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Insight into what ABC insiders think of Louise Milligan (7Nilligan).

Well done & guts plus from former ABC newsman Peter Lloyd.

Peter Lloyd was a longtime ABC reporter who got into criminal strife in Singapore and was jailed.

Even then, the ABC re-hired him when he was deported back to Australia.

He was a favourite son of the people who ran the ABC at the time.   A talented bloke who committed - and paid for - a drug offence in a notoriously strict criminal jurisdiction.

Fast forward a few years - Lloyd has left the ABC; and the ABC has become a cranky, cause-driven hen house.

Last Friday, Louise 7Nilligan jumped online to plug her book - by joining the Brittany Higgins bandwagon.

Peter Lloyd, to his immense credit, was smart enough to call out Milligan’s craven opportunism - or as he put it, her “unseemly grasp for the limelight”.

Well done Peter Lloyd.


Yes - you always knew it. 7Nilligan is not that popular inside the ABC - despite the ball-less management’s apparent fear of her.

It takes guts to say what Peter Lloyd said about 7Nilligan.  He might be an Ex-ABC type but his comments have wide support from ABC friends.

Boosterism and unseemly limelight grasping indeed.