

Hope the renovations are a speedy and complete success.


Get well quick, Michael.
All the best.

One Born Every Minute

Warned numerous times.


All the best Michael and good luck for plenty of rest and a smooth recovery.


All the best Michael.

Michelle Two

You must be feeling very tired by now and resting up, my eyes are getting heavy again and feel energy in my chest area, like I need to breathe out.. so I will be sending that healing energy tonight when work is done and resting myself.. love and light xx


Best wishes Michael, missing you.

Andrew Smith

There are easier ways of taking a tour around Australia, you know. :-)

Michelle Two

Just heard this song on an ad.. Elvis version much better.. If I can dream.lift soul higher to aid in and light xx

Rusty of Qld

Michael, kickback and take some time off get yourself cherry ripe and fighting fit before you rejoin the fray. God knows the shitstorm we are suffering ain't going away for a long time soon.
Merry Christmas



Can you post your donation page sometime soon?

I have some spare change that I’d like to channel your way.


PS get well soon my friend.

Michelle Two

Good morning xx Keep going..
Thank God and open your heart to receive the healing energy..
Be back later with message breathe out and release, heavy eyes and chest this morning feeling internal heat just and light xx
Have faith in the soul process..


A very close mate (RIP) was in the Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre, I had a court-appointed Enduring Power of Guardianship and he was a voluntary patient - no court order compelling him to stay there.

On his birthday he called a taxi to go to the Rose and Crown to share a few hours with his mates - isn't that reasonable? The staff physically stopped him from leaving (I and a lawyer say it was assault) and when he objected threw him in the "nut house" section (kidnapping?, deprivation of liberty at the least) - I can't recall the "nut house" formal name, but others said and my brief experience agreed that if you were not a nut when you went in you'd soon become one.

Luckily he had his mobile phone and called me the next day "Get me the fuck out of here".

Court order in hand I was there within the hour and entered the "nut house" - the scum on reception told me the Court Order had been changed that morning, a blatant lie, and refused to let me see him. I got onto the head doctor, a good bloke and he ordered her to give me a list of medication which took the lying scum ages to prepare!

I got onto a lawyer friend and we had my mate out of the nut house within 24 hours.

But what happens to the many who don't have someone to watch their back?


Good thoughts and sincere prayers on the way MIchael.

Get well soon and take better care of yourself

Warm regards. Alice

Annie rich

Michael, positive thinking is a very good healing process.. there are enough of us on the MSM forum to see you push on and up to a healthy return.we will all be waiting on the news that you will be posting very soon.cheers Michael, remember laughing is also good medicine.🦋

Julie of Geelong

Ditto to that😘

Julie of Geelong

Yep agree Liz.


Michelle Two

The pantomime keeps playing out..
Many distractions are coming in, including our own political circus with Judas in spotlight with his lies and secrets..
This is the USA and another mini me in drag look a like, you put a post up about him before.. A Biden and light xx

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