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Reports R v Lehrmann (Brittany Higgins rape allegation) retrial to be dropped


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The retrial of Bruce Lehrmann for the alleged rape of former Liberal staffer Brittany Higgins is reportedly not going ahead, with charges against the accused expected to be dropped.

In an announcement on Thursday, the office of ACT Director of Public Prosecutions Shane Drumgold revealed that a short statement would be made outside the court on Friday – the same morning a secret application regarding the trial was due to be heard. reported Mr Drumgold was expected to drop the charge against Mr Lehrmann after receiving medical evidence on how a second trial scheduled for February would impact Ms Higgins’ mental health.

The evidence included psychiatric advice that the retrial would pose an unacceptable risk to Ms Higgins and her mental wellbeing.

The office of the DPP confirmed in an email to media that Mr Drumgold would “make a media statement … regarding the matter of R v Lehrmann”.

“Mr Drumgold will read a short pre-prepared statement and will not be taking questions,” the email read.