Pigeons win big in Victoria's election
I'm in hospital in Sydney pretty zonked out and likely to remain that way for a few days


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Completely off topic Michael, but do you know of or have an opinion on Angus Campbell requiring senior officers to return their Afghan service medals as reported today? Might be a topic worth investigating.


I think this is a better read for the mind than what these three twits have to say with their tweets.

"PK is an English boy who endures a great deal of abuse..." - "The Power of One"

keith martyn

What pathetic children.

Dennis Thompson

Apparently there has been a counting problem in the Premier's electorate polling booths and a recount ordered.

The Independent Ian Cook has attracted over twenty per cent of the vote there.

No doubt the Premier will survive but in a now marginal seat.

Julie of Geelong

Who’s the candidate? Obviously a nobody.

And, for Epstein’s Information - it is the worst Government in Oz history. Only dumbo’s voted for them!!!


I wonder what the troika of tosspots: gussy81, numbers and Taser, will challengers us with?

Probably immature lols.


How about; only a Cuckservative would fail to see the neoLiberal Party has crashed and burned?

Robert B

I'm still gagging over his victory speech. It was a victory of hate, instilled into students through school and university so that a grub like Andrews and a corrupt government could be reelected, because voting Liberal is never an option.

The Liberals lost in SA because of an extensive campaign by ambos, even though things were much worse in Victoria. Victoria had the harshest lockdowns because things were so much worse but nothing but crickets from them.


If IBAC had the same powers and determination of ICAC, DA would no longer
be there to be voted on.


Thank goodness the ABC is not biased.


And the others.




I do!
It says more about A. Campbell than it does about our soldiers.


Marles making an idiot of himself, after listening to Andrew Hastie in the topic.


Lucky that the ABC never embarks on any concerted media campaigns against people, like high-ranking catholic priests or anything, eh, Louise Seven-Nilligan?


ABC nepotism is legendary. In media generally.

Mike Willessee was Ally Langdon's father in law.


Seb Costello is Peter Costello's son. Met him in Frankston. Tall, dark, handsome; well spoken.
Pete is Chair of Nine.


George Megalogenis of all people, chided Virginia Trioli when she crapped on about Murdoch on election night on ABC radio.

George basically said that journalists he met, including in Herald Sun are professional and that it is wrong to go down the road of picking media outlets to deride.

Up The Workers!

Odd sort of an election...

One candidate is not a Leader's arsehole, while the other IS an arsehole of a Leader.

Up The Workers!

I suspect that old Agnes has joined the QWERTY's in his dotage.

He'll be wearing Cousin Dave's old second-hand fishnet stockings next.

I bet he won't be surrendering his own medals anytime soon in order to put a smile on some Leftard Mung-Beaner's traitorous A.L.P./commo dial.


Dan Andrews was the ABC's candidate.


Hi Michael, The world is in tatters as far as I am concerned. The following attached article will make you and your readers shake their collective heads in amazement. Keith Wann: Broadway Lion King sign language interpreter fired for being white settles discrimination case. Keith was told to dry his white tears. It is now getting beyond a joke with these morons. Can you imagine the wails coming from the obvious people. It is time to stop the world and disembark as I think it is time for anyone with a brain in their head would think the same.

By the way, an education &/or a degree written on a piece of paper doesn't hold water. I know many educated nuff, nuffs who can't discuss anything other than their education. It doesn't make then a decent, nice or caring human.


Michelle Two

Good morning xx Our first message of the day is "Heart & Soul - When making your decision, take into account what your heart and soul are saying. Sometimes our mind can deceive us. Choose through love not fear."
Keep going and have a good day the soul will speak through intuitive thoughts that just come to you when you let go of the worries and fears the thoughts will pop into your mindseye so clear the chakra centres of the heart and crown and all others to get full clarity and stand in your soul power the heart will lead the way to full healing from the inside out.. so relax and enjoy what the day has to offer..love and light xx

I woke around 3am with love streaming into my heart so don't resist the transition and step it up and claim your divinity and you will never look back at the inner peace you can create when soul is in balance..

Your in my heart, your in my soul.. great tune I better get into work now.. so keep on dancing and smiling through the challenges and soul process trust it and have faith in the plans and seeds of the future you have planted.. love always xx

Les Brown

Well children, the Liberals did not have a Leader and why did they not have a Leader, who would want to take-over a bankrupt State?
It would be interesting to see how many people would take the time to vote if it was not compulsory as I cannot see anything to be proud of today being a politician.

Francis de Groot's Love Child

Are they to be issued high heels instead?

Francis de Groot's Love Child

Entirely predictable response from the communist agitators at Their GayBC. Best ignored.


Meanwhile in lesser news a medical study has revealed that red meat is good for you!!

Now the hunter in me says 'we already knew that' but the suspicious bastard in me (which manifested over the last two years) asks 'ok, what are they putting in it?'


Here's a woman with a degree in her 30's who's worth listening to


What does it mean to say road to Damascus? road to Damascus (plural roads to Damascus) (idiomatic, often attributive) An important point in someone's life where a great change, or reversal, of ideas or beliefs occurs.


'Women with degree in their 30's"

That's about right Pat, A 51% pass mark in universities was abandoned long ago!


It is hard not to see their ABC as anything other than a Gurl Powa Chic Flic on a permanent Night Out at the taxpayers expense.


Irene Cara dead.


Mick S

These players did their part under the name of the 'impartial' and 'unbiased' haha GayBC

And straight away are so smug and thick that they openly admit their SIDE.

If I believed their audience was more than just a small inner city bunch of freaks and homos, then I'd say they were corrupt and dangerous. But no, I believe the electoral system is gamed and broken and just like we see in Brazil or USA or even in the Australian federal elections an Albo win at 32 % is not a great or honest result . It's just a game to be played by the wicked socialist WEF left.


Oh yes, "women in their 30s with degrees". For starters, 'degrees' in just what?
Women, generally speaking, who have been cushioned from the realities of life. So confident, they can't do anything or go anywhere without a mobile phone stuck in their hand.
Plenty of time to develop an incredible self centredness & entitlement mind set.
And this lot want to rule over Me & mine? No thank you.
Back to your sandbox girlie! Don't forget to wipe your nose. And not on your sleeve!

Rupert Ashford

It just tells us a lot about the electorate in Victoria. Nothing more...the fact that the Andrews bunch could use something like "credibility" and "morality" as part of their election campaign tells us how the Boomer generation failed in raising their children who are pushing this new army of green and Teal sheeple through the system. A real shame...


It’s never ceases to amaze me that these people go on about more women in these positions.
There are more women in the workplace and top positions now than ever before in recorded history .
But are things getting better??
We now have more wars, more refugees, more hunger, and more problems than ever before!
Clearly the quota system is not the answer.
We need more capable people in these positions regardless of their gender, race, religion etc.

Lang Park

Matthew Guy was a terrible opposition leader first time and they went back to this eye-popping idiot again.

You get what you deserve!

The Libs must become a truly conservative party, standing for reasonable conservative values or they will never win another election.

You can see the lefies in the media urging the Libs to move even more to the left. The party might as well pack it in if they do that.

The Real Steve!

The question remains regarding the objectivity of these people. As journalists, I believe they should show some indifference towards the political parties (and certainly not spruik one party over another without reviewing their policies), however need to show critical thought when it comes to the policies and their implementation. But then, I like to think we are living in a better world, which clearly we are not.

What we now need in Victoria is a principled and vocal opposition that can offer better solutions for all Victorians, instead of social policies that affect only a few but are aimed at making an ill-defined majority just feel good about themselves at the actual expense to everyone else.


This is what a true journalist looks like and not an activist.

BBC journalist Edward Lawrence arrested by CCP police covering the uprising in the country.


Has Murpheroo opined?


Furious Victorians threaten to leave the state rather than endure another four years under Dan Andrews: 'They just voted in the man who had them under the most abusive lockdowns'



O/T Irish government to criminalise "hate speech" and "hate crimes", so in other words people who hold different opinions better shut up or you go to jail, this is a very dangerous precedent. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/11/irish-government-criminalize-hate-speech-effectively-silencing-hold-different-opinions-penalty-5-years-imprisonment/


Another vehicle of control: There's a dark side to the rise of electric cars that could rob us of the freedom and pleasure of driving forever, writes SAM DUNCAN

-Once governments are able to control cars, they will demand the power to do so
-Electric cars can be limited, monitored, controlled and switched off remotely
-Restrictions will be made for our health, safety and to reduce carbon emissions
-We will no longer be able to choose where we go, how fast, or when we drive
-This will take the freedom and fun out of driving, and change car ownership


Rupert Ashford

Spot on, and thank you Tess. If the Wominses in the 30s with degreeses are so thick as to not realise and understand if even the MSM now openly boast "The Teals who are majorly funded by clean energy investor and son of Australia's first billionaire, Simon..." and not ask themselves simple questions like "so who stands to gain from this?" before just blindly giving those trendy people their vote, then no thanks from me as well. Facts don't care about your feelings and stupid remains stupid regardless of papers.

Rupert Ashford

Well in fairness to them their replacement for Guy lost his seat 4 years ago. But you're on the money about the rest. Why go for a 2nd rate, fake "metoo" if you can go for the real thing. But since the coalition also discovered focus groups they're toast. The focus group crowd will cheer them on to become more left, but will never vote for them.


I awoke at 3:27am because my bladder told me (I'd have had another form of streaming otherwise) and then I was unable to back to bloody sleep until after 5 - and then it became light, kookaburras etc. There might have been light, but no sweetness. Grrrr.


Top Marks! (Around 45% according to your theory)


Andrew Hastie was brilliant last night as he has been in every interview I have seen of him. He is highly intelligent, passionate and strong in his belief of what is best for Australia and projects values that he is prepared to fight for. A future PM if ever I have seen one.
And to think that Turnbull and Bishop tried to white ant him and thwart his election to parliament. Bishop and Turnbull should not be allowed to breathe the same air as Hastie.


But the IRA's hate speech is OK?
Hibernian antisemitism is OK?

Hibernian Anti-Semitism

Ireland is no stranger to religious or racial hatred. Part of the trouble is geography. Nurtured by religion and isolation, island monocultures often breed narrow minds and asocial practice.

Clerical pedophilia and chronic alcoholism might be two Irish markers. Vendetta and honor killings would be examples from other island cultures such as Sicily and Corsica.

Ireland’s antipathy for English Protestants is surely a legacy of colonial repression and a Reformation that never came to the Emerald Isle. Absence of religious reform is something that Irish and Muslim worlds have in common....



Fauci praised China for renewed lockdowns—this week the CCP left people to burn alive in an apartment building after welding it shut



George was married to Anastacia Palaszczuk at one stage so his judgement is at times suspect.


We and friends are looking for an island for sale. Somewhere to go an live with same people and ignore the rest. We are getting very serious in our quest.


How about the incorrect use of a semi-colon colours your comment and intellectually stunted?

You must have failed to matriculate from the special needs school your single parent left you at.

Stu of FNQ

To be clear. I am related to MT. Let's be crystal clear, whilst that F Wit is still a member of the NSW Liberals, I will never vote for them.


Go to QLD, they'll take you...free board and all.


i've previously posted in an earlier topic regarding the % of votes not yet counted.
it was in reference to Mulgrave, Andrews Seat.

Mulgrave remains at 60% counted.
or more correctly 60% of enrolled voters having had their vote received and been ticked off the roll.

its still like this today. tuesday.

2 possibilities.
40% of voters refused to vote. either as a protest or because they are too lazy to vote.
i checked the VEC records three elections back.
the average turnout in mulgrave is just above 90%.
history is correct and this election is no different.
30% of votes are outstanding in the system.
where are they?
postal votes.
for whatever reason this election postal votes have gone through the roof.
they used to account for 10% or so of votes.
what was different this year,
you could register for a postal vote on line.
this is the closest you can get to on line voting.
no need to write to the VEC to request a postal vote.
you just request one on line and it gets sent to you.

the clue that there was great demand for postal votes is that VEC had trouble getting them out on time this year.
issued a statement one and a half weeks before election assuring all who had requested postal votes on time that they would arrive.

the postals are not commencing a count in most electorates yet.
you can tell from the counting - its stalled.
given the way aus post works these days a lot of the postal votes if they went in late last week will not even arrive at VEC until late this week.

i've checked all the other seats in Victoria.
its the same story.
a huge number of electorates have stalled counting at 50 -60% range.
some electorates, and its exceptions, and mostly in the country are approaching 80% counted.

in the past nearly all electorates in victoria have achieved 90% voting levels.

the press appears to have missed this story.
this little detail in the VEC figures.
even Anthony Green - which surprises me.

i think this election will either continue to proceed along the lines it has or it takes a turn in some seats.

postal votes are very intentional votes traditionally.

my view is we might still see some real surprises before the end.
we won't see a change of govt. but we might see a tightening up.

on 60% of the vote counted andrews was trending down from close to 57% primary at start to end at 51% primary by the time all vote counting had stalled. its possible that should that trend line continue for the remaining 30% still to come it will dip below 50%.
this will trigger a 2PP count in mulgrave. the 2PP will be the correct one with ian cook the second candidate. you may see the premier challenged as the preference flow is very different to the current one.

its had me perplexed for a couple of days as to why the figures for votes counted (ie ticked off the rolls) was so low.
and i just realised it can only be one thing now.
an unusual jump in the number of postal votes lodged this year.
not only has prepoll voting gathered pace, but postal votes has also made a significant jump.


VEC just did a 5.30 pm dump of figures.

they have just started moving in on the postal votes but not the absent votes.
there is about 18000 voters left to go.
about 10% of them will end up not voting and 7% are informal.

it looks like on about 2% of votes added to count andrews primary declined .2% points to 50.74%.
if that keeps up he could well drop below 50% triggering the 2PP.

on the votes added it looked like more where going to lib candidate than i cook.
so it might still end up with lib 2PP count as presently is.

but keep your eye on it.
as far as i can figure out its been a consistent slow decline of andrews primary as the counting moved from votes on the day,
into pre poll and now into postal and yet to go absent.


So I don't know how to use a semi colon. You don't see reality as it punches you right in the face, because you're a Conservitard.

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